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Highlander - 23 Oct 2010 // 14:49:20

No, Gazprom has not decided yet and my bet is the decision will be in favor of Romania due to basic costs and the notoriously unreliable Bulgarian Governments. Has everybody forgotten Borisov's statements earlier on this year to scrap South Stream?
Nabucco will probably go ahead, but EU is not in a hurry. Natural Gas is still being produced in the North Sea and new fields are being developed in the North Atlantic. EU would never again put itself in a position to be politically and financially blackmailed by Russia/Ukraine due to energy resources- North Stream or South Stream do not change the political landscape in Europe regardless how hard Russia is trying.
Russia's economy on the other hand depend on export markets in EU for energy so it is a twin edged sword, and EU is getting momentum.

Highlander - 23 Oct 2010 // 12:54:49

Hm, the "Record Investments in Bulgaria" seem to be targeted loans and credits, mainly due to the Greek situation. And as known, credits and loans have to be paid back- with interest.

But investments, no !

Highlander - 23 Oct 2010 // 12:48:08

Yanev declared, however, that at the present moment Urmanov is hiding abroad because he and his family have been pressured and harassed recently.

I would not be surprised if his family has had a visit from the police with the usual packet of veiled threats containing "potential problems for his family","taxes not paid","car insurance not valid"," documents not in order" etc.etc.
I am surprised the police has not "confiscated" travel documents, passports and identity cards to prevent the family from going abroad. Harassment,fabricated evidence and intimidation have been part of BG police methods for decades, and it has not improved
much under the present Government. On the contrary, unethical police methods have increased.
Mr. Tsvetanov has cut his ties to reality and the democratic rules that brought him to power.
His recent statement about National Security have granted him membership in an exclusive club of political maniacs.
Accusations of money laundry are serious and I certainly hope Yanev / Urmanov can deliver evidence. If there is real substantial evidence then it might be risky to present it
to local prosecutors as they are not independent,but employees in the Interior Ministry.
The Hague Court might be a better option.

Highlander - 21 Oct 2010 // 21:19:23

This is a Bulgarian tradition – to start from zero. The new winning project is modern, glitzy, elegant, but it strikes an investments of BGN 4 M already spent for a storage place filled with paintings, which in Apostolov's design is replaced by a restaurant," Nikolov is quoted saying.

Certainly, Nikolov, it is common in Bulgaria to start with nothing but wild fantasies and big words, but that is also where it ends.
I would not count on a cent in EU funding or foreign investments due to the unprofessional project management. And I find it hard to imagine anyone on the right side of sanity is comparing this project to the real Louvre or Sydney's Opera.

Why not call in the Diaspora Minister for promoting and marketing the project ? He made himself an international celebrity with The New Jerusalem and John's(?) old bones. Just what you need to get serious attention and media coverage!

Highlander - 21 Oct 2010 // 20:53:07

The most shocking discovery made in the operation was the finding of an entire resort village on the banks of the Ivaylovgrad reservoir, which does not exist on maps but hosts properties of businessmen, customs officers, and other civil servants.

Utterly nonsense !
The village in question has public roads, is connected to municipality mains/electricity, drainage, sewage- and the properties do exist on 4 different sets of public maps/plans/.
Anyone who lives on the municipality has access to these public maps, and whoever wrote this article has not been his/hers homework. What happened to critical journalism in Bulgaria?

NRA's results have to be verified by independent and neutral sources, and I would , if I was Novite, hang up the phone and cancel the meeting the next time NRA or the Interior Ministry insist on released "good" news.
But it a strong message about the state of Bulgaria if paying taxes, VAT etc is due to grand scale police actions with helicopter. Does not contribute much to Bulgaria's battered image internationally, but confirms the opinion of a country ruled by political clowns and hooligans.

And the investors and visitors must be lined up at the border?

Highlander - 21 Oct 2010 // 20:07:59

"L'Etat, c'est moi" Louis XIV stated, and now Bulgaria has got its own public version of a megalomaniac personality.In clinical terms a narcissistic personality disorder.

Tsvetanov obviously suffers from delusional fantasies about his superiority and grandiose abilities if he thinks a personal tax-probe against him is a threat to National security. He has clearly demonstrated he believes in the divine right to rule, arrest and judge people at random- only to end up with his nose in the ditch.

But he has created more work for the Bulgarian Judiciary which is now working overtime to clean up the mess after his divine investigations and arrests.

But as most controversial personalities he also has his value as entertainment. His statement about a political conspiracy to destabilize Bulgaria is, by lack of better words,pretty insane.

Highlander - 21 Oct 2010 // 03:14:54

Well, Mr.Roth, do not count on that.
Rumen Petkov did not have a fair chance in court as he would have to prove,beyond doubt, that the rumors about his connections with organized crime were not true. Even in the land of miracles, that would be mission impossible !
And Interior Minister Tsvetanov can hardly guarantee anyone's safety these days as he is fighting his own demons. " Who am I going to arrest today and let out tomorrow ? ".
But enjoy the event and sign your books in good spirit and hope that the Interior Minister is not up to another spectacular stunt and arrest you ! For what? Well, that is hardly the question any longer in Bulgaria!

Highlander - 21 Oct 2010 // 02:47:35

a State servant can be dismissed against his or her will only if there is proof of criminal breaking of rules, otherwise the Court would reinstate the said individual in one to two months.

Bravo, the best news in a long time, and the Customs Chief is absolutely right. The PM and his handy Tsvetanov have developed some rather strange habits in the true spirit of political cavemen.
Tsvetanov is arresting people at chance and declares them guilty long before the courts have had a chance to look at the evidence (or lack of evidence).
The PM is even worse as he follows divine inspiration in his decisions and recommends or sack people without thinking(well, that is not his strongest quality anyway!). The past Russian President Jeltsin ruled Russia in the same manner with "decretes" and frequent hangover. His excuse was that he was constantly drunk and fair enough- he was.
But that is not Mr. Borisov's excuse when he exercises his duties as Tribes Leader in Bulgaria. Certainly the state administration is riddled by corruption and inefficiency, but there are some rules and procedures to follow. Tsvetanov and Borisov have introduced new rules collected from ancient times when Bulgarians ruled their land from horseback and the boss was the boss.

Anyway, there should be more civil servants to stand up and fight for their democratic rights and jobs - guilty or not. And could someone volunteer to find out who gave apartments and money to who and when in Tsvetanov's family ?
And certainly B. Jeltsin did a better job even on full boost H2O !

Highlander - 20 Oct 2010 // 22:44:36

Bravo Sega- this is excellent investigating journalism !!

Just keep on digging, there are guaranteed more skeletons in the cupboard !
But personal attacks wont lead anywhere- it is better to focus on his "lieutenants" - traffic police. border police, local police- bosses, agency directors etc .
As Interior Minister he politically responsible for the ministry and should, in a decent democracy, take his hat and resign if his employees/public servants are involved in corruption and organized crime.

The "properties by air" has already unexpectedly backfired on the Government, and I have a vague feeling that the internally organized gold robbery might become a serious setback for the minister.
So many police actions and so little gained with a lot of innocent people arrested only to be released again.
The Minister has recently said he has 900 leva monthly down-payments over 30 years on a loan to buy 2 apartments. So how is it possible to save more than 100 000 while paying half his salary in running debts ? It does not make sense at all !

Highlander - 20 Oct 2010 // 22:02:36

Don't be so negative Temujin and George- be nice, Borisov is just trying to regain Great Bulgaria's place in Europe!!

But then:
Borisov, however, invited them to go further, saying that Bulgaria has good business climate, fiscal stability, and political predictability.

The former fireman and karate champion is obviously with the fairies if we look at the facts.

Bulgaria does not have a good business climate. Less than 1% of Bulgarian companies follow EU standards, and the Grey/Black unregulated sector of Bulgarian economy is 40%++: no taxes, no contracts , no accounts etc.

Bulgaria has unquestionably the worst infrastructure in EU and the unqualified labor force is a huge problem.Add rampant corruption and extreme inefficiency in the state administration- without comparison the most corrupt in EU.

The outdated and old fashioned Judiciary cannot handle modern times business contracts, and deliberate delays are common. Joint Venture contracts with Bulgarian partners are not even worth the paper they are printed on. Count on regular breaches of contract, business condition and confidentiality.

Fiscal stability-yes, but at the cost of infrastructure, health sector, education and science etc.

Political predictability ?
Yes, certainly- but investors would have to live with bribes, corruption, inefficiency and horrendous and unpredictable local taxes. And never rely on any fair support from authorities, judiciary or Bulgarian business partners and pray to God if you pay VAT to Bulgaria. Better to regard the money lost .

On the other hand- if you are on a financial suicide mission and want a guarantee that you money are wasted and nothing gained- then Bulgaria is the right country!
Better to go to Bulgaria as a tourist and enjoy the spectacular stunts from Bulgarian officials: ref New Jerusalem, Bulgaria's Louvre, F1, Chinese investments in Lovech and Sofia and thew newest hit : Sightseeing Helicopter flights to rediscover where people live in Bulgaria !

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