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fishbrain - 5 Feb 2008 // 20:10:44

What a lot of crappy comments!!! Personal insults, xenophobia, generalities... if the best we can do is a personal attack on people then what is the point of this forum??

I always thought that in a democratic society anyone can speak as they so wish. Some comments we may not agree with but does this give us any reason to make a personal attack and tell them to "shut-up"?

There is no perfect society, we all know this. We all know that all societies have positive and negative aspects. We all know that some societies are better than others. So? This forum is read mainly by people who have something to do with Bulgaria and ofcourse usually many people will say negative things. Saying something negative does not negate love for the country,its history or its people.

The fact is that Bulgaria needs a lot of reforms, the fact is that Bulgaria is one of the poorest nations in Europe, the fact is that Bulgaria has leaders and judges who are corrupt or inept. So?? Does this mean that you cannot love a nation and still say all these things?

Too many people in this forum take things personally and do not think of the argument in a subjective manner. While we use emotion and personal attacks there cannot be progress, we become the same as the people who are destroying Bulgaria.

fishbrain - 24 Jan 2008 // 15:27:14

i hope one of those buildings is not the building i am living in :)

as others have said here, i do believe the nice old buildings will be destroyed and new crap built in its place.. perhaps this is also an excuse for many developers to get permissions to develop in the center of the city by saying some buildings need to be torn down so they can build some nice new shinny ugliness

its such a pity there are no protections for Bulgarian Heritage and historical buildings.. i always thinks its so sad when something beautiful gets destroyed and some ugliness made by some tasteless mutra is put in its placed... case in point is the Masonian Lodge looking building in Levski Blvd that was built with money from one mutra... i don't know if people know what i am talking about .. but basically take my word... its just tasteless ugliness..

fishbrain - 22 Jan 2008 // 14:52:40

Come on George, don't take it so personal. :) Furian has a good point about the info.. most info about real estate in BG is from whomever decided to give it... whether prices are up or down depends on how drunk the guy who wrote the article was at the time.

I don't personally believe its an attack on Bulgaria to say that the prices are down or up. And I think saying that Bulgaria has many enemies big and small and Bulgarians are good at sports blah blah just sounds too jingoistic... Bulgarians are great at many things and bad at others.. no different to the Japanese, Americans, Russians, Germans... to see it as a personal attack is to be a bit too paranoid... the world is not out to get Bulgaria.. the world is not out to get anyone.. most of the world is out there to maximize profit actually irrelevant of nation, color or creed ;)

fishbrain - 22 Jan 2008 // 14:41:18

I love the article made me laugh a lot... to misquote "... the gov of the USA is pushing for the separation of Kosovo a lot... there must be something going on..." what type of logic is this?" It was a funny article whether there is any truth in it is another thing...

All I say is peace and good luck to the Serbians and all their neighbors including the people of Kosovo.

fishbrain - 21 Jan 2008 // 16:46:05


The technology used to borrow "petrol" from someones car and place it into a nice container and then run as fast as possible away from the car you used shiponed the petrol in case the owner comes and beats the crap out of you :)

subsititute 'money' for 'petrol' and change car to to "bank account"

fishbrain - 15 Jan 2008 // 21:21:05

DP, Ok you do have a point but there must be some measurement parameters otherwise everything just become a subjective issue.. there must be a way to say "this is a good educational system" or "this is a bad educational system"

i only mentioned basic statistics because at least these stats give us some reference as to whats going on.. but you are right, not the complete picture.

fishbrain - 15 Jan 2008 // 16:07:27

I have heard that its easier to repair an eastern European made vehicle than a modern computerized super-dooper American version of the same vehicle in a field of war. I have had vehicles that have no computer parts whatsoever and run fine.. and I had nice new modern vehicles with all kinds of electronic gadgets where the central processor stops functioning and the vehicle comes to a complete stop and nothing short of a complete motherboard change can get it working again.

fishbrain - 15 Jan 2008 // 16:01:07

just my two cents worth...

is there any reliable statistics on anything anywhere?
-number of teachers
-number of professors
-number of students in science, arts, engineering
-number of students that graduate
-number of students that graduate and work in BG .. out of BG?

I heard from friends, seen the news channel and I am aware that there are some levels of corruption in the educational system. There are also some very poor educational standards and yet there are also some very high.

My point is "i hear/i heard/someone said/there is a story about.."... does anyone ever have any real facts????

Its like the real estate market, on Monday prices are up 5%.. by Wednesday they are down 25%... but I never know where these figures come from... thin air i guess.

fishbrain - 13 Jan 2008 // 10:16:14

Bulgaria has many opportunities for anyone who wishes to invest in it. There are many chances to prosper and succeed for those willing to take risks. Also there are many dangers.

I am amazed when I hear that Bulgaria has nothing, as I read in different posts, to the contrary Bulgaria is a jewel to be discovered. I just wished that Bulgaria was not "raped" by unscrupulous so called "businessman" who are willing to sell the sacred Levki monument to make a profit (just as an example). I think we must do everything to make Bulgaria prosper but not in such a way that a few will prosper and the nation as such will suffer for generations.

I don't wish to make this post huge, all I wish to say is that Bulgaria will prosper and more average people will succeed but we should have moral limits for that success. There must be some things we should not do just to gain that almighty "euro".

fishbrain - 10 Jan 2008 // 16:37:07

Hey LarzBGR,

Ok please don't get me wrong. I will not dispute that there was a knife and I will not dispute someone was murdered. Those are facts. Please remember that I am not judging or defending Jock. If Jock has confessed it was his knife and his hand that caused the death he has confessed but has he confessed to this? Has he confessed he intentionally killed the other boy?

Having said all this what I am saying is beyond knowing these two facts we don't know much else. We only know what has been leaked in the media and do we know what the defense argument will be?

What actually happened that day for one person to die and one person to be in jail? Do we know it? I don't think so. What we do have is several versions of the same event without any hardcore facts. Did Jock immediately pull the knife before going into the fight? Did he pull the knife during the fight when he was surrounded by 5 attackers? Was he on the ground getting kicked and then he managed to get up and wildly began to stab?

My only point is that the whole scene of what actually happened has to be replayed and understood completely. Its not just the case he had a knife and he killed the other boy. Maybe the other boy during the fight was pushed towards Jock and Jock thrust his knife at the same time. Maybe Jock intentionally did it. I don't know.

I was not there and I am clueless and all I say is "find all the facts first" before you make judgment because often what seems simple on the surface is not so simple.

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