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viking - 6 Jun 2012 // 04:41:53

It is very simple. I go no place where there is smoking for health reasons. Period.
Is that so difficult for you to understand?
Yet on recent bus trip across the country we stopped for a toilet break and of course there was a line. Almost half the people in line were smoking and the place was blue with very heavy smoke. . And of course, this being Bulgaria ( a place you know nothing about) I was not allowed to use any toilet near the bus stop.
Any suggestions for a person like me?
Why are you talking about Germans?

viking - 2 Jun 2012 // 18:15:46

Imagine the smell of cigarette smoke causing an allergic reaction and constant sinus pain and sneezing. This is what happens to me when I stand near one of these idiots who is afraid HIS/HER rights are being taken away.
The good places will thrive with the ban and the dumps will close because the smokers will stay home. The only reason they drink is to cool off their throats after sucking on a cigarette. Smoke and drink at home and enjoy all of the benefits.
may god bless your souls as he will have them soon

viking - 2 Jun 2012 // 08:41:54

Hairy one

100% of the people I talked to were thrilled about the smoking ban. Even those who smoke thought it was a very good idea. Small sampling (about 20 folks) but everyone is hoping the government follows through with the penalties and fines.
They interviewed a guy who owns a bar in Turkey where the ban started awhile back and his business has increased.
On another note I was shocked to see people (In Gabrovo) walk in front of cars! Turns out the police are handing out fines if cars do not stop for people in cross walks and if someone hits a pedestrian in a cross walk they go directly to jail. I am also told it is a BIG mistake to cross outside a cross walk as the police are ticketing for "jaywalking".

I love it!

viking - 23 May 2012 // 23:33:50


"I am all for comfortable smoke-free environments for EVERYONE when it comes to true public places where people have no choice to go e.g. post offices, banks, government offices, schools, but not for private entertainment businesses in which noone but the owner have a stake in and risk to lose big when all it takes is for those intolerant to smoke to choose not to enter such places."

I agree!! Finally something from the pro-smokers that makes sense. Only small problem are the people who get sick like I do that need a job and have to work in such places.
They can just get a job someplace else? Or go on the welfare/dole.

I let my feet do the walking years ago and have never been sorry or felt I missed something because I stayed out of the filthy, smelly bars and pubs. I even had to quit bowling (American inside) and took up softball instead. Did go to a strip club in Sofia years ago and had to leave before any of the dancers came out.
I don't think I missed that much

viking - 23 May 2012 // 20:54:31

Most smokers say " I smoke about a pack a day" when they really smoke 1 1/2 to twice that. Why would they underestimate something so healthful?

Tell you the truth I do have a problem with second hand smoke. It causes a severe allergic reaction and debilitates me for hours.
When in Bulgaria, I just eat and drink at home unless I can find an outside spot to enjoy.

Like I said before maybe these bans will help people quit and let them enjoy their last years with grandchildren. I know I did and do.
My ancestors all and I mean all smoked and died at less than 50 years old. I should not lie. One grandfather made it to 55. My brother never could quit and he went at 46. My other brother and I did quit and now are almost 70.
Coincidence? Not according to medical experts.

viking - 23 May 2012 // 19:44:36

"hope you will be open minded enough to eventually embrace smoking and encourage your friends and family to do likewise rather than revile it"

At $5 a pack, I should think saving for retirement would be a better bet.
Of course if you smoke you will not live to retire, so it all works out just fine..

viking - 22 May 2012 // 03:30:54
Topic: Hairydave

If I remember right he was smoker but he would have ground these guys (and gals?) up into small pieces and gotten banned in the process.

Miss him

viking - 22 May 2012 // 02:16:57
Topic: Hairydave

Glad to hear you are OK. Hope you get the chance to "settle" for one country soon.
Last time I talked to our buddy he was care person for some older dude. Hard to say what he is doing now.

viking - 22 May 2012 // 00:29:41

I asked "all" of you a question and no answer;
Why are you still here?
The horse is dead.

39% of Bulgarians smoke and 60% of all Bulgarians favor the ban.

I personaly feel anyone who smokes has a problem and any ban may help them quit.
One fact alone?
$49.00 a carton for Marlboros, ON Sale!
Why would anyone smoke?

Go away unless you have something positive or negative to say about Bulgaria. My god you all came out of the woodwork like roaches

viking - 21 May 2012 // 19:23:56

My question?
McFadden and Iro and any other names you use?
Why are you still here?
This is a Bulgarian forum and none of you know anything or care about what is going on in Bulgaria.
You can close every fricking pub in the UK and every bar and American Legion in America and Bulgarians could care less.
Unless you missed the original article; Over 60% of Bulgarians are for a ban on smoking and it has passed the Parliament.
You are welcome to come to Bulgaria, smoke yourself to death and ship your body home. Just leave your wallet.

Now all we have is to wait for Nellie to appear and complain about American politics!

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