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NellieotAmerica - 14 Aug 2010 // 15:13:25


This bimbo is only half Bulgarian, the communist half. And she does not consider herself Bulgarian, just like the Obaminator does not consider himself African. Big whoop that her father was some dumb old commie bastard! The sooner forgotten, the better for her political career.

NellieotAmerica - 14 Aug 2010 // 15:09:22


You sound like an old communist garbage. What the Roma need is for Christians to stop feeding them, so they will stop breeding. You don't feed wild animals, because they will breed. Starve the vermin if you want to get rid of them. And chemical castration is not a bad idea, either.

NellieotAmerica - 14 Aug 2010 // 07:11:32

Even the staunchest lefties can’t deny that illegal immigration is a monstrous and growing problem that we can no longer afford. Public schools are closing libraries and canceling sports programs – and Obama-care is about to add millions to an already unaffordable public health care system.

If these were flush times, it might not matter as much. But our porous borders enable an influx of people with costly burdens – and few benefits.

The United States is like a lifeboat on the Titanic. You can’t keep adding people without sacrificing the entire boatload to certain death.

Current immigration policies do nothing to protect the American lifeboat. Ask any illegal immigrant. They’ll tell you they came here in violation of the law because there was no downside. And they’re right.

We need a smarter plan that requires aggressive deportation of the scores of illegals unworthy of citizenship.

Being illegal is a crime, which means it should be investigated. When someone is selling drugs, cops set up a sting. When someone commits a murder, cops take fingerprints and DNA samples from the crime scene. When someone is committing the crime of being illegal – there are no CSI tools. The only investigative option for cops is to ask people about their immigration status.

Granted, lots of illegals will lie – and checking federal databases will be necessary, but so what. It’s better than the current policy of doing nothing.

Anyone who is already in the US illegally and is in prison for committing another crime should immediately be deported. Illegals convicted of additional crimes should not be incarcerated in the U.S. but should be handed a one-way ticket back home. Fifty percent of California’s prison population is made up of illegal immigrants. Dangerous sex offenders and drug dealers are released every day because of prison overcrowding.

The US needs to stop birthright citizenship; the idea that when an illegal immigrant couple has a child in the US, the baby automatically becomes an American citizen. The kid then becomes an anchor baby who enables illegal parents to remain in the US long enough to care for the child until adulthood. No surprise then that an entire industry of pregnancy tourism has evolved where non-citizen women about to give birth come to the United States for a visit and then, oops, go into labor. Federal law should be amended to require deportation of parents and baby as soon as the umbilical cord is cut.

US citizenship comes with duties as well as rights – not just rights! When people earn money in the US but send it back home – or take free education and health care, but don’t pay taxes – we, the tax payers suffer.

NellieotAmerica - 14 Aug 2010 // 06:44:54

Having children on American soil is is an orchestrated effort to come here and gain access to the great welfare state we’ve created. It is illegal to trespass into our country. It has always been illegal, and people have determined that they want to take that chance. They can take their children back with them. We are a nation of laws. That is why we are American. And there are consequences, unfortunately.

NellieotAmerica - 14 Aug 2010 // 06:34:44


If the parents of an anchor baby are illegal immigrants, they are not guaranteed the right to citizenship merely because they have children on American soil. However, they are at a lesser risk of deportation, because many judges will not deport the parents of a young child because they do not want to split up a family.

After the age of 21, an anchor baby could apply to sponsor his or her parents in a citizenship application. As a minor, however, the child has no real ability to “anchor” parents to American citizenship. Many parents make a deliberate effort to have children in the United States in the hopes of offering them a better life. These parents are aware that the child is not a ticket to citizenship but only a way to live in the US without getting deported. Both the parents and the children use the health care, education, and other social services that the American tax payer pays for and they get for free.

NellieotAmerica - 14 Aug 2010 // 06:17:41

"Migration or immigration, people seek a higher quality of life with dignity "

Yes, but what are they bringing to the table? What are they contributing to society? Only negative values--crime, disease, prostitution, ignorance, and filth. They are moochers and users, they just want to take and give nothing back in return to society. The hell with them, there is no free lunch anywhere.

NellieotAmerica - 14 Aug 2010 // 06:11:10

"Government Motors announced a 1.3 Billion dollar profit last quarter."

And you believed them?!? They will be back for more stimulus sooner than you think. Their cars are expensive scrap metal.

NellieotAmerica - 14 Aug 2010 // 06:07:56


Smellie garbage or not, all told, federal law (not the Constitution) gives citizenship to an estimated minimum 400,000 babies each year who don’t have even one parent who is a U.S. citizen or permanent legal immigrant. This is a great incentive for more illegal immigration.

Each of these babies becomes an anchor who retards deportation of unlawfully present parents—and who eventually will be an anchor for entire families and villages as chain migration leads to the immigration of grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins.

Birthright citizenship is an antiquated practice that has been abandoned by nearly all wealthy nations and emerging nations (recently India and Indonesia) and by the majority of poor nations.

The Supreme Court has ruled only that the Constitution requires babies of legal immigrants be U.S. citizens. It is time to join the modern world, pass H.R. 1868 (Birthright Citizenship Act of 2009), and limit citizenship to babies who have at least one parent who is a citizen or legal immigrant.

NellieotAmerica - 14 Aug 2010 // 05:45:24


"The money people run everything and our only hope is they will not kill the goose who lays golden eggs (Old American saying and the taxpayer is the goose)."

You got this wrong, as usual. The money people don't run anything. If they did run things, bailouts for GM and the like would not have been allowed. As for the goose that lays the golden eggs--that has always been Wall Street and the money people, not the tax payer.

NellieotAmerica - 14 Aug 2010 // 05:35:59


"Please explain why it's okay for a Bulgarian to become an American citizen but not an African? "

It is a question of education, culture, and breeding.

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