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Commenting article: Total Goofs: Bulgaria Youth Hate Books, Best Versed in Pop Folk

Quest Bulgaria - 7 Sep 2007 // 17:45:42

This reminds me of the BULGER case, most of which facts were never known and will never be known given the official secrets act which most had to sign to prevent the parents from being incarcerated.... so much the same thing

Shocking !!!!!!!!!!!

Bloke from Alrewas off the A38 - 8 Sep 2007 // 02:32:30

No, you cantankerous eejit!!!


What Miss Devil's Advocate conveyed (and I apologise if I am misquoting her) is that she has a lot of time for people who have fled Communism (Castro's oppressive regime, in particular). She never ever said that her man was a refugee. She actually stated it was his ancestors who fled Cuba.

Gawd, you are a mong... Bills-up! Why don't you strangle yourself??? You are an insult to insults, ya plonk!

DA's man is as much of an American through and through as you are.

Rose to the bait??? You really are asking for a kicking, son! I've just had a pleasant night out on the lash in Lich after a long day's hard graft and then I log onto this site to read some more of your imbecilic assumptions!

What did Divide by Zero call you? Well, you are an eejit! Big style!

Feck thyself diagonally, kidda..
Sir Nutmeg Professor O'Chav of Scouseland

Bill - 8 Sep 2007 // 03:03:03


So now name-calling is the best you can do? For such an erudite man, that's disappointing! And, of course, your sex obsession has to be written into your "criticism".

I suppose now your English parents are as innocent as Mike? It's all the fault of the investigating authorities? As the report reads here in Germany, the child's blood has been found in the parents' car! In the best of circumstances, that's hardly a mitigating factor!

Bloke from Alrewas off the A38 - 8 Sep 2007 // 03:22:09


From the way you have constructed your sentence one would be forgiven if they assumed you were referring to MY folks. I gather you are not but you had me going for a moment for I thought you were attempting to implicate MY mum and dad in this heinous crime!

The McCanns are NOT actually English, for your information. They are from North of the border. Have you not heard them gas yet? Fairly broad North of the border accents, my mate!

They did not harm their little girl! They were reckless for leaving her unattended in the Algavre but they wouldn't abduct their little girl. You are a sick bastard if you even entertain that idea. The Portugeezers are nutters! Incompetent police force. This case would've long since been resolved here in Blighty!

As for Michael Shields... well, since you chose to bring the sound as a pound Scouse fella, I do believe in his innocence until such time as there's concrete evidence (no pun intended) to the contrary, all right? He didn't have a fair trial, of that tere's no doubt. Please read the FTA website compiled by true pros and then draw your own conclusions!

Ding! Dong! Caramel!
Sir Twatface Nougat O'Crustycuntster

Bill - 8 Sep 2007 // 03:54:13


"You are a sick bastard if you even entertain that idea"

Haven't you been reading the postings recently about the details needed in a court trial and how careful you have to be about them? This "idea" simply has to be considered as one of several possibilities. The sad truth is that there are also a lot of sick parents out there. There are child abuse cases up the ying-yang about that. One of the worst I've seen was where a baby had spiral-shaped burns on its po-po, and it came out in court that its mother had deliberately sat it on the heating coil of the "cooker" (stove to non-Brits) to "discipline" it.

The most sickening trial I was present in was where an angry father had taken a baby by the feet and swung it like a cricket bat against the wall! The pathologist testified that the particular type of skull fracture the child sustained could only have been produced by extreme force. The only known accidental case of it was where a construction worker who was not wearing his protective helmet had been struck by a brick falling from the 8th storey! (Incidentally, this wasn't a child abuse trial. It was a murder trial.)

We must also consider the possibility that the parents sold the child. Not likely, but possible.

Face it, Bloke, there's a lot of sick-o's out there, and no investigating authority is doing its job if it excludes a possibility just because it's nasty. Court work is some of the nastiest that exists, believe me. What comes out in a trial is often so bizarre that you couldn't sell the transcript as ficton, let alone truth.

eurotourist - 8 Sep 2007 // 07:37:14

Bill and Bloke,

Firstly the parents aren't from north of the border, only the father.

Maddeline's body fluid was found in a car rented by them 25days after her reported disappearence. Bit dodgy if you ask me!

CJB - 8 Sep 2007 // 08:06:56

Bloke is obviously too coke-addled to be taken seriously, why does anyone bother to argue with the moron?

The truth will out in the McCann tragedy. There have been many cases where murderers have gone out with public media appeals for help in order to cover their tracks, or because otherwise they'd be trapped in their private hell.

I'm not saying that's what has happened here: only the police and the McCanns know the facts of the case. We'll see what really happened only if a trial takes place.

Bloke from Alrewas off the A38 - 8 Sep 2007 // 10:06:33

Eurotourist (a Jock, by birth and upbringing, are you not?)...

First you say the parents are not from NORTH OF THE BORDER... then you say only the father is. Your single sentence should have merely been: It is only the father who hails from North of the Border.

I haven't actually heard Mrs. McCann speak... just her hubby, to be fair. His accent is unmistakable so I assumed she was a Jock too... Never you mind!

I still find it reprehensible that anybody could entertain the idea that these two heartbroken people could be suspects in a crime so thoroughly gruesome! Portugal must pay a heavy price for their audacity!

Sir Nutmeg Professor O'Chav

Bloke from Alrewas off the A38 - 8 Sep 2007 // 10:09:39


Do you actually take yourself or this MASSAGE BOARD seriously? I take Cat Weasel and the Diddy Men more seriously, matey!

Now, cock off will ya :-D
Sir Nutmeg Professor O'Chav

Bill - 8 Sep 2007 // 11:16:40


Please rein in your super natonalism and think in terms of what the courts will have to deal with.

Some of the most guilty people are the best actors. If I remember correctly (always somewhat in doubt), the girl's parents have flown to Rome to seek help from the Pope, and also to Berlin, where Chancellor Merkel didn't receive them. Germany has no interest in this case whatever. (Interest in its legal sense.) That cost a lot of money and certainly put on a good show. The parents obviously aren't poverty-stricken.

This could well be a case of "methinks the lady doth protest too much", if I may draw this comparison.

I saw the mother last night on TV for the first time, and she looked anything but distraught. Well dressed, made up, nicely coiffed--primed for the cameras.

You simply can't start out from a position of "Hey, nice people don't do such things, and these are nice people". Most of the time, it doesn't play out that way--and they don't serve cyder during the interval. It's often that "nice people" approach which is the first mistake. I know a number of policemen, and for the most part they're pretty cynical. They deal with the lower echelons of society daily, and they don't have a batch of illusions about how good people are.

You still don't have to prove your innocence under our laws, but that assumption goes only so far. It's the prosecution which has to prove the elements of the charged offense.

eurotourist - 8 Sep 2007 // 11:29:35


Just watched Larry King Live on CNN. 75% of child aduction and murder is commited by a member of their own family.

resipsaloquitur - 9 Sep 2007 // 14:10:52

The fact that the blood found in the rented car of McCann's was Madleine's,

says she was transported with this car...and this 25 days after she disappeared.

We should NOT make such early conclusions...
it might have been an accident...young children sleep in the bathtube and hit their head;they run on the premiseses of the hotel and fall and hit themselves...

and may be such fall was fatal!

The parents decided to make PROFIT of the cover it and to make publicity in order to collect plenty of support and money,missusing people's generosity.

so...EVEN if they did not kill their daughter,their actions consitute FRAUD

OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE and after the interogation ..may be perjury.

Bill - 9 Sep 2007 // 14:16:46


Didn't you find it interesting that up until they were officially designated as suspects, the parents were content to stay in Portugal, but as soon as they were, the decided to leave "for the good of the children"?

It would be ironic, but fair, if Portugal exercises its claim to extradition and the case is tried in Portugal.

Bloke from Alrewas off the A38 - 9 Sep 2007 // 14:29:47

I don't think much of the McCanns! I think they were irresponsible, immature eejits who should be made to pay a hefty price for failing to look after their little girl under the circumstances.

You and your hubby want to have a romantic dinner? Tough 'merde', mate! If you have brought your little 'uns to a holiday destination you watch them like a hawk and not wander off for candle-lit snogging sessions whilst the elixir in your glass prepares you for a bit of thrusting later on! Gawd Alfecking mighty! And these two are meant to be doctors but then again I gather Kate is a Manc! That itself is self-explanatory.

Having said all that... these people did NOT murder their child and they are grieving for her! Portgeezer coppers have fecked up from day minus one and are now looking to enhance their marketing image by proliferating fabrications about a distraught mum. Obviously, it has dawned on those incompetent sadistic henchmen that the whole entire globe is onto them and their ineffective methods of dealing with the serious crime that has been committed here - the abduction of a swet innocent child! Who cares that these already battered and bruised parents can barely breathe from the tragedy that has gripped them?

Then again, what do you expect from the Old Bill of a country whose only claim to fame is a potty, big-gob-characterised, egotistical, and Narcissistic footy gaffer who works for a Russian billionaire oil baron in the slimy English Capital! Nuff said, mesqueaks!

Sir Nutmeg Professor O'Chav

resipsaloquitur - 9 Sep 2007 // 14:30:13

To Bloke:

The FORENSIC EVIDENCE(it was conducted in Birmingham in a special laboratory) speaks that the girl
WAS TRANSPORTED BY THE RENTAL CAR 25 days after her disappearance.

She was injured...or dead...eitherwise there would not have been blood stains.

She might be still alive...hidden somewhere as long as the parents orcestrate the show of looking for her and ask the whole world to DONATE to www.Find fund.

NOW...the Portugiese Police does not make any official statements...


As long as the body is not found...her death could not be pronounced and there is NOT a daeth entence without a corps.

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