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Hutch - 19 Oct 2012 // 20:23:43

Ooohhhh sa-sha,


Ask yourself why there are still restrictions on Bulgarians and Romanians.

Prior to 1989 when Eastern Europe wanted freedom, liberty, democracy; when the regime was that of 'control'; when everyone had work and money in their pockets and food upon their tables; when many people had more than they have now but thought the grass was greener; when the villages were full of life - no one thought the changes they wanted were to be so grave that they now have to lay down to die because they have no money for medical treatment or medicines.

Yes, I have seen many changes over my 25 years in BG but I see also they have been the result of the populous being independent without unison, without all voicing the same words. The Bulgarians have shackled themselves and only many generations of sincerity or a civil war will change things for the better.

Always there have been the 'black-marketeers' and corruption but it is worse now - and worse because it is done in the open.
Everyone wants to reap the harvest but no one wants to plough the fields! ATTITUDE!

Now, speaking from my own experience (and all my Bulgarian friends and employees will tell you the same), I personally don't have a problem with any race, creed, religion, language or colour of skin. I am also in favour of anyone living where the hell they want, providing they can support themselves without reverting to crime! Bear in mind, shit sticks.

Hutch - 19 Oct 2012 // 18:31:53

Who am I?
Different nationalities; different names; different languages -
A GHOST, Seedy.
One person or many - that is the question...

Разбирате ли?
Verstehen Sie?
?? ?????
Do you understand?

Hutch - 19 Oct 2012 // 17:49:45

Xa xa xa! Благодарим ви

Obicham te, Seedy. Xa xa xa.

Hutch - 19 Oct 2012 // 16:10:55

Oh, Seedy,

"And Seedy has lived a long time in the UK but ISN'T a Brit......wash your mouth out with carbolic soap, Hutch! ;)"

Did I proclaim to be anything other than a Brit - ENGLISH, to be precise. NO! And like so many Bulgarians living in Western Europe I would be ashamed to say I was Bulgarian even if I was! Cattle-class citizens in countries that don't want you...

However, if it makes you feel good to try out your obviously poor understanding of the English language, that is okay with me, but it certainly shows what a чекиджия you are!

I apologise to everyone else reading this.

Hutch - 18 Oct 2012 // 16:13:33

Davey, of course there are sour-grapes as sure as there are 4 legs on a cow! But let's not lose sight of the real issues here...

Tourists are a totally different entity (they are a life-line to many countries, including the UK), and must not be confused with 'residents' - of any age.

Our own history is proof enough as to Anastasia's 'raping, abuse and disrespect' - simply view our recent history of, for example, Spain (little Britain). The Brits moved in in their droves and the locals were abused by the disrespectful interlopers, land was swallowed up with new housing and prices soared to such an extent the nationals couldn't afford to buy. This is not one isolated case. Perhaps this is what she means? What she means is unimportant though; many Westerners are leaving Bulgaria and returning to their homelands! [Westerners aside, are you (or Anastasia) aware of the amount of Russians in BG?]

Yes Davey, village life is so different to that of the towns or cities; they are worlds apart. I have participated in the slaughter, butchering and BBQ-ing of village pigs and I have witnessed the callousness, dis-respectfulness and aggressiveness of city life.

I am of the understanding that Anastasia is in fact Bulgarian but had worked in the US of A. I also believe she is a teacher of English.

Finally, I found the following on The author is a Brit.

In my experience, many of the Brits living in Bulgaria are happy to have a foot in both camps - and to complain about being ripped-off here while carefully not mentioning that they are busily ripping-off both Bulgaria and the UK.

How many of them under-declared the price of their property on the Notary Act? How many pay the taxes due on their incomes? How many accept the gifts of produce or help from their village neighbours but do nothing in return - except slag them off on other forums? How many are permanent residents but "forget" to tell the UK authorities so they can run back "home" to sponge off the NHS when it suits them? How many like the "simple life" here but are happy to moan about the parts which in their eyes are "primitive" or which are against their "Human Rights"? How many bother to learn the language properly - often while complaining about immigrants to the UK?

Many of the ignorant, uneducated, uncivilised Brits who came here over the years looking to buy a life-style which was beyond both their means and aspirations in the UK have over recent times packed up and gone back, and who can honestly say that they are any loss to Bulgaria - or any gain to the UK?

Hutch - 18 Oct 2012 // 14:36:17

Anastasia has a valid point, as does everyone else here.
However, the EU allows free movement and work opportunities (subject to there being work), and that is the crux of the situation.

More than 2.3,000,000 Bulgarians have left BG and more than 53 000 of them are in the UK. It is also a fact, sadly, that many of the Bulgarian population abroad are engaged in criminal activities.

It is my opinion that the EU be disbanded and all non-nationals apply for visa's of residence for their 'adopted country'.

Incidentally, I have been a part-time resident, businessman and tax-payer in BG since 1987!

Hutch - 3 Sep 2011 // 19:07:12
Topic: Marriage

What’s the difference between a Bulgarian girl and a washing machine?
You can dump your load in a washing machine and it will not follow you around for a week.

What does a Bulgarian girl say after sex?
Do you all really play for the same team?

What makes a Bulgarian girl’s eyes light up?
A torch shone in her ear.

What’s the difference between a Bulgarian girl and an ironing board?
An ironing board’s legs’ are more difficult to part.

What’s the difference between a Bulgarian girl and a Bulgarian boy?
A Bulgarian girl has a higher sperm count.

What does a Bulgarian girl and a computer have in common?
You don’t appreciate them until they go down on you.

What’s the difference between a fridge and a Bulgarian girl?
A fridge doesn’t fart when you take the meat out.

What’s the difference between a Bulgarian girl and a walrus?
One has a moustache and smells of fish – the other lives in the sea.

What’s a Bulgarian girl’s idea of safe sex?
She keeps the handbrake on.

What’s the difference between a Bulgarian girl and the Grand Old Duke of York?
The Grand Old Duke of York only had 10.000 men.

What does a Bulgarian girl do with her arsehole after sex?
She takes him for a drink.

Hutch - 1 Sep 2011 // 07:38:14

Does Prime Minister Boyko Borisov live on this planet?

Does he think the infrastructure plays a part in the emigration of Bulgarians?
Well, perhaps it does; new roads would surely reduce the number of punctures and/or buckled wheels and broken suspension units of the vehicles leaving!

I am really curious as to how he intends to reunite Bulgarian ex-pats.
Does anyone here have any thoughts?

Hutch - 30 Aug 2011 // 21:09:41

"Bulgarians are among the most intelligent peoples in the world..." Anastasia, 14 Aug 2011 19:53:54

If anyone can, the Bulgarians can!
Oh, I notice it was the Nederlanders (Dutch) to whom the credit is due for raising the dead. That's strange, they seldom raise a smile!

Hutch - 20 Aug 2011 // 23:05:44


If my memory serves me correctly, did you not proclaim the Bulgarian's as being the most intelligent people in the world?

Is this article bullshit, then?

Incidentally, a prison cell is better than living in the US of A!

I read in the newspapers they are going to have 30 minutes of intellectual stuff on television every Monday from 7:30 to 8. to educate America. They couldn't educate America if they started at 6:30.
Groucho Marx

America is the only country that went from barbarism to decadence without civilization in between.
Oscar Wilde

It was wonderful to find America, but it would have been more wonderful to miss it.
Mark Twain

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