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fishbrain - 9 Jan 2008 // 21:52:04

Hey Taro:

I once saw in a park a group of "skinheads" about to beat up a group of "kids". We knew they were going to do this because they were sniffing all over the place and could not find them. In my fantasy world I went to the local security company guarding the park and told them there was a brawl about to start and some people were going to be hurt. I pointed out the skinheads and they shrugged, rolled down the windows and just waited for events to unfold.

Sure enough the skinheads found their targets- attacked them and in their bravery took off as fast as they could from the park. Once everything was over the security guys went over to the victims to see nobody was dead and then went back to their cars to continue smoking.

I once was involved in an accident and the guy driving our car was at fault. So we got out of the car to see what had happened and immediately a fight broke out. I tried to get the Police to come and well I am still waiting.

So yes, let the insurance company look after things and best not get the authorities involved its just a waste of time.


fishbrain - 9 Jan 2008 // 21:39:32


I don't think you understood my point... so when you understand it we can talk ;)

fishbrain - 9 Jan 2008 // 12:53:04

Facts about Bulgaria

Fact No 1:
When there is trouble do no interfere. Get out of there as fast as possible and do not give your name.

So I am not surprised there are no witnesses. Nobody ever wants to be a winess in Bulgaria and why should they, it just brings problem. I seen victims in Bulgaria who did not wish to deal with the Police and decided it was a waste of time.

Fact No2:
Calling the Police, Ambulance or Emergency Service will get you "nishto". If they do answer its very probable they will follow Fact 1 and avoid and participation. If they do come at all it will be 3 hours later.

Fact No 3:
Jock is NOT a professional soldier. He is an apprentice, he has spent 1 month, basically he just joined the army. Unless the British Army is amazingly good at training professional soldiers in a month.

Fact No 4:
Bulgaria's reputation will not suffer one bit out of this. Why should it? If everything is done correctly, all facts established, the case conducted according to international judicial standards and the judgment is fair how can there be any suffering of reputation? It can only enhance the reputation of Bulgaria is everything is done properly. If its done "LIBYA" style then for sure the reputation of Bulgaria as having a bad judicial system will get worse.

Fact No 5:
Drinking in Bulgaria into excess does not apply only to foreigners... go to "studenskigrad" and see if you can spot the drunk foreign student and the drunk Bulgarian student.

Fact No 6:
Nobody as yet has disputed innocence or guilt. I think the discussion is about FACTS. What actually happened that day? We cannot do that until they go to court and evidence is brought forward... and I do hope video tapes which can clarify many facts.

Fact No 7:
Be prepared for a long long process... when in "confusion" do nothing. Does anyone remember what happened to the fountain in "book square"?? Did anyone get charged with murder over the accidental death of the young man who was electrocuted 2 years ago? Has the fountain been reopened? Will it be reopened? Will the family get compensation? As we all know- nothing has happened. What about the two girls that died last year when the wall fell on them? Has anyone been charged? Anyone gone to jail? Compensation... what about now in Varna with the collapse of roof on the innocent girl? Anyone charged bah blah blah... nope! What usually happens is everyone gets tired of the issue and we go to the next issue. Everything is forgotten and put in the back page. So this case could drag n for a very long time.

fishbrain - 9 Jan 2008 // 12:31:11

hmmm many people carry guns here.. why? ;)

also gas pistols are a favourite form of protection followed by knives, sticks, rocks, perpper spray... does it explain anything to you?

fishbrain - 9 Jan 2008 // 11:24:55

Please learn to read and comprehend. Nowhere did I mention the boys had short here and ergo they are "skinheads". This is your imagination. I have lived long enough in Bulgaria and know perfectly well the different fashions. All I said was.. "examine all the facts before coming to a conclusion".

I do not know why you mention drugs alcohol and everything else. I happen to know fully well that there is a large community of Bulgarians who also happened to participate in this. So what is your point? That westerns are corrupting the pure Bulgarian youth? hahahah I live in Sofia, I speak the language and have Bulgarians friends so do not try and bullshit me please.

Innocence or guilt is established after looking at all the facts. Then after establishing the facts and what actually happened and whether the death was on purpose or accidental due to a brawl punishment can be given out. I don't believe anywhere I have written not to punish him. All I have said is be FAIR.

Last, if any of you ever been attacked by a mob you will know perfectly well that its very hard to fight back. Its chaos, and unless you are a professional fighter then you have no control what is happening; kicks, punchs, things get thrown around and you have no idea. I was personally attacked in Sofia twice- once by HOOLIGANS and once by "skinheads" and on both times I don't remember getting time to do anything except defend myself to the best of my ability. And what did I do to get attacked? I wore a blue jacket when there were CSKA fans. The second time I and friends seemed easy targets and we were attacked by young thugs. And I can tell you we defended ourselves with whatever we had. So unless anyone has ever been attacked by these youths then you have no idea what you are talking about. All I say is.. "investigate- find facts- apply the law according to the crime".

Thank you...

fishbrain - 8 Jan 2008 // 11:56:24

I see many people here have already convicted and sentence Jock Palfreeman without even going to court. I do not know if he is guilty or innocent. I was not there and I am sure most people in this forum were not there that day. It is up to a court to find out the facts and the circumstances that led to this tragic stage.

Having had experienced with HOOLIGANS in Sofia I can see plausibility behind Jock Palfreeman story. I am not saying his story is true or false, I am saying that his version could be true. Anyone who has lived in Bulgaria and is a foreigner would know that you are always a target for "something" and you should be extra careful- I have met many Bulgarians and foreigners who carry guns, so to carry a knife is not so out of the question here.

How is it possible nobody has asked to check the cameras in that area of town? As far I know the whole city is full of cameras these days? Also how come nobody has checked up on the so called "innocent victims"? Where they so innocent? Is their story any better than Jock's?

I am not defending Jock Palfreeman but I am saying that he should be given a fair chance before getting convicted by the public. the case had to be judged based on FACTS OF THE CASE.

I fear the worse for Jock that the judicial system in Bulgaria will judge him on the evidence of the other boys who participated. Ok now I am getting ahead of myself but this is Bulgaria and we all know the Judicial system here is well flawed and very imperfect, and you can ask the European Union about this as they are the ones who wrote the report on it.

AND LAST: If anyone starts throwing nationalism at me then please be so kind to shove it up your darkest place... I love Bulgaria as much as the next man... I am not attacking the nation, I am attacking a system! I have lived here for 8 years and have ample experience and I am not talking as a tourist.

fishbrain - 7 Jan 2008 // 16:16:48
Topic: skinheads?

How come nobody has checked whether the so called "innocent" victims were skinheads or hooligans? I have heard that there are rumours that the victim was a skinhead. Has anyone done any checking whether any of the group of Bulgarian youths ever been arrested and charged with hooliganism? If its true they were Hooligans would not this lend some truth to Paul's story?

Isn't there any cameras in that area that may have captured the event? Ofcourse even if there were and it was proven Paul was innocent this would not be admissible in a court of law in Bulgaria.

I have seen similar groups of youth beating up foreigners and the Police is never around to help. Also I have been in the receiving end of a group of skinheads attacking a group of us only because they wanted to rob us... so I am very prejudiced towards the idea Paul is innocent and the media is making him look guilty. before a fair trial.

Its always the case in Bulgaria that nobody wants to be a witness and even security personnel will change their testimonies based on whatever is most suitable at the time. So now it will come to Paul's word against a few innocent "university" students.

fishbrain - 18 Dec 2007 // 15:59:03

So basically he will not serve any prison time and continue to work as a Policeman? Any compensation to the victim?

Nice justice system, I am sure this will scare others from repeating the crime..NOT! He should have received 10years non-parole for such a horrible crime.

With Policeman like these who needs criminals in Bulgaria, the Police are the criminals.

fishbrain - 7 Dec 2007 // 10:19:38

I am waiting now for the outcome but as always I will not hold my breadth. There will be endless trials, meetings, discussions. The judge will be summoned, investigated, questioned and interviewed. Two years will pass and then all the punishment she will get is a "caution not to drive and drink".

We all know the Bulgarian judicial system does not work and will not work for a longtime to come. The only people that get punished under the current system are those who have "lost" sponsorship of friends, those who have no friends and those who have no money.. basically everyone else can either get a "get out of jail card" or buy one.

Meanwhile the EU will mumble and hmmmm that something has to be done in Bulgaria to improve the system and nothing will be improved, some other innocent person will either be shot, killed, run over, a wall will fall on them or a building will collapse and yet nobody will ever be punished.

fishbrain - 27 Nov 2007 // 16:07:39
Topic: luck!

Dear Peter

Lots of luck! Hmmm if its not too much to ask, can you somehow when passing by Australia bring some Wollies giant snakes? They are really yummy and cannot be found here at all... and also a few packets of SAO's would be great!

Thanks a lot!

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