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Commenting article: Paris Hilton Ordered Back to Court

US socialite Paris Hilton, who was released from jail after spending just three days behind the bars, has been ordered back to court.

The judge who put her in jail for violating her reckless-driving probation ordered her into court to decide if she should return to jail.
matty - 8 Jun 2007 // 18:27:59

Let's face it talks all the languages ...but in particular 'American English'.
This little rich 'tart' has bought her way out of law for the rich and one for the poor.
Makes me think of the first line of the American constitution ...'We hold that these things are evident ....that all men are created equal' this just in the eyes of God or does it include the eyes of the justice system?
Makes me sick to the heart.

Kolega - 8 Jun 2007 // 20:18:09


I'd give up on the fairness bit it I were you.
As the Americans say: going bald isn't fair too;) nothing it fair.

I know that it may be difficult to empathize with anyone rich, (although the rest of us surely expect the rich to empathize with us), but face it: How would you feel if the whole world is glued to the TV waiting to see if you how exactly you acted and looked like and every joker having a ball with you, if you get locked up for something that can actually happen to most of us.

Anonymity is the kind of freedom, people like her will never know, and I personally am sorry for her.
Locking up this girl is punishment multiplied by 1000 compared to an anonymous person, if you factor the media circus, so it is only right to let her go, depriving you of the spectacle, notwithstanding....

Kolega - 8 Jun 2007 // 23:34:38

It's disgusting.
It brings the worse in humans. Last night a local DJ was ecstatic that after they took away her contacts, it reviled that her eyes were brown, not blue!

Burning of "witches" or guillotining the aristocracy of old days comes to mind.
Guilty lustful pleasure of the multitudes, like our blue collar "matty" friend here with his class issues, that will always draw a crowd.

Fukc the poor.

suntoto - 9 Jun 2007 // 00:05:00

OJ and the media circus made a mockery of the US judicial system which caused celebrities to think they were above the law. Now the American judicial system is struggling to prove to the world that celebrities are not above the law. Who cares about a rich spoiled brat who got caught breaking the law and now has to face the consequences of her actions???

The media/press is not helping this. In someways I think the media is censoring information by inundating the world with this trivial s!it and not using their energy to focus people's attention on more important issues like what is happening in the rest of the real world! Hollywood is not the real world.

Kolega - 9 Jun 2007 // 00:13:01

"Who cares about a rich spoiled brat"
I am sure her parents do, just like yours would be heartbroken if your sobbing face is all over the news.

Attitudes like that have made me so cynical that I'd never give money for anything related to "helping the less fortunate".
My money is much better spent supporting politicians who's cut taxes and social programs. No one is worth my help, besides my own kids that is.

Kolega - 9 Jun 2007 // 00:17:47

BTW suntoto,
Hollywood may not be the real world to you, but it is real and it does have real people living in it, who surely wouldn't like to be dehumanized like that.

WickedWitch - 9 Jun 2007 // 14:56:30

Ugh, I was trying not to post in any such threads.


PH's entire life has been one long grab for attention from the world. She is not all that rich (there are a lot of heirs splitting a small part of the estate), everything she touched turns to sh!t (like a reverse King Midas) and if she didn't have her notoriety she'd be in complete obscurity. So, she is trying to be in the spotlight at all times and succeeding.

Notice how her face is always turned to the camera in those boo-hoo-woe-is-me pictures? No glasses, no hiding her face? Yeah. Another stunt.

Seriously, all that pathological attention-seeking? She is not a very happy person in spite of all that money.

And that is all I am going to say on this topic. :-)

Bloke from Alrewas off the A38 - 9 Jun 2007 // 15:29:28


Absolutely bleeding correct!

Kol went on to say 'Fukc the poor' as though every relatively poor person (in financial terms) is a useless microbe - somehow akin to the scourge of the planet!

Well, I have working-class mates who still live on council estates and don't make a fatload of money but they are far more worthwhile than the thoroughly useless Paris H. who lest we forget has committed a serious offence! She is in the papers - well, that goes with high profile and I can't feel sorry for someone who has been put on a pedestal for nothing whatsoever other than this ewhole hyperbolic obsession with celebrity stardom. So, I reckon Paris H. is getting her just dessert and if she's surrounded by media circus and that upsets her... well, tough titty! You take the good times and the bad times when you are in the 'pubic' eye, so to speak :-D

Sorry, Kol... it is the likes of you, a prejudiced narrow-minded git that often make me want to throw up in the countenance of humanity. You rail against blue-collared people as though they are peripheral to society. Society needs white and blue collared people equally and believe it or not, Sir there are scores of blue-collar folk in my country who actually make a helluva lot more dough than white-collar muppets. Many blue-collar workers are actually more intelligent than their white-collar counterparts - wealth or no perceived wealth.

Wealth is in the heart and mind, anyway. I have met miserable financially wealthy types who have contributed sweet feck all to society. I have met others who don't earn a great deal but they bust their butts for society. Amassing wealth is down to a lot of factors not least of which are know-how and sheer hard work. One cannot discount that somewhere among these contributing circumstances lies the element of Lady Luck, though. Bill Gates is a prime example! Not extremely bright and not that much of an entrepreneur either... not bad but far from exceptional! He got fabulously lucky and has ridden the tidal wave since! He ain't the only one!


Bill - 9 Jun 2007 // 16:55:54

Read today's news. The judge ordered her back to jail. It'll be interesting to see what the next chapter has to say.

lytom - 9 Jun 2007 // 21:43:01

For driving drunk, for driving without driver's licence she did not get much time.

WickedWitch - 10 Jun 2007 // 16:19:59


I think Kolega's borderline trolling for a rise out of some people with his comments. I don't doubt his conservatism for a second, but I think he gets carried away in his defiance of liberal values.

As for white- vs. blue-collar, it's a mainly developed-country division. Most of the world doesn't even make enough money for a blue collar classification.

What "lower taxes, no social programs" people fail to realize is that if you raise the standard of living around you, you are raising your own standard of living. No rich person I know would go live in Bogota, for example but everyone wants to live in NYC or California. Why? Because they are rich areas. It's no coincidence that the poorest countries in the world are also the most restless.

Bloke from Alrewas off the A38 - 10 Jun 2007 // 18:01:36

Salutations, Wicked Witch from the Old Trafford cricket ground...

Day four of the test vs the Windies. You are as usual incisive, cerebral, broad-minded, and free-thinking all rolled into one. I DO MEAN IT, Madam! Hats off! You are not merely a great linguist (what with your enviable command of our beautiful English language) but you are one of the most sober-minded analytical people I have had exchanges with. For somebody in their mid-twenties you are almost frighteningly too mature and fair play to you for that...

All right, enough of my "complimentary gobbing-off" :-D :-D :-D... I am a Conservative myself so Kol ain't alone there but I certainly don't categorise people according to their supposed financial muscle. THat very muscle can so easily atrophy and it is those who have genuine intestinal fortitude that will also have the 'bouncebackability' factor to regroup when all caves in on them. And it all caves in on us at some point. I have witnessed filthy rich buffoons whose amassed wealth has all but crumbled due to a myriad subtle factors not least of which has been their own blasted stupidity. In some cases it has been significantly more complicated than that! Some have gone on to lead great lives in spite of their catastrophe with or without resurrected material/financial wealth. Others have capitulated and descended into the darker worlds of drugs and who-knows-what...

I despise hand-outs and I feel we are cheating Africa by ploughing money into their dictators' coffers. The so-called Third World needs a fairer trading deal so they can create their own wealth on a level-playing field. They need not be ostracised. The rich countries prefer to give the restless dog a bone here and there in order for it to remain submissive and to hell with their actual development. That's why politi-cluttered Western apparatchiks don't give a toss that their taxpayers have funded a gazillion pounds' worth of aid for the underdeveloped sector of the planet because it suits the bureaucrats' agenda far more to give aid to the defenceless than implement methods of including them in a fairer-for-all trade deal.


Bloke from Alrewas off the A38 - 10 Jun 2007 // 18:41:16

By the way, WickedWitch Ma'am...

How's your job-hunting progressing? Have you any idea as to approximately when thou shalt grace Blighty and commence your much valued contribution to our great economy? I can't believe nobody has snapped you up yet! So many eejits seem to be landing all sorts of jobs. Your turn will come! Don't give up! Sarah, me lovely lady recommends that you try the South-East in general...

Counties like Surrey, Kent, East/West Sussex. She herself works in Brighton although she gets about all over the country been a high-flying exec in an immaculate Aston Martin, bless her :-D... She's a very clever girl unlike me :-D... I am a thick bird... a blokey bird :-)) :-)) Oh, flippancy! :-))

Seriously, check out Brighton. It is thriving. Maidstone in Kent is also quite an employment hub... Just making suggestions!!!

Keep persevering. Something is bound to cough up pretty damn soon :-)...

WickedWitch - 10 Jun 2007 // 20:05:31


(I'll skip off the compliments because I never did learn to respond to those except for a "thank you".)

Well, Donald Trump has been bankrupt more times than I can count and Armpitt the Younger did drive a company or two into the ground before he became a president. How many super-rich programmers hit the ground in Silicon Valley at the end of last century? So, yeah, people do mess up all the time and that is why there is a safety net in most countries.

As for Africa, many people in the western world don't realize (I kid you not) that it is a whole continent with many different countries, each with its own set of problems. Africa has become a catchphrase for the masses (and a private theme-park for the rich) where everyone thinks "something should be done about Africa" (as cliched as "won't somebody think of the children") but there is no comprehensive plan aside from throwing money at the problem. And since crazy motherfvckers are a big part of the problem, it's also throwing money to the problem.


Now, my job search: as I posted below, a stupid bank is still holding the money I need for living expenses, until I find a job. As soon as I shout my way to the moolah, I'm on my merry way. And I am planning on a visit over to your end of the world if just because I've heard so much about Sarah I gotta meet her. :-)

I kind of have my heart set on London or Cambridge because I am besotted with them (although that might be because I've spent more time there). However, I have heard good stuff about Sussex so I'll check it out together with Ireland (and some of the Scandinavian countries, as the tree-hugging, snow-lovin' lib I am). I just need my damn money already.

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