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Mihail - 31 Mar 2011 // 04:44:38

I am organizing a protest against the existence of the socialist party in Bulgaria.

The party that over-sought and engaged in the largest looting of Bulgaria (1990-1997) since the turks pillaged and enslaved the population in the 13th century.

The party that committed election fraud in 1990.

The party whose members were complicit in the imprisonment, blackmail and threatening of innocent people and their families.

I am also charging Bulgarians for negligence with regard to their betrayal of the country. It only takes them a couple of years to forget anything.
The whole country has a case of the Stockholm syndrome.

Mihail - 31 Mar 2011 // 03:18:40

I forgot to mention that socialism is necessarily dictatorial. This is pretty obvious, I think the best argument is provided by Hayek's "The road to serfdom".

Mihail - 31 Mar 2011 // 03:12:49

I agree. Let me just clarify one thing.

Firstly, so called communist states never considered themselves communist, they considered themselves socialist working towards communism. Correct me if I'm wrong on this.

I am talking about democratic socialism, not communism. The organizations I speak of call themselves "Marxist". Because of the utter failure of dictatorial socialism, they have tried to save their ideas, but reform them to comply with western liberalism.

So they hold the belief that the economic system envisaged by Marx can be put into practice in a democratic system. This idea is not new, and is very popular among social scientists.

Indeed some social and human sciences are monopolized by a Marxist point of view, you cannot publish without working through Marxist theories. Anything from social policy to linguistics.

Mihail - 31 Mar 2011 // 00:35:03

"I was born, raised and educated in Bulgaria. I took the compulsory Political Education courses, I lived under Stalin and the cult of his personality during the time of Valko Chervenkov in Bulgaria."

I know people that have worked for "socialist/communist" organizations in the west.
These organizations claim to be working for "democratic socialism", however they all exhibit the same characteristics as Leninist/Stalinist/etc Communist regimes.

The structure inside these organizations is a cult of personality, and a total disregard for the welfare of the common member.
Most of these organizations claim to be fighting for worker's rights, but people working for them are exploited and offered minimal or no wage (You cannot escape the market).
However, this is justified as necessary to further the cause.

Indeed there is a lot of theoretical and historical work that can tell you why socialism/communism necessarily will exhibit these characteristics.

Mihail - 30 Mar 2011 // 09:52:54

I think the choice is not so good, people usually have the option of choosing between a few indoctrinations, not between an infinite amount of choice for what to believe.

The other element is what you do to yourself. Brain-washing yourself is a big part of it. It works faster if you don't talk to people with opposing views.

It is easy to miss simple observations and eventually you end up building on top of many fallacies. It is very hard for people to keep all the logical routes to their beliefs "loaded" in memory so eventually they start to consider conclusions as facts.

Propaganda really helps and once those emotions get stirred up, you start looking only for evidence that confirms your biases, never evidence that contradicts them. You avoid people that think differently and you call them "ignorant" and "idiots".

Mihail - 30 Mar 2011 // 09:43:40

" of the most corrupt countries in Europe..."

The difference in countries is that the western criminal have figured out how to steal legally from the population and they commit less human rights violations in their own countries. (They have no problem doing it in other countries, though)

In Bulgaria it is still possible for the average man to become an elite criminal, whereas in the west almost all opportunities are closed.

Perhaps I'm a bit cynical.

Mihail - 30 Mar 2011 // 06:36:36

"I believe in the power of existence."

I'm sorry, but I am befuddled by this. My head is going to explode, because it just doesn't compute. I'd ask you to explain, but I think maybe we should end it here.

Mihail - 30 Mar 2011 // 02:38:05

This line of reasoning goes against the scientific method itself.
I repeat again, science is not a religion, it is a method for reasoning and coming up with predictions. That is not the definition of religion.

"There is some power that is unknown and unknowable to humans "
If it is unknowable, how do you know that there is a power then? Or do you say "everything I can't explain must be due to God"?

The human experience of existence might be puzzling, but it can be explained through neural processes.
And the reason God is intuitive can be explained through evolution.
The main lesson of science is that what you think is intuitive might be totally false, or if you follow the pragmatic view of truth, totally useless.

There is a scientific principle called "Occam's razor", the notion of "God" doesn't help us predict anything new so we can remove it from our world view.

Mihail - 29 Mar 2011 // 22:50:27

What dianneh said. I'd like to add

"The Association's Chair, Nikolay Kostov, says the only way to stop the illegal export is to raise prices to the European levels."

3 things.
This is logically untrue. If the export remains illegal there is a cost incurred for participating in the black market. You won't need to raise them to the European levels, somewhere below that would suffice.

Set the prices to whatever you want, it's your organization.

He's just jealous he can't illegally export them himself and he thinks that money is rightfully his.

Mihail - 29 Mar 2011 // 22:37:58

As a condition for allowing us to breathe oxygen imported from France, the EU has asked that the radiation levels be brought down by 20% by 2018.

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