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NellieotAmerica - 16 Aug 2010 // 21:18:37


When is Bulgaria going to pay restitutions to all the people the communists tormented and abused? When are some old communists going to go on trial in the international court for crimes against humanity? Why should Germany be the only nation that has to pay and keep paying? Why not the communists? I am still waiting for my restitution from the Bulgarian communist swindlers. lol

NellieotAmerica - 16 Aug 2010 // 21:13:55


"Well, it seems that you are pretty dense not to see the point. The point being “COLECTIVE”. The “vermin” is an expression for multitude (collective). How would calling me old communist bimbo prove your point?"

How? By using collective guilt against Bulgaria like everyone is using against Germany. All Bulgarians are communist vermin. Now you know you are not a communist vermin, just like Germans know they don't condone anything Hitler did. Now stop playing stupid, I know you are not a stupid woman.

NellieotAmerica - 16 Aug 2010 // 21:09:18


Not all the Amercans coming back from war are psychos or swindlers who want to game the system. There are a few nut jobs amongst them, but they were morons before they enlisted. The war didn't make them dumb and violent.

I am against the wars America is involved in, I would like nothing better than to take our troops and go home. But that nut job General Petreyas wants to extend the war in Afghanistan. What an arsehole!

NellieotAmerica - 16 Aug 2010 // 21:02:38


You a failure at life, dude. Face it. You have been mooching on the American tax payer your entire life. You did while you were in the navy and you were so inept at life when you got out into the private sector, that you got back in the army this time. Pathetic old fossil. You have no right whatsoever to complain about America, it has and still is supporting your useless old arse. And there are millions of useless parasites like you, that's part of the reason the American economy is unsustainable. Too many moochers and looters producing nothing and not pulling their economic weight, so to speak.

NellieotAmerica - 16 Aug 2010 // 20:55:30

"But since when do very rich people make better neighbors than people of modest means? "

Rich people pay people to keep their properties in good condition. They have gardeners and maids. You don't see abandoned old cars, bath tubs, and refrigerators in rick people's yards, like you see in poor people's yards. Also, rich people have better parties than poor people. Poor people are too busy trying to get food and shelter to have much time for fun.

NellieotAmerica - 16 Aug 2010 // 20:51:48


"Posmali malko, de... :-)"

Why? Do you like Helen Mirren? I do too. But believe me, she has nothing on me in either looks, intelligence or age. As a matter of fact, I might be a little bit younger and better educated. lol

NellieotAmerica - 16 Aug 2010 // 16:38:42


"Nellie, you are an example of old USA ignorance from the “Armpits” of New Jersey who lack inspiration of what the USA is all about but consume and fatten up without muscle and guts."

I am the opposite of that, douche bag!

But enough about me, let's talk about you. All muscle and guts, I bet. hehehe

NellieotAmerica - 16 Aug 2010 // 16:29:08


Most young white Americans voted for Obama because he PROMISED to get our troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan. My daughter has friends from high school who went to Iraq twice for 18 months each time, and were asked to go again, for a third time. These were the kids who helped elect the Obaminator. And they aren't voting for him again.

In addition, Oh-bumer is doing nothing to shrink the government and the public sector. Quite the opposite--he is bloating and growing the government and the public sector. How much more taxes can the working people in the private sector take?!? Government is out of control and it has to be taken down a notch or two or three. That's what the tea party is asking for. Smaller, more efficient government, lower taxes, no bailing out of anything or anyone. If it is too big to fail, it is too big to be in business and it should fail. And no hand-outs to the imbeciles in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Taliban are now drowned in Pakistan, they will not be so bold and violent in future. Just leave them to their own devices, to live like they have always lived.

NellieotAmerica - 16 Aug 2010 // 16:20:17


"You make it sound like alcohol, sex and drugs are a bad thing."

It used to be sex, drugs, and rock and roll in my days. lol

NellieotAmerica - 16 Aug 2010 // 16:12:45


"President Obama is struggling to overcome the USA syndrome of consumption"

No, he is not. Chris Christie, the Governor of New Jersey is doing this. He is trying to get the public sector parasites and the unions to stop looting the tax payers.

The reason there is no manufacturing left in the US is the result of the labor union's ridiculous expectations, their benefits and pensions. And the reason the price of housing is unaffordable to most working class people is because of the construction worker's unions. Unfortunately for housing and infrastructure, it can't be outsourced to China or Mexico. Construction has to be performed on site, and the construction workers unions have the tax payer by the short hairs.

Sometimes I am sitting here wondering why are we so advanced in all sorts of technology, computers, science, and medicine and yet we are still living in hovels made out of sticks and stones. Humanity has to invent a better way to live and to store its stuff than houses made of sticks and stones by greedy imbeciles.

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