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Commenting article: Total Goofs: Bulgaria Youth Hate Books, Best Versed in Pop Folk

Bloke from Alrewas off the A38 - 4 Sep 2007 // 09:30:07

Billy Bones,

Sock on my sockolate-chalky bowls... put 'em in yer mouth and sock 'em!

Your dearest ol' china,
Sir Nutmeg Professor O'Chav

Bloke from Alrewas off the A38 - 4 Sep 2007 // 09:42:03

Billy Bones,

I think what the moden women on this forum resent is your unholy knack for stereotyping 'ladies'. That's what said bird is not proud of and justifiably so, me ol' china!

Billy Bones, you are so naive... and yes, you are a fossil. You are an ancient geezer who's never shagged the shit out of any bird and it has stifled your inner self to the point that it has made you immedicably cantankerous! Good on ya, nipper! Carry on the brill work! Go feck a tree and get stung by a bee. Your knob is so microscopic you can barely see it with a magnifying glass! You bitter and twisted frustrated gander, you!

When you start treating said birds on the forum with the respect they so richly deserve (i.e. as equals and not with reprehensible contempt 'cuz they don't fit the parameters you've set for the stereotypical 'lady' label) you might win some true friends and influence people. Until then, you'll cry instead! Cry, Billy baby cry...'make your mother sigh'!

Sir Nutmeg Professor O'Chav of Scouseland

Bill - 4 Sep 2007 // 09:44:40


Is it completely impossible for you to discuss something without going into name calling, epithets and other derogatory material?

JM said I was the heaviest spammer on the forum. I never thought I'd surpass you for prolixity. If so, it's some kind of new record.

Bloke from Alrewas off the A38 - 4 Sep 2007 // 10:07:16

Billy Bones: "... JM said I was the heaviest spammer on the forum. I never thought I'd surpass you for prolixity. If so, it's some kind of new record."

D'ya really think I concern myself with records of this nature? D'ya really and truly think I lend any form of credence to a bit of forum banter? Get real, skin!

This is an informal harem in Cyberspace and you are the chief slapper therein. I'll continue to take the rip out of you for as long as you continue to make yourself seem like such a soft target!!!

And I ain't about to change the way I express meself! I have been effin brill at self-expression for as long as I can remember and I'll continue to love meself for that very talent I possess and a whole lot more! I've got sod all to prove to anybody!

You are a useless, irrelevant old fogey. You can't even get it up and it kills you! You get stumped by DA, WW, JM and everybody else and the hole in your head expands exponentially thereafter.

When art thou gonna learn to take the rip out of yourself and realise that what makes one special is their ability to avoid whinging at all costs!

Are you a bloke or an amoeba? The latter, mesqueaks!
Sir Nutmeg Professor O'Chav

Bill - 4 Sep 2007 // 11:23:50


OK, have it your way. I find it a tiring game that's not worth playing, but no matter what I say someone has to make a big frigging issue out of it.

As for being a soft target, what makes you think it has to be shot at all the time?

I've seen you write some really good things, but most of the time it's bordering on unintelligible.

Even Resipsa...since she's calmed down, has done some very intelligent posting. I was surprised when she agreed with my analysis of the muder issue about Stafivky, but I was glad she did, because the analysis was correct. I've had to write indictments for years, and I know what the elements of the offenses are and what has to be proved. But I seem to be getting a lot of "lessons" from people who have never participated in a court trial, let alone one so complicated as a rape trial.

A trial is an adversary affair, with each side presenting a different view of the "facts". Then come the police and several witnesses, all with differing views of the same "facts". The truth always lies somewhere between them, and it's the court's dirty job to try to sort it out. As I said, nobody likes to work a rape case.

It's never so simple as those on this forum have tried to make it.

Bloke from Alrewas off the A38 - 4 Sep 2007 // 11:39:32

Billy Bones,

It's not my problem that some of the posts I have tossed about on this choppin' board might appear to be on the verge of the UNINTELLIGIBLE to you! Are you too quick on the trigger, me ol' geeze?

Nothing I have posted has been grammatically unsound and my spelling is beyond impeccable, son! I am a good proper Scouser and I'll always be proud of our accent which is a tremendous part of our heritage. The Scouse accents and dialects blended with the unique dockers' lingo enrich the English language more than your tunnel-vision would ever be able to ascertain.

You once again put people in boxes. What makes you so special that you take it upon yourself to class analyses as correct/incorrect. D'ya still fail to realise why so many have a go at you on this wrecked Cybercouch? Or should that be Cybercrotch?

Sir Nutmeg Professor O'Chav

viking - 4 Sep 2007 // 12:04:18


There you go saying something so stupid that I cannot ignore you, again!

you said "I hold doors for women. I allow them to enter elevators (lifts, to you) first, and all of the normal formalities; even giving up a seat on the bus!

But I'm told here on the forum that all this is fossilised, old-fashioned, terribly out of date, uncool, and downright ancient."

Nobody ever told you any of that and you are flat out a liar!

You were told some of the expressions you use are an insult to MOST women!!

Your conflict with DA goes back to when she accused you of being a liar and maybe she was right!

Bill - 4 Sep 2007 // 12:46:37


I've been told that MY WHOLE LIFESTYLE is old-fashioned, which includes all the things I spoke of.

Again, like the others, you're basing your opinion on what YOU filter out of what I say, i.e. not taking it exactly as I wrote it. I don't load my posts with "hidden meanings" for you to discover. Just take what I write as what I write, and don't make anything else out of it.

I haven't told a single lie on this forum, and you may well call THAT a lie if you wish!

viking - 4 Sep 2007 // 12:56:43


Read this very slow!!
You said " "I hold doors for women. I allow them to enter elevators (lifts, to you) first, and all of the normal formalities; even giving up a seat on the bus!
I'm told here on the forum that all this is fossilised, old-fashioned"

Bill, you lied when you said you have been told this! No one has told you that!
You can say anything you want to change what you meant and Blah, blah, blah, but you lied.

Bloke from Alrewas off the A38 - 4 Sep 2007 // 12:59:13

Billy Bones: "... I've been told that MY WHOLE LIFESTYLE is old-fashioned, which includes all the things I spoke of."

Precisely, Larrrr! Your whole outlook is not merely old-fashioned but downright vile and indicative of a sad, deranged, lonely, decrepit, sexually frustrated, whingeing, and diseased old fogey's state of mind!

Face it, Bones! Your wailings on this massage board create the impression that you are PANTS, me ol' mucka! You are almost as much PANTS now as the current England Rugby Union side that will do ever so well to get to the quarters in France, it seems! I can't say I am looking forward to the defence of the William Webb-Ellis trophy! Could we rise to the occasion? Don't see how!

If England fail then let it be a Paddys vs Frogs final with the Paddys winning it in Gay Paris!

Sir Nutmeg Professor O'Chav

Devil's Advocate - 4 Sep 2007 // 13:39:36

It is not old fashioned to hold doors or elevators for women. It is respectful and appreciated.

Viking is right no one ever said that holding doors was "old fashioned" except Bill who made it up to try and twist and self justify his point of view. It isn't working though. It is Bill-Spam!!! Filled with more Bill- lies and self justifications for his hatred of women. IMO, if Bill had his way, all women would wear burkas so they would not "ask to be raped"! We all know how he twists things and how he whines and cries and REPEATS the same thing again and again. It doesn't work. No one believes him. Just ignore the Bill Spam and hopefully he will go away when he realizes that NO ONE CARES about his point of view. HE thrives on this attention and all I am saying is let's not give it to him. We are all guilty of giving him this platform for spam.

just me - 4 Sep 2007 // 15:10:50

You say, "I do hope you've noticed a slight difference, though. Their venom spitting is offensive, while mine has been defensive."


I find your venom-spitting terribly offensive. I don't care who started it; your words disgust me 95% of the time. Occasionally you mention football, cricket, or snooker, but it's been a long time.

It's no crime to engage people when you're bored... couldn't you try a topic like the weather? Hey, Bloke's an avid reader. Why don't you try literature?


Bill - 4 Sep 2007 // 15:58:12

just me:

Sorry you see it that way, but you're entitled to your opinion. I'm just tired of being in the middle of it all the time.

viking - 4 Sep 2007 // 16:12:11


There you go again!
What is said about your behavior is not opinion, it is fact!
You say the things you say and that is it! No opinions there!
What was said in a courtroom 20 years ago is NOT fact, but the the legal wrangling by two sides trying to win! A big headline for you Bill! Not everything said in a courtroom is true or factual (a fact).

You really cannot see how you incite or invite the comments you get by your stupid statements?
It's you Bill! Everyone on here says stupid things, but we all realize we have crossed a line or were mistaken. Not you!
You are the expert and you are perfect!
You are an arrogant old man who lies and then changes what he says or ignores whole quotes he has made and then cries "Why is everybody always picking on me?" (The Coasters) You are Charlie Brown and DA is your Lucy!!

Bill - 4 Sep 2007 // 16:20:24


I do believe you're beginning to catch on. That's exactly the court's problem; to find out what the FACTS are, and it requires sifting through the various versions. Each witness sees the picture differently, so you have to wade through sometimes hundreds of pages of evidence, reports, listen to witnesses, and try to figure out what the FACTS actually were.

And it's not 20 years ago, either. I've been retired for a while, now, but I was active in court work right up to the end. And each trial is different anyway, so one can't be used as a measure of another.

You and the others have all been taking what I say through your own filters, and what gets thrown back at me is unrecognizable. I'm not interested in changing your minds, since you've made them up already and no amount of further explanation is going to do any good.

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