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just me - 17 Nov 2008 // 17:55:34

"Bill, you know jack squat about raising children. I know jack squat about raising children. Anyone who hasn't raised children 24/7 for more than a few months and had complete responsibility for their future knows jack squat about raising children."

I'm sitting on my hands over here, trying to stay out of the "Bill respects nobody's opinions or experience but his own" argument about parenting, But WW's comment above is one that is heading in the right direction.

I'd take it one step further to say that if you ever wake up in the morning, whoever you are, and think that you have nothing left to learn about whatever it is that is the most important task in the world to you, then you are through.

Nobody is an expert at parenting. Every day is a new day and it requires the same absolute diligence that each day before it required. You can never rest on your laurels or "forget to fly the plane." A child is a person who faces choices every day, and once they're in school, they spend more waking hours there than they do in the nest. You have to love and encourage them, learn about what goes on when you're not there, listen sincerely, teach them how to stay out of danger, give them the tools they need to make the right choices. Foster a sense of charity and community, etc. Then you pray, or if you're not the praying kind, then you HOPE like you've never hoped before that they're OK.

Every single child in the universe, even in a single family, is different. Discipline that works for one may completely backfire on another. Some people succeed despite their upbringing and others fly off the rails despite their upbringing. Not every serial killer comes from a broken home or has a history of abuse, you know.

My point is that you really have to be humble and credit God or luck for much of your child's character. Beyond that, you have to understand that most people truly are doing the best they can with what they have.

just me - 17 Nov 2008 // 07:58:08

Some people are far too quick to give parents credit for their children's manners and level of success. The rest are far too quick to blame them.

just me - 17 Nov 2008 // 07:43:48

Father trumps friend, any day of the week. Father is the one who is there to pick up the pieces when you follow the advice of your friends.

God bless your "Jewish friend" (objection! relevance?) who lost contact with his son. It is probably the single most painful event of the men's lives, and that's the point that you make? That you knew better what the relationship should be than the father who had raised this child to manhood? That is painful even to read.

just me - 17 Nov 2008 // 07:37:48

But, by the grace of God, goes John Bradford.

just me - 16 Nov 2008 // 19:43:22

Why don't I ask WW to stop bothering Bill?

I think they're usually in a dialog, such that it is, but you jump in as a third party to heckle her. Just like I jump in as a fourth party to try to stop the heckling. Neither of us has any business in their conversation, come to think of it.

Who's the troll? "is someone who posts controversial, inflammatory, irrelevant or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum or chat room, with the intention of provoking other users into an emotional response or to generally disrupt normal on-topic discussion."

According to that definition, YOU are a troll because you post inflammatory messages to provoke one kind of emotional response; and I am a troll because I go off topic to try to stop your emotional responses.

Welcome to trolldom. Nice bridge you're living under. Cup of grog for you?

just me - 16 Nov 2008 // 19:32:25

"why doesn't she use her sarcasm on someone who enjoys it? Such as you for example? "

I don't usually write anything that would evoke a sarcastic response, and even when I write something that she doesn't like, I don't use the nasty language that you guys seem to like.

Have a nice day,

just me - 16 Nov 2008 // 19:24:44

You said, "Yes, it would be. My problem with Bill is not his background. It's his flippant disregard and disdain for any behavior that is sufficiently different from that of an old white male all the while playing the put-upon victim.

"My post did sound kind of dorky, so I'm sorry for that."
I think dorkiness is one of the last things one should be sorry for. I was just really tired of my opinions being attributed to my gender, my age, my alleged sexual history or lack thereof, basically anything but the stuff I've learned, been though and the way I've processed it."

Bill's background IS what made him an old white male playing the put-upon victim. Most of what he says is the result of stuff that he's explained on the forum. Whether I agree with what he says or not, it's understandable given his circumstances.

You are a person of a certain gender, a certain age, with whatever family history and experiences that haven't been disclosed (and that's your prerogative) and basically, you have a story and that story and its setting have shaped YOU. These factors DO affect the way you've processed the things you've learned and been through. Otherwise you're a robot. You might assert that those things should not be taken into consideration when responding to your opinions, but that's the same as Bill saying that he writes perfectly clearly with no context or implication. You're both human and humans have context. That makes communication more meaningful.

It's dorky that I jumped in and asked FIG to stop, but I did so because this entire thing of blasting WW with slut and village stuff every time she writes is getting old, in my opinion. It may not bother you, but I'd like to read something else.

OK, I'll stop now. Have to run,

just me - 15 Nov 2008 // 23:37:44

"Actually - one thing I miss about Bg when I am not there is the food. The freshest shopska salad when it is in season, Lutenitsa (lovely stuff), and all the various types of dried sausage that is damn near impossible to purchase here. There are so many influences in Bulgarian cuisine it is impossible not to find something you like. "

Couldn't have said it better myself! Does your lovely wife make her own lutenitsa? I've never tried making it, but there are several brands available here in jars and it's even cheap.

I'm not a huge fan of the yogurt, unless it is served with enough honey to cover up the taste. Or, I guess if you cook it and disguise it with curry or something, but cold? with meat? ew. My daughter just gobbles it up plain. People eat pineapple on pizza here, too, but that's not for me either.


just me - 15 Nov 2008 // 23:31:44

Sarcastic people aren't loved anywhere you've been? What are you talking about? Some of the funniest people around are sarcastic. I saw a t-shirt in a catalog and thought of you. It said, "I am the grammarian about whom your mother warned you." Maybe instead I should get you the one that says, "National Sarcasm Society. (and in fine print below) like we need your support."

just me - 15 Nov 2008 // 23:23:42

That's one of my all-time favorite tuna recipes. I like onions on mine. Do you have Kraft Macaroni and Cheese there? You know, the nearly neon orange powdered cheese mixed with elbow macaroni? Try mixing a can of tuna (drained) with that. It sounds disgusting, but in a pinch, if the cupboard is otherwise bare, give it a try.

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