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Commenting article: Total Goofs: Bulgaria Youth Hate Books, Best Versed in Pop Folk

Bill - 30 Aug 2007 // 23:59:34


Perhaps it wasn't addressed to me, but part of it was about me, and libelous at that.

And the word is "loser", not "looser", thank you, if you must use it. But you're just as nasty as ever, I see.

There's some sort of obsession in you that makes you simply have to write nasty things about people insead of "debating" the subject matter at hand. And again you had to drag religion into it. Why do you hate theChurch so (outside of the fact that your client does, of course)?

As for hating women, that again is your overblown sense of judgment. I like most of the women I've met and worked with, but you aren't one of them.

viking - 31 Aug 2007 // 00:01:05

Welcome to the SNA forum!
The Devil's advocate is right! The old guy named Bill will say some very stupid things and try to irriate someone enough to respond to him. I do not know about George and his family life, but Bill is an expert on fAmerican amilies (in his words) because he knew a few. He is an expert on education in America and teaching credentials and has not been in the USA for 30 years. His statement "it's the majority George and I are discussing" is typical. He wants the majority to excell and that will never happen. As students perform better in tests, the tests are changed to "raise the bar" and make sure the majority does not score in the upper 10% Duh!
Its all about the scoring curve, but that is way over his head!

When he went to school (he is in his 70's) the credentials to become a teacher were 1) a warm body and 2) willing to work for very little renumeration.
That has changed and he will never understand because he will watch a TV show and then tell us what it is like in school in 90210!

I am not a big fan of the teachers in the USA today, but his "Good Old Days" get very old and modern teachers do well considering class sizes.

Again, welcome and have fun!

viking - 31 Aug 2007 // 00:03:26


It is not theChurch it is the Church!

My correcting you is as stupid as you correcting DA for a typo!
Grow up and act half your age!

Bill - 31 Aug 2007 // 00:04:04


If you and DA ever stop writing nasty things about people for which you have nothing concrete to base them on, perhaps this forum will be a place where people can converse with each other. You have no idea of what I have no idea about, so how can you make a statement like that?

What makes you think I live in isolation? What makes you think I don't have sourses of information outside this forum? What makes you think you're so damned smart that you can know so much about so much? Conceit, pure and simple.

The only good thing about your postings today is that George and Next will get a good view of how you two operate, and arm them against it. I am extremely grateful that neither of you has ever sat as a judge in our courts.

Bill - 31 Aug 2007 // 00:05:55


Another shot from the cheap seats. Another "contributor" to this forum who has to write nasty things about others.

Oh, well, the more exposure the new folks get, the better they'll understand the tenor and level of this forum, so I'm glad you've all spoken up. Now they're warned.

Bill - 31 Aug 2007 // 00:06:56


Besdies which, it's not classified as a typo when it's a completely different word. Looser means not as tight, and has no connection with losing. Or is that above your level?

Kolega - 31 Aug 2007 // 00:07:23

WW is right, and I have to admit that I know little about youth throughout the US. Bay Area is mostly Chinese kids, some with accents some without...

WW, DA, I don't see the attraction of debating Bill.
I know that he is inviting it by denying and explaining himself, but where is the basic parity here?

It is possible that when you are 80 some youth will try to prove your views wrong, using the standards of the day...

WickedWitch - 31 Aug 2007 // 00:20:55


I know a few people who are in their seventies that are perfectly rational and logical. I might not always agree with them but that's just a difference of opinion and doesn't stem from a whole host of issues like those Bill has. There's disagreement and there's the utter inability to reason. With Bill, it's the latter.

I personally only attempt to debate with him because his logical fallacies are so basic and primal I just need to find out how deep they run.

just me - 31 Aug 2007 // 00:22:04

In Canada, running a company (100% Canadian owned and operated, it says... I thought he was Bulgarian...) that repairs "cirquit" boards!!!!!! Wouldn't you love to be that smart? I'd have thought it was a brand name spelled that way, but it's not even consistent throughout the page.

I wondered how many entries it would take before we saw the old guys harping on America's youth because the Bulgarian kids don't know Darwin or pi. It's easy to take potshots at Americans when you haven't been there in 30 years, but why bother? What's the point, other than to be an irritant?

Bill - 31 Aug 2007 // 00:26:36


"inability to reason"? HA! I just don't reason the way you do, and I'm very thankful for that.

WickedWitch - 31 Aug 2007 // 00:27:07


"You have no idea of what I have no idea about, so how can you make a statement like that?"

By reading your opinions and following your leaps of "logic".

"What makes you think I live in isolation? "

Nnnnever said that. But do keep on building strawmen and arguing with them.

"What makes you think I don't have sourses of information outside this forum?"

One advice, when you correct others, take care not to misspell basic words yourself.

"What makes you think you're so damned smart that you can know so much about so much? Conceit, pure and simple."

Maybe we all know that much and it just seems too much for you since you seem unwilling to actually get any solid information about the things you discuss. Nextweus made a few perfectly-valid points (especially since he is in the demographic discussed, much like DA or I are) and you countered with stuff you made up and non-sequiturs about starving people.

WickedWitch - 31 Aug 2007 // 00:30:37



Soldier: [to Frou Frou] and you, aristo-pig, are trapped!!!

Frou Frou: Peeg? HAH! You will regret your insolence, revolutionary deug!

Solider: Dog? HAH! You will regret your arrogance, royalist snake!

Frou Frou: Sneag? HAH!

Edmund Blackadder: [stepping in] Look, I've very sorry to interrupt this very interesting discussion, but it really is none of my business, so I think I'll be on my way. Come on, Baldrick.

Keep on HAHing bravely Bill.

Devil's Advocate - 31 Aug 2007 // 00:37:42

Bill is like an annoying mosquito... he keeps buzzing and buzzing and no matter how hard you try and kill it, it still won't die. In the meantime it finds a way to suck your blood and leave you with a big itchy spot! (in other words his attitude is soooo annoying, but there is a twisted pleasure involved in provoking the stupidity...)

WickedWitch - 31 Aug 2007 // 00:48:24


I guess by some atom-entanglement-cum-osmosis, Bulgarian kids don't know Darwin because Hollywood is corrupting the American youth.

What really amuses me (aside from the fact that George keeps emoting his calls for Bulgarians to come back to BG and build it safely from his Canadian home) is that they keep blabbing on about the consumerist youth and they didn't catch onto a very crucial statement in Nextweus's post, namely the fact that 90% of his inner-city classmates would not go to college. And without college they will work menial jobs flipping burgers and such. That is a great failing of the schools, not the culture and not Hollywood and not Cosmo. It's a rant for a different thread but out of those 90% of kids, most want to work and make something of themselves but are denied this by the horrific underfunding and the unrealistic standards pushed onto the system.

I've volunteered at one of the schools in Columbus and I've met so many bright kids who were never taught BASIC stuff. I am talking about the Pythagorean theorem about the sum of angles in a triangle, stuff like that. Instead, they were taught how to pass exams and fall into obscurity. Yes, they will be frustrated. Yes, they will be annoyed at a world that denies them a good enough chance at an education and thusly a good job.

But no, it's Hollywood that corrupts them.

Devil's Advocate - 31 Aug 2007 // 00:58:37

I completely agree to a point.

Hollywood does corrupt, but not in the way that Billy-boy would like us all to think...

Hollywood creates a false impression to those ignorant George like minds (and Bill's too) that the US is made up of people who look and act in only the way that Hollywood portrays life. It is not reality but rather a corrupted fiction that some creative minds have decided to stereotype how life in America really is.

BTW, once Bush is out I fully expect NCLB to be reversed. There are so many studies out that show how that one initiative has failed schools in America! At least it will be a small step in the right direction...

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