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Highlander - 27 Oct 2010 // 13:31:07

The reporter's story makes sense and is credible. The Guardian of Law and Order Tsvetanov has experienced a lot of deserved setbacks after numerous "public" police actions have randomly targeted "criminals" with fabricated evidence.

With his latest conspiracy theories he has become a loose cannon who is targeting anyone who is considered a threat to "National Security" (himself)- political parties, politicians, journalists, judges- basically anyone with a critical opinion.

The Bulgarian Conservatives has got political momentum now, but it might turn into a dangerous game as the Interior Minister is getting more and more desperate to silence any opposition and secure his legacy.

The Bulgarian police force has huge internal problems with corruption, battered image and unlawful actions. Arresting and harassing people at random and without any other justification than taking orders from the "boss" does not improve that image.
It is time for professional and intelligent policemen like Kalin Georgiev to stand up and say "enough is enough".

Highlander - 27 Oct 2010 // 12:49:58

Same old story.

The Bulgarian Government has been wobbling quite a lot regarding South Stream, Nabucco, Belene and the Burgas/Greece oil pipeline and has not gained anything by "scrapping" or revitalizing these projects every second month.
Gazprom knows perfectly well that it's potential Bulgarian partner in South Stream is unpredictable and more trouble and endless renegotiations, is to expect. Bulgaria has absolutely no financial capacity for a 50/50 Joint Venture with Gazrom, and to speculate in EU part funding/financing would certainly be a dead end.

The intention to make a joint venture with Gazprom was made in panic after Gazprom's meeting with Romanian authorities. But as always Bulgaria is trying to get benefits and advantages without offering anything in return, but worthless political intentions.

My best guess is that Bulgaria now will try to find any excuse for withdrawing from the project as it's political "blackmail" for lower prices has failed - and there will be no joint venture.

Highlander - 26 Oct 2010 // 16:06:19

Dr.Faust, I certain agree with your comment- and I might have misjudged the situation. The Board of Directors/CEO is of course entitled to put confidentiality restrictions on business deals.
But the question is : Would Siemens do it in a case like this ? The investments and the project have to be presented in the "public sphere" at some stage. It is a substantial project, even for Siemens, with a final budget of 7 bill euro + and longterm committment.

If the intention to invest is real and well founded, the major shareholders would have to be informed and they are (if Siemens considers a contract with Bulgaria), but probably with confidentiality clauses for some time.But it is quite unusual, because this is in the heartland of EU's future energy policy and Siemens has dedicated itself to green, sustainable/renewable energy projects f.ex. wind farms or hydro plants.

But I still think Siemens is not even close to "the intent" of an investment yet, and light-years away from a final decision. Bulgarian authorities are repeating old sins in this case
by releasing news that are not real. We remember the previous government endless statements of unblocked EU funds - tomorrow or the day after tomorrow for sure the funds will be available.

If it is a typical Bulgarian hoax or media stunt to "blackmail" Siemens, for sure the company would think twice before investing a cent in a project where Bulgarian authorities are major stakeholders.

Highlander - 25 Oct 2010 // 21:10:21

More and more mysterious.
Not even the major shareholders in Siemens have been notified about a potential
significant investment in Belene. Which global company would leave the announcement
to an insignificant department like Siemens Bulgaria ?

Have we got a rollover from "New Jerusalem" or F1 ?

Highlander - 25 Oct 2010 // 17:15:28

"We will announce the situation next week or the week after that,"

That means there is no signed/negotiated agreement, so there is no investor to announce.
It is an substantial investment so I am surprised there is absolutely nothing about the "deal" in German newspapers or from EU.

Well, the potential investor will have to be on site and inspect the facilities, then ,if satisfactory,make a conditional agreement. It might take months or years before the project is ready to go ahead,and whoever is willing to risk billions of euros will certainly look into what caused RWE to pull out of the deal.

If it is Siemens then we just have to wait for the announcement from the company next week, or the week after, or...?

Highlander - 24 Oct 2010 // 21:23:19

The Ambassador's questions are timely and justified, but he is new in Bulgaria and is not used to Bulgarian reality.
The Bulgarian Government does not intend to invest a cent in Belene, but hopes that naive/strategic investors combined with Russian ambitions will secure the financial issue.
Chair Tsecheva's statements are with the fairies and out of order. No Germen investor group has come forward and declared closing of agreement. There is not even a letter of intent, so the honorable Chair is again cooking "good news" out of nothing. Well, she is in line with Mr. Borisov to give Bulgarians want they want, even if it is fairy tales and hope for miracles.
Belene Nuclear Plant is not feasible at all - ref. EU's preconditions for Bulgaria's EU membership by decommission of Russian built nuclear power plants.
And yes, Bulgaria should focus on EU energy projects such as Nabucco, but will try to ride two horses at the same time and ignore agreed energy cooperation with EU. It remains to see EU's reactions, but hopefully EU will find a way to exclude Bulgaria from Nabucco.

Highlander - 24 Oct 2010 // 20:16:52

The protesters demanded a new format of the Council for Social Partnership in the Interior Ministry, because at present the Minister is both the chair of the council, and a party in the talks.

They slammed the minister for failing to live up to the promises he made to them in mid September.

Well, Tsvetanov is now on collision course with the Judiciary and most political parties, so it is not unexpected he turns against his own employees.
He is a politician and of course the claims are political - what else could they be ?

But he has a remarkable attitude to any justified demands, probes,critics or failed court cases and now legitimate claims from civil servants. It is conspiracy between organized crime, political opposition and the corrupt judiciary to threaten and destabilize Bulgaria.
And he is the appointed Guardian who rules by inspiration and conviction. not by law or democratic rules.

And as divine Guardian he is certainly not accountable for any promises or earthly problems such as undeclared income or arrest of innocent people.

For most sane people he is a total and dangerous disaster, but Bulgarians see him as a voivoda - a savior who has come to clean the country from mafia and corruption. It is utterly absurd, but Bulgaria has got the politicians it deserves. We are only one step away from bringing in village Miracle healers to rule the country.

Highlander - 24 Oct 2010 // 12:27:10

Certainly Great Wall is welcome to try, but previous efforts to sell Chinese made cars in Europe have not been successful.
The Chinese cars are considered to be of low quality, have insufficient safety standards and uncompetitive prices. It will certainly take a while and heavy investments to build up a solid reputation as in the case of South Korean car brands.
There is always a dream in Bulgaria to make money easy, fast and with no efforts and this dream is no different. The "genius" business idea to produce something everybody wants is not new, and "cheap Chinese cars" is an old classic.

But why haven't we seen any pictures from the factory/assembly facility in Lovech ?
The local community must be excited with so many new jobs and economic activity ?
There is no marketing campaigns anywhere ,why?
From zero in 2008 to 50 000 cars in 2011 is a remarkable technical achievement, but has anyone ever seen a picture from the factory or an interview with any employee ?

Highlander - 24 Oct 2010 // 02:24:07

esselin Penghezov, chairman of the Sofia Court of Appeal, replied with an angry declaration urging Mr Tsvetanov to prove his bribery allegations or to resign.

And that is exactly what the Interior Minister should consider. He has turned from a controversial hard-line policeman to a pathetic, megalomaniac politician who has lost all contact with reality.

His orchestrated police-actions have backfired on him one by one- "the criminals" have
been released,the cases thrown out because of lack of evidence etc. And the pride of Bulgaria, his loyal police-force, is now frequently connected to serious crimes, drug
dealing/smuggling, car thefts, tax fraud, bank robberies, murder,corruption and violence.

But it does not bother Mr. Tsvetanov as he sees a conspiracy between opponent politicians, the Judiciary and Organized Crime in Bulgaria to threaten Bulgaria's security. So if there is a conspiracy- how can it be that Interior Ministry employees are more involved in serious criminal activity than any other group of civil servants ? Well, they have competition from Customs officers and agents.

But we will never get any true answers - the police is not able to provide evidence for anything, and the Judiciary is corrupt and involved with "Mafia". We have to rely on Tsvetanov and Borisov - the first one is a clairvoyant who picks criminals and crimes from
mysterious revelations and strong belief, the other one is more predictable primitive with divine inspirations- he wants to sack everybody , burn properties and close the Parliament.
Theater of the Absurd has become House of Madness.

Highlander - 24 Oct 2010 // 01:29:54

Well, check the website !
The company is selling "fake look a like" brands, but does not claim to sell genuine items !
8 out of 10 fashion shops in Sofia are doing the same and who can blame the customers?
Fakes sell quite well, and they are not illegal "contra- band".
But let the Interior Minister go ahead with another episode in his Theater of the Absurd- a useless police action that will only end up with no one convicted and the contraband hopefully returned the owners.
It is better that the "police" focuses on hundreds of kilo of gold, several stolen/confiscated luxury cars, unknown quantity drugs/heroin that have "disappeared from police/customs custody while alarm and surveillance cameras have been conveniently switched off .

Well, I guess I have to be careful as Mr. Tsvetanov now has announced himself the divine ruler of Bulgaria. Any critical comments are now threats to Bulgaria's Security and we have become enemies of the state. His left-hand supporter and fan, the ex. fireman, mayor and dictator bodyguard Mr. Borisov has publicly declared he will rule Bulgaria without law and order and respect for civil/human rights - because that is what
the Bulgarian people wants.

And we say: Welcome back to the New Stone Age !

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