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Mihail - 2 Oct 2011 // 08:43:31

This is great that someone would come to the aid of Roma when they are being treated unfairly and advocate the rule of law.

"The Bulgarian authorities have the obligation under international human rights law to ensure the security and the physical integrity of everyone, without any discrimination. They have to exercise due diligence to prevent, investigate, punish and provide redress for racially motivated crimes by private individuals or groups,"

Where was amnesty all these years to stop the racially motivated Roma crime against individuals and groups? Do you see the hypocrisy? All people deserve someone to care about them and protect them. Stop fueling the conflict.

Mihail - 2 Oct 2011 // 08:36:18

Can we please start referring to them as Bulgarian-Roma? How are racists going to accept them if you don't even acknowledge that they are Bulgarians?

Mihail - 2 Oct 2011 // 08:33:09


You don't solve a problem by realizing that there is a bigger problem. Do you?

Mihail - 2 Oct 2011 // 08:29:13


"Keith, it's hopeless; Even your efforts are a waste of time."

He is not doing it for Bulgarians, he's doing this stuff for his own gratification and because he dislikes us.

Mihail - 2 Oct 2011 // 08:16:23

DID SOMEBODY JUST DELETE MY COMMENT??? Well here it is resurrected! Freedom of speech!!!

Sofia Notes,

"I've done my research. Probably more than you."
How could you possibly know how much research we've done. Don't try to belittle people like that, you are not intellectually superior, do you understand? Your whole mentality is biased, there is so much you don't know and yet you have things figured out already. Don't be a fool.

"I have said earlier there is only one solution. Integration and assimilation. Painful, costly, yes. But it is the only answer. "
Have you asked the Roma if they want to be integrated and assimilated?! I bet you didn't think about that. Why are you the person to decide their future?

"I live in Sofia and have been coming here for many, many years."
Unless you live in the Roma ghetto, I don't see how you can have a better idea of things than an average Bulgarian. Please live in the ghetto for a couple of years and learn the culture, then I'll take these things seriously. Will you please go live in the ghetto? According to your theories, you shouldn't have any problems there, because you will treat them as full citizens.

There are many different Roma all across Bulgaria, many in the villages ARE integrated and assimilated and are hard-working respectful people. Have you been to any of these places? Why don't you go and find out why there are no tensions.

Mihail - 2 Oct 2011 // 08:12:50

Hi ankle,

Of course it is. This guy clearly has a Bulgarian-bashing agenda. From what I have discerned he lives here, and yet all he does it complain about our people. Well why are you here then?! Go back to your heavenly country and leave our problems to our people. Let me guess... you like it better here.

This apathy is not all bad and things are getting better every day in Bulgaria. Salaries are going up and there is more opportunities opening up than every before. It take a generation to shake off the communist culture.

He complains about some comical nationalists but he forgets what western Europe looks like. What about Norway with that moron Brejvik and the EDL? You can't go complaining about nationalists as if that's a Bulgarian thing. This guy isn't stupid, but he purposely writes these generalizations and fallacies because he loves to hate Bulgarians.

Mihail - 2 Oct 2011 // 07:54:55

I'm trying to explain to you that Bulgarians are getting treated unfairly here. There is obvious racism toward us by some people and stereotyping on this issue. And when you say "more whining", I take that to mean "it's not so bad, what are you complaining about".
The fact that you've missed on this observation leads me to believe you are not interested in justice or principle but only to advance some cause to make yourself feel righteous.
If I'm wrong I apologize.

Mihail - 1 Oct 2011 // 09:46:10

"’m sorry but you can’t separate some Bulgarians out of your society that you don’t like, they are Bulgarians and the majority put them there."

Then why does everybody (e.g. author and others) say "The Bulgarians" or "Bulgarians" did something? When this would be unacceptable if it was a minority? In any civilized country this kind of negative generalization would count as racism/intolerance towards Bulgarians.

"a lot of Bulgarians do not like Western society’ and their cultures"
This has nothing to do with colonialism or our judgment of the past, it may have to do with the current political climate and the forcing of military, moral, legal and economic supremacy by the west, for every person there is a different conception about these things, but we definitely feel threatened by things like this.

"why do most of your workers come to the West in order to get a living and support their families here?"
This is factually wrong, most of our workers do not come to the west. How can you espouse things like that?

"One paragraph in this article when Keith Gregory said-: the Jewish people will tell you that they are the most persecuted people on this planet. How can this be racist its something we hear all the time from the Jews?"

Because he goes out of his way to mention that in his opinion this is not true. There's nothing wrong with saying something like that, but the theme of the article has nothing to do with that. Only someone with an agenda would do that.

"If you read what he has written on here with his articles, it’s the real Bulgarians that he is supporting not the corrupt and so called Intelligences that are living like parasites off the majority of the people."
I'll take your word for it, but it still doesn't excuse his false generalization. There are a huge number of Bulgarians that do not speak like he has portrayed us. If you generalize negatively like that you create hate and misconceptions among outsiders who read this. We deserve better from someone who's trying to be a civil rights advocate. I've seen this one too many times by foreigners.

"Your outspoken protection of the Jews leads me to believe that you are one, but if you are not I see no reason to apologise for my inaccuracy."
I never asked you to apologize for anything, especially an inaccuracy. By the way, why would it matter if I'm Jewish or not? Does it reflect on the factual and logical content of what I say, or is it a tool for you and other to discredit me? I put to you the latter.

Mihail - 1 Oct 2011 // 09:04:16


Someone needs it if they are deciding to build it. You might not need it, but if someone want to build it why do you care?

Mihail - 1 Oct 2011 // 09:02:14

Sofia Ntes,

Ok, there was no way of knowing that you were being sarcastic. I assume you weren't because of some of your previous comments, which were a little irrational. Sorry.

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