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Highlander - 7 Nov 2010 // 15:15:38

Hopefully this is the beginning of the end for the GERB Cabinet. Boyko's Cabinet surfed into power on a wave of traditional Bulgarian superstitions about the "strong man" leader to save the nation.
But the GERB polical miracle healers have not delivered what they promised. The heroic fight against corruption and organized crime has failed in all aspects- the general crime rate has increased and corruption has reached a scale never seen before in Bulgaria(and that says a lot!). The spectacular high profile police actions against mafia and corruption have all backfired on the Government due to extremely unprofessional police work and investigations.
The cases have been presented for the courts so unprepared that we have the right to ask questions.We suspect the police and prosecution to know in advance that there was no evidence whatsoever to stand up in court. Bulgaria needed some showcases before a critical EU and the voters, and fabricated showcases is what has been delivered- nothing else.
It is hard to find any progress or achievements in the Government's work, and the Parliament is also responsible as it has become a Circus Arena for gossip and pure nonsense. The previous Government was voted out and left power with no political dignity left, but it was a choice from bad to real disaster.

It should be a wakeup call for anyone in Bulgaria-not only the Government, but corruption, fraud and political disaster has become a way of life in the country and we expect more Theater of the Absurd in the near future.

Highlander - 7 Nov 2010 // 14:36:12

"We, the scientists at the BAS, are not doing anything other than just competing with the scientists around the world, and our invention is a competitive product of which all of Bulgaria can be proud. No other robot of this kind has ever been created, it is not accidental that this project has been funded by the EU," says Kostadin Kostadinov, a 2nd degree senior research fellow at the Institute of Mechanics.

Bravo ! At last some really good news.
Certainly it is not accidental that the project has been funded be EU, and closely monitored by the same. Mr.Kostadinov should be proud of the Bulgarian scientists' achievement in a fair, just and right competition-and shame on the Bulgarian Government which has not supported the project politically or financially. EU funding can really make a difference if the funds are used for what the are meant for. In Bulgaria EU taxpayers money too often end up in the pockets of corrupt politicians and officials.
It is an important signal to investors and businesses - progress can be made in Bulgaria by honest professionals. If only the present politicians and officials could keep their hands off!

Highlander - 6 Nov 2010 // 22:30:03

"I never gave an interview to ITAR-TASS. I was cited based on God knows what sources about something that I never said that I support the Belene NPP with all my heart. In this case, however, I will say that I support the Belene NPP with my pragmatism because on our side we have Turkey watching to see what Bulgaria will do about Belene so that it can figure out what to do with its planned four nuclear reactors," Borisov told the Cabinet.

I dare say, Mr. Borisov is a political genius. His world view is from a horse's back, but this last remark is going to be a classic.
Bulgaria wants a 50% stake in Belene, but Borisov and the finance minister have made it clear that Bulgaria will not invest a penny. Foreign strategic investors will have to finance Bulgaria's stake, and Russia will deliver the technology and finance the construction + cover the debts already accumulated.

How can such a brilliant scheme possibly fail ?

Borisov's pragmatism regarding Turkey is not of this world and cannot possibly be commented here ,but by NASA. I thank God for not being present at the Cabinet meeting ! How on Earth is it possible for a Prime Minister to make such ridiculous statements.
He really needs some good spin-doctors and PR consultants!

Highlander - 6 Nov 2010 // 22:09:43

Hm, I am afraid Dino is right. EU funded Bulgarian infrastructure since 1997 in several pre - accession programs and the funds were heavily "drained". And Borisov can try as much as he likes- it is going to be way more difficult this time.

I am still waiting for the Government to announce the "German strategic" investor for Belene, to reveal the Chinese bidder for the Steel Mill scrap yard, the investors for Louvre in Sofia, New Jerusalem, F1, The Chinese investor group for huge industrial plant outside Sofia.

In short : Put together 104 Government announcements of foreign investments last year,and you will see that none of them, zip, zero, nada - has materialized. No contracts, no letters of intent and some of the companies mentioned had never heard about projects
in Bulgaria before reading the news!

So relax, guys, EU wont spend any money on this motorway, but of course Bulgaria is free to use its own taxpayers money for the project.

Highlander - 5 Nov 2010 // 21:43:11

True, nobody in Bulgaria outside the judicial system has seen any proofs of Galevi’s crimes. But in Bulgaria there have never been sufficient proofs to bring to justice two privileged groups – the mafia bosses and the secret services agents.

Yet it is a public secret that the Galevi brothers are mafia bosses who hold the citizens of Dupnitsa on a leash. It is not that people like them, it is just that their jobs and prosperity depend on the two burly former policemen, whose background and businesses are as shady as they can be.

Exactly,nobody has seen any sufficient proofs of the crimes. How can the Judiciary,in any country, bring some some one to justice and trial where are no proofs ?
We can speculate and gossip from A to Z about Mafia bosses and secret service agents when we spend hours in the coffee bar to air strong words and convictions(as most Bulgarians do).
There are no public secrets and "hold on leash" - only cowards who make wild accusations and slander, but fail to deliver when some one asks them to prove their accusations.Even worse - stand up in court as witness!
Haven't we all heard it in Bulgaria " I know what happened but cannot provide evidence
as bad things will happen to me, my job and my family"- not once, but all the time.

The Judiciary has done its job- not enough evidence have been delivered to back up
suspicions and allegations, and the brothers had to be released. It has happened in most
high profile cases recently and questions have to be asked.
But the Judiciary has not failed. The police and prosecutors did not deliver in case after case and we can wonder why. Too many of the "crooks" are policemen,ex-policemen or public servants/agency employees, and certainly the state is not interested revealing rampant corruption and serious crimes within it's ranks and the public sector.

That is where I would point my finger.

Highlander - 5 Nov 2010 // 20:12:53

A total of EUR 20.2 M are charged to Bulgaria for poor LPIS-GIS and deficiencies in on-the spot controls in respect of claim year 2006 for area-aids expenditure, including area-based rural development measures.

Holy Moses ! Is this how a Bulgarian newspaper is ordered to rewrite history ? Poor LPIS-GIS
and deficiencies ?

This is only a small part of several hundred millions EUR drained/stolen by Bulgarians citizens and officials during the initial EU funding of Bulgarian agriculture. 20.2 millions EUR
is for 2006 only - it will be many times more when the investigations are over. And this is for farming alone !
The worst fraud went on regarding infrastructure projects, especially road building, which were funded by EU since 1997.

Highlander - 5 Nov 2010 // 18:04:00

He, he - what did I say !
There was never any "Chinese" bidder, and the auction had to fail. Who is foolish enough to spend hundreds of millions on worthless Bulgarian scrap metal ? Thank God - nobody!
10% nonrefundable deposit up front for the right to bid on scrap ?
Are the owners absolutely insane and flying with the fairies ?

The next auction will fail as well. No one with some kind of some common sense will buy debts for more than 1 b where there are no assets. Tear it down and try to sell the machinery separately - the rest as scrap metal.That will work.

Then use the area to develop a modern research/science/technology center(small units) in cooperation with universities and business communities. I guarantee investors will be very interested, as there are no modern technology centers in Bulgaria. This works in other EU countries, and it should in Bulgaria. But with a Government that spends so much time chasing ghosts, telling fairy tales, making groundless accusations and doing nothing.
Well, I guess that is bound to fail as well !

Highlander - 5 Nov 2010 // 12:42:52

He added that what matters is whether the cabinet would succumb to this scenario and become dependent of it, like the governments in the last 20 years.

"Court's decisions should always be guided by the interest of the society and the state, when of course it overlaps with the law. There are some cases, which do not require amendments to the legislation," Tsvetanov said.

No, Mr.Tsvetanov, the rulings of the Judiciary should never be guided by the political interests of the state, whether it overlaps with the law or not. The courts and the judiciary in any civilized democracy are free, not dependent of the state, and they make decisions based on the existing laws regardless of the political will of the government. The Parliament is supposed to be the legislative power,not the Government.

And of course the government should pay attention to critic coming from all parts of society. If the government looses support from the voters and citizens - it then has no legitimacy any longer.
To ignore or reject serious and justified critic is not leading anywhere,except political suicide. The Interior Ministry has launched a series of spectacular public police actions where hundreds of people have been arrested with no other evidence than Mr. Tsvetanov' s accusations of guilt.
The Bulgarian Judiciary has corrupt "employees", but the courts and the judges are doing their job and they cannot make ordered decisions and keep innocent people in jail because the Interior Ministry wants it.

It does not take rocket science to figure out that the Minister's scenario is wrong. The few high-profile court cases with solid evidence and just sentences, have all involved public servants/officials. And an alarming high number of public servants /policemen are
involved in serious crimes and corruption.
The Interior Ministry has the worst record of all ministries regarding corruption and crimes.
And Bulgarians are supposed to support and acknowledge actions from public servants with a worse criminal record and reputation than "the criminals" they arrest? And never manage to convict ?

Highlander - 4 Nov 2010 // 19:47:12

A pair of alleged mafia bosses from the town of Dupnitsa in the Southwestern parts of the country have been acquitted of charges for leading an organized crime group.

Plamen Galev and Angel Hristov, known as the Galevi brothers, have been charged with extortion, racketeering and leading an organized crime group, which also included Anguel Hristov, Apostol Cholakov and Vladimir Anguelov.

The two alleged mafia bosses are believed to hold the citizens of Dupnitsa on a leash, as their jobs and prosperity depend on the two burly former policemen with shady background and businesses.

Well, the two brothers do not add to the image of innocent choir boys, and being ex policemen (whatever the difference is) does not bring much relief either!

However strange it might sound- this is a victory for the Bulgarian Judiciary that has made a courageous decision under extreme pressure and threats from the Interior Ministry. The two brother are innocent until proven guilty in court and speculative allegations are not enough to convict anyone despite the divine investigations by Mr. Tsvetanov. Another case that has backfired on the interior Minister, and we expect in short to see all charges rejected in the Octopus, Killers etc cases.

The question is: Bulgaria has huge problems with organized crime and corruption, but have we been intentionally led to look in the wrong direction ?

Meanwhile the accusations are piling up against politicians and officials for illegal property transfers, tax fraud, false declaration of income, corruption, involvement in contraband/drugs smuggling, thefts etc.

Before answering the question we need to use some common sense and figure out who has the obvious opportunity to commit the risk-free crime in Bulgaria . The short-neck bandit looking characters like the Galevi brothers ? Or the sleek politician or public servant who is protected by constitutional immunity and a rotten police force/prosecution?

Highlander - 4 Nov 2010 // 19:07:59

The Bulgarian government has received a high recognition for its efforts in fighting corruption, reforming the judicial system and establishing a program to decrease the number of children in orphanages, according to Bulgarian Foreign Ministry press release.

Minister Mladenov was asked questions by the member states' representatives, including on problematic topics such as the Roma minority integration, human trafficking and domestic violence.

For sure Minister Mladenov was asked questions on the Roma minority, human trafficking, police violence/excessive use of fire arms etc.
The previous reports on Bulgaria, the last in April, have been highly critical to Bulgaria for handling these topics. But in 5 months we have seen revolutionary progress ?
UN's High Commissioner for Human Rights does not deal with political issues like corruption and reforms in the Judicial system unless directly related to human rights. None of the present representatives can remember any "high recognition of the Bulgarian Governments efforts to fight corruption".

What on Earth has that nonsense to do with universal human rights?

Has the honorable Minister Mladenov started to hear inner voices ?

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