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Mihail - 2 Apr 2011 // 09:27:00


"And be careful when you answer, I might as well correct YOUR typos and language errors."

Threats are the last resort of a coward. This is an actual logical fact and can be proven with game theory. Please be a little braver and show some devotion to me.

Mihail - 2 Apr 2011 // 09:21:49

Some clarification in case it is needed,

"OTHER COUNTRIES will print money for you"

This is indirectly done through the trade accounts.

Mihail - 2 Apr 2011 // 09:12:30


"Printing money is overrated. It doesn't help the economy to grow, it just creates fiat money and devalues the currency. The US is printing money and giving it away to its friends, but it can't print jobs, so it is still $14 trillion in the hole. Jobs are what boosts the economy and creates tax revenue for the government parasites."

This is something I would say.
What DrFaust accurately points out is that giving up the monetary policy (in a currency board, or similar) is a huge loss for a country.
In my opinion (agreeing with you) the loss comes form the fact that now OTHER COUNTRIES will print money for you and you don't have the ability to stop it in any way.

Like I said, I think the solution is to just use many different currencies and not to invest the system in any one of them.

Mihail - 2 Apr 2011 // 08:58:22


"The laugh of the century!"

That was when your first boyfriend saw your (non)genitalia.

(no offense, I am just trying to prove a very subtle philosophical point)

Mihail - 2 Apr 2011 // 08:49:21


"Do you want me to quote you again?"
Yes, please find the quote and make another post about me.

"Are you suffering from arteriosclerosis or from Alzheimer's?"
You are an agist and have no sensitivity toward the sickly.

""You are clearly homophobic and I'd suggest for you to leave this forum."

You are clearly a retard and I suggest that you leave the forum. And then maybe you have time to google 'homophobic' and see that you are wrong, if that's not too intellectually challenging for you."

Stop copying my words you plagiarist! Even your rant on my alleged gayness what plagiarized from Al. You stole the whole "google" thing and the "you are not intellectual" thing from me.

" "We don't need Westerners reading these things thinking we are backwards people."

Who is we? I have nothing in common with you. I am neither gay, nor an idiot, nor (no offence) a Bulgarian."

We means us Bulgarians on this forum. When someone says "we" that doesn't include you necessarily. I can teach you more if you like, just bend over (figuratively speaking of course).

Mihail - 2 Apr 2011 // 08:41:43

Dr Faust, my lovely internet companion and secret admirer, I am honored that you would spend so much time trying to prove I am gay. You deserve better, someone that is like you. You deserve "a real man"!

Mihail - 2 Apr 2011 // 08:33:59

"you can rant as much as you want. Your statement that Bulgaria had to give up nothing is contrary to the truth and it is not a sign of intelligence that you try to cover your quite idiotic statement with such a long diatribe."

You make a claim, but provide no evidence. Can you please look at the length of your last love poem to me? And "diatribe"? Really? Do you even understand the definition of that?

What I said is logically true and even god can't argue with logic. Why do you assume you can?

Mihail - 1 Apr 2011 // 05:37:18


What is this growth attributed to according to you? Can you refute anything in Dino's argument?



Regardless of ideology, I feel that the political class is always incompetent. GW was not a total moron, just a simpleton, and probably didn't make any important decisions, even though he was the "decider".

Politicians cannot be fully competent and neither can any government. Have you ever seen such a thing?

Any government policy must take sides with one group against the rest, that's how a democracy works.You can't expect a system where people get free stuff and don't want to work to succeed.

Mihail - 1 Apr 2011 // 03:26:27

I actually agree. Troll=1 Michail=0

Mihail - 1 Apr 2011 // 03:11:06


I totally agree, but the core functions of the BNB need to restricted. No lending of last resort or ability to print money. The bank won't help people if it is allowed to do these things, they'll just give loans to their friends, much like in the US.

Avoiding the EU is impossible, if they want to bail you out, they'll find a way. And that's another reason I am against international agreements where the Bulgarian government borrows any amount of money from foreign source.

As it is right now, Bulgarians don't effectively deal in Levs. People think in terms of Dollars of Euro and I think we should basically just make a bunch of foreign currencies legal, then people can avoid most of the monetary problems.

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