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Highlander - 19 Nov 2010 // 13:04:14

Tsvetanov's and Tanov's Friday allegations come as part of an ongoing practice of ruling GERB party politicians, an in particular the Minister of Interior, of throwing about allegations against political rivals in interviews and other public outings, without later substantiating them in a due legal manner.

Tsvetanov should resign with dignity while he still has some support from the population. Hopefully he has realized he is making a fool of himself by openly admitting that he accuses (and also arrests) people without any evidence.

All his grand scale police actions have backfired , the Judiciary is not taking orders from him, and even his supportive prosecutors understand the party is over.
Another incompetent political clown in Bulgaria is about to leave the scene, hopefully not in long.

Highlander - 18 Nov 2010 // 11:31:52

In the Brotherhood of Corruption- Who is the worst ?

This "police action" only reveals old established practise in the Interior Ministry. Any information-false or true- handed to any policeman/official in Bulgaria about criminal activity,foreign citizens, normal business,economic problems etc will be used to intimidate or blackmail the victims.
Cheating and conflicts between those involved in corruption in Bulgaria, is quite common and that is probably the case here. "Selling" or auction confidental information between state agencies , ministries and employees is also old established tradition in Bulgaria and no one should be surprised-and sometimes the deals go wrong.
Another option is a staged police action to show EU and the International Community that the GERB Cabinet is serious about fighting organized crime and corruption.
Either way, no substantial evidence will be handed over to any prosecutor and the involved "criminals" "(who are not "former" officers or agents, but employees in the Interior Ministry) and the Judiciary will have no other option than to let them go
and all charges dropped.
The ministry has become a "serial" executor of fake, public police action and this one will end up in the same way as all the others. Big words and drama, but no results.
It is time for Tsvetanov to find a new strategy. Old scams will sooner or later be outdated.

Highlander - 17 Nov 2010 // 21:55:16

Now we have all the political will and the operational freedom for the employees of the Interior Ministry to prove their professionalism. We could not have done it without the support of the parliamentary group, the Council of Ministers and the Prime Minister,"

Certainly the employees have "operational freedom"- as always. But "prove their professionalism" sounds a bit strange as the Bulgarian Police force is increasingly involved in corruption and organized crime.
The Guardian of Justice in Bulgaria, Tsvetanov, has for more than a year staged one spectacular police operation after another , and hundreds of "criminals" have been arrested.
At the end of the day ,one single person remain in "house arrest".

Not much proof of professionalism !

Then NRA's tax and property inspections by helicopter. Not one person has been charged with tax-fraud, breach of building regulations or false declaration of income.
The latest stunt- conspiracy to murder is going down the same drain. No evidence presented, just the typical irresponsible Bulgarian slander and smearing which is leading nowhere.
What makes an American Ambassador give moral support to an incompetent Bulgarian Interior Minister is a diplomatic mystery or exercise.

Highlander - 16 Nov 2010 // 15:03:47

Bulgaria's government has said it will pay Russia for the production of the first unit at Belene nuclear power plant only after it finds a strategic investor.


What happened to the German "investor" as announced by the Parliament Speaker and the PM ?
Belene NNP will never be realized , like the Burgas Oil Pipe project , then the South Stream project will be under obvious scrutiny by EU regulations. Bulgaria's "genius" business concept(read scam) has not worked well so far, but the GB Government keeps on presenting pure lies and fairy tales to media.

But Bulgarian Media are to be blamed as well, presenting " news" that are obviously false, pure nonsense or impossible to verify.

Highlander - 16 Nov 2010 // 14:23:01

Intimidation ?

I would call it a smoke screen !
The Customs Agency is allegedly involved, and Tsvetanov is on to the same old scenario. 6 people have been arrested in yet another "announced" police action, but no evidence provided by the prosecutors or the police.
So this what is going to happen : All 6 will be charged, but then released after 2-3 days due to lack of substantial evidence. And again Tsvetanov will accuse the Judiciary of conspiracy and corruption.

Anyone surprised the Police did not find any items from the theft ?

Highlander - 16 Nov 2010 // 12:58:55

I guess we just have to lean back and wait for the next episode. No sensible comments will work in this case. Maybe it is better to wait for the Missile Shield ? The Interior Minister has left Mother Earth and is beeping conspiracy messages and plots from orbit.

Highlander - 16 Nov 2010 // 12:34:46

No, media should not apologize to the Interior Minister!
Certainly Mr. Tsvetanov has exposed himself in public, but to criminals ? One dramatic police action after another has produces a lot of public arrests and spectacular accusations, but the end results are meager.
The "criminals" are walking free in most cases as the police has not been able to produce evidence for crimes committed. So who is to blame ?
Most people would say investigation methods and policing standards in Bulgaria are to blame- and the Interior Minister and his Chief Secretary are responsible and the ones to be made accountable for the failures.
More interesting is the definition of "criminal" in Bulgaria. Regardless of the miserable results- an alarming number of the alleged criminals are public servants, police-men, ex policemen, prosecutors and customs officers- all of them Interior Ministry employees !

It might be a good idea for the Interior Minister and his "Police Boss" to clean up a rotten and corrupt Ministry, before sulking to media and asking for "apologies".

Highlander - 8 Nov 2010 // 22:46:36

HiHa - The Cowboys are back again !

All of a sudden we see heaps of evidence, tapes,reports piling up before sensation seeking
Bulgarian media , presented by investigators who in the past have not been able to see an Elephant at one meter distance.
156 murders/street killings/executions between 1997 and 2010 have resulted in no arrests despite eye witnesses and technical evidence in some cases. Years have passed and Bulgarian police have literally been banging their head in the wall ( do not worry, it does not hurt them!).

But now the police is totally different with a new boss who can "see" the crimes long time before they happen and even read the minds of the criminals. The judges do not seem to agree with his clairvoyant investigation technique, and the end result is the same as before- no one is convicted and jailed.

But I dare say Tsvetanov has brought a new perspective in police methods !

Highlander - 8 Nov 2010 // 22:15:02

The world is full of Laurel and Hardys like. There's always the dumb, dumb guy, who never has anything bad happen to him, and the smart guy who's even dumber than the dumb guy, only he doesn't know it.

And now Bulgaria has got its own Laurel and Hardy, the most successful ream of political comedians ever in Bulgaria. The two ex top(less) policemen, Tsvetanov and Borisov, started with serious ambitions and brave words, but have successfully performed and developed their act to something absurd and hilarious -"From Soup to Nuts" so to say !

A conspiracy and serious assassination plot has been revealed, by a "strategic" leak to media and the key figures and plot-makers are known by Tsvetanov. Even 400 000 eur has been mentioned !
This time Tsvetanov is certain as he has listened in to the plot-makers' phone calls and secret meetings. The local Einsteins in the Interior Ministry + secret service have obviously joined forces and made an exemplary investigation (as in previous cases), so this time the Minister will catch the plotmakers and enemies of Bulgaria.

So we expect full police action with media and camera crew, and the plot-makers brought to justice. We can just imagine how the Judiciary is going to react "Oh no, not again". A few days later the plot-makers will be released and join the competition- Absurd Theater a la Parvanov / Petrov.

And we are back to start in this political Monopoly, waiting for the government to cook more insane conspiracies and plots. Says a lot about the quality of top-cops in Bulgaria.
Any Bulgarian who seriously believes in this home cooked nonsense is dumber than the dumb guy!

Eh, I am still waiting for the German strategic investor in Belene to be announced!

Highlander - 7 Nov 2010 // 22:48:42

Recent image ratings by various agency show ever rising public approval for the work of Rosen Plevneliev as a minister, which has seen him rise among the ministers with top rates of support from citizens.

Agree, Plevneliev is doing a good job and he has so far not been involved in any "scandals".
But sadly he is only one of very few in Boyko's Cabinet, and the PM, his deputy PM and especially the so-called Diaspora Minister are doing their best to turn the Cabinet to a stage for stand-up comedians and political clowns.

It would not be wise of him to announce any political ambitions in the near future as long as he is a member of the Government. But it is obvious that several ministers now are beginning to distance themselves to Boyko's leader-style and silly announcements. The GERB government wont be long-lived, and its political legacy will not fill up volume in any history books.
But it will serve as an illustration to what happens to a country when the citizens vote in
incompetent mavericks and jokers to form a government.

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