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Mihail - 29 Sep 2011 // 02:35:55

"spewing out your hysterical, fascist anti-Roma bile."

Don't create strawmen. My problem is with this newspaper and the fact that they are one-sided and that they've been engaged in political propaganda, rather than objective journalism. My point was that you can't just ignore the fascists and their issues and expect them to go away, you need to address their misconceptions.

You're not the one to lecture me on fascism or anti-Roma bile. I've been on the receiving end of that my whole life. Please mature a little bit, don't judge others unless you are judged. You need to start controlling your emotions, respect others and stop being so self-righteous. How are you different from a fascist if you try to coerce other people's opinions?

Mihail - 28 Sep 2011 // 22:03:34

Thank you for the intelligent reply. You are a worthy human being.

Mihail - 28 Sep 2011 // 21:58:27


I am perfectly aware of that, what you just wrote proves my point exactly. Why are you trying to downplay the humanity and civil action of all those protesters?

It was the Bulgarian people, including a mass action from the religious community, that stopped the killing of so many of Bulgaria's Jews, despite the forceful import of antisemitism into government policy and the "behind the scenes" actions.
This is radically different from what you would have seen in other European countries and I am extremely proud of this part of our history.

Antisemitism and racism is an idea foreign to our country, it was imported from the west. Bulgarians of different origins and religion have lived in peace and tolerance for a very long time, before politicians began destroying this for political purposes.

Mihail - 28 Sep 2011 // 20:52:52

Mr. Keith Gregory,

Please explain the following since it makes me question your motives here.

"The Jewish people will tell you that they are the most persecuted people on this planet, but that's not true as the Roma have been pushed around everywhere and still are not accepted in any of the countries where they are living."

I smell antisemitism here. What do the Jews have to do with this, and why are you comparing their suffering to anyone else's. What's the point of this? I know a many antisemites and I'm amazed that you would talk the same way and point out the same things that they point out.

"They are the forgotten Holocaust victims that history ignored and were never given the sympathy they deserved for their suffering, only racial abuse and hatred."

This is pathetic western antisemitism, if you were to visit the holocaust museum you would know very well that the roma are not forgotten. I've seen this argument before and it plays very nicely with your western conspiracies.

And with regard to your portrayal of Bulgarians, I find that very xenophobic and prejudice on so many levels, why would you incite so much hate toward us, think of how other people would read your piece.
May I remind you that Bulgaria was the ONLY country who saved its Jews by collective action of the people. How does that fit in with your xenophobia?!
I think your problem is that you think we have the same mindset as westerners, let me assure you that is not the case. We are not people that are capable of slaughtering the native americans or enslaving the africans or exterminating the Jews.
You think all people in the world are capable of the same ugly thing that your societies have perpetuated, these ethnic tensions and nationalism are your gift to us, you are the ones that first came up with the great idea of segregation and white supremacy.

Mihail - 28 Sep 2011 // 20:22:10

Great way to spin the murder of a young boy, you make me sick!

I hate your stupid newspaper propaganda machine! Intellectually you are no better than those you oppose. Using a national tragedy to push some stupid agenda.

Ever since Angel Petrov was kill you haven't had one story about him or his family and what they are going through, all you've focused on is the ethnic tensions.
You even had a story about how his father didn't want to spark ethnic tensions.

You care nothing about people or their personal drama. If you were so concerned about the roma, you wouldn't have every single story filled with divisive one-sided arguments and pseudo-facts.

In order for us to start getting along you need to acknowledge the arguments from the so called "right-wingers" and address them. By disregarding them and trying to make them look silly you're merely inciting them to violence and providing more evidence for their silly conspiracy theories.

The reason those morons are protesting the roma parade is because they think it will make things worse in problematic villages where there is no rule of law and where some roma gangs are terrorizing the population, because the rights of minorities are getting more attention than the rights of the majority. If you acknowledge this is doesn't mean you have to be for ethnic battles or you have something against roma people. Address the issue.

Get a brain and a heart!

Mihail - 3 Apr 2011 // 23:17:50


I never claimed it would be good for the EU if Turkey joined. Please see what I wrote on the cultural divide.
As for the discrimination, I am not an expert about the situation in Europe with the people. What I was referring to is the discrimination of the country as a whole by the EU.
There is also discrimination towards countries like Bulgaria.
I was also making a statement about the type of comments made on here, some members of this forum are clearly discriminating Turkish people negatively by selecting facts and justifying hate.

Mihail - 3 Apr 2011 // 14:08:58


You admit they are discriminated in the EU and then you say that it is their own fault, classic hate speech.

"I'll give you this: The Turks could be absolutely normal and then suddenly break into a form of uncontrollable rage which is mostly a mark of extreme insecurity and some sort of mental imbalance."

This IS a statement of prejudice, what is your evidence of this?

The rest of what you may be justified, there is a large cultural divide between the EU and Turkey, and it is not far-fetched to think that this will cause major problems. As long as there is islamic extremism I'd say it's a bad idea politically for both sides.

Mihail - 3 Apr 2011 // 13:54:42


"Ok, maybe the Turkish people should apologise for some of the past Ottoman atrocities, but how many other countries in the world must do the same for their fellow countymen ?
We go back to the same subject of discrimination & prejudice against the Turkish people"

There IS discrimination and prejudice against the Turkish people. Your main argument has been "all these other people are also guilty of the same things". I'd use a different argument, because this one will not appeal to the haters.

There is also discrimination against Bulgarians in Europe, because of the many criminals that emigrated, I have no excuse for them and I'd admit any day that they are scum. I think it would help the conversation if more people were willing to admit their own problems and not make excuses for them. It isn't anything I require but it does help when people condemn behavior inside their groups.

"It would be nice to broaden the discussion away from Turkey and Islam."

This topic is about Turkey. And ignoring Islam would be ignoring the elephant in the room. I think it is better that things are discussed.

Mihail - 3 Apr 2011 // 12:29:30


Bulerican is right, that can be a justification of _irrational_ hate towards turks. But he's wrong to think that anyone group as a whole has forgiven the German people.

And it is true that Turkey should apologize for the _multiple_ mass killings that have been committed by Turkish people in the past.
Genocide is genocide, you can't compare the killing of millions of people, you can always find some difference and then you are diminishing the suffering of those people.

Mihail - 3 Apr 2011 // 10:13:33

By the way, the title of this article is absolutely correct.

For the record, X should not be in the EU, terrible idea for the EU and for X.
Now replace X with Bulgaria,Romania,Turkey,Greece,Portugal,Spain,Italy,Ireland,Iceland,Czech Republic,etc.

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