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Highlander - 12 Sep 2010 // 16:53:11

"As a result, European consumers are still unable to take advantage of the benefits of the free market such as low prices and choosing a provider, the Ministry says"

Bulgarian officiasl seem to have developed an unbeatable record of making absurd statements.
I am a "European" consumer and I have had the possibility to chose energy provider -
for the last 20 years. The situation is the same in most EU member-states- not perfect, but the option is there.

The Ministery should read the thousands of official pages on EU energy policy and regulations
before public statements are made.
With other absurdities (F1 Circus) fresh in mind, I guess we have to be patient and accept more nonsense before the tide of enlightenment turns for Bulgaria!

Highlander - 7 Sep 2010 // 18:20:29

He,he - here we go again with Circus Bulgaria on the move, home and away !

But bravo to the Bulgarian Minister of Absurdity - this time he has achieved remarkable results
and revealed a serious plot that threatened the "delicate" political ties between Abu Dhabi and Bulgaria.
We now expect high level recognition from the company and the authorities in Abu Dhabi.
The Emirates have now found a reliable and serious partner in the Balkans - Bulgaria (highly recommended by EU for its heroic and relentless fight against corruption and organized crime)
and millions of euros will roll in to realize and finance infrastructure projects and a F1 racetrack.
This must be Bulgaria's finest hour and the event that changed history!

What will happen in USA ? Is FBI going to follow up Bulgarian style modus operandi ? Dramatic police action with own camera crew, black uniforms and balaclavas or the more silent version with plain clothes, no warrant and wrong address ?
I suggest the two Mastermind Criminals are considered a threat to homeland security in USA and
FBI will follow the request from Bulgaria ? So what is their committed crime ? They have obviously
sent a few silly emails from their own email accounts, signed with their own names and done nothing to hide it. Racketeering, attempted blackmail, threats...?? Under full name ? Criminal masterminds ?
Well, it remains to see if there is some common sense in FBI and I suspect the case will not have
top priority.
The Interior Minister and his storm troops have won a significant victory in the war against organized crime and dangerous criminals. This might be the turning point for the Interior
Minister - much better than trying to explain why his loyal police beat up innocent people at the wrong address and none of the so called dangerous criminals are found guilty in court.

Be sure, this will be notified in Bruxelles and world wide!

Highlander - 6 Sep 2010 // 18:17:00

Oh, I would not say murkier and murkier. It is more "business as usual" in Bulgaria !

The Bulgarian Sherlock Holmes, the Interior Minister, has as usual done a comprehensive
investigation and we do expect a special police operation in short to catch the "bad" guys !
They probably did it for fun, he has declared. Yes, of course, attempted blackmail and threats
are considered entertainment in Bulgaria and for sure we cannot expect any evidence that will
survive a day in court anywhere on this planet.
It does not make the picture better to introduce another political disaster, Rumen Petkov, The Honorable Knight of (Under The Table)Politics and Rakia production. Well, whatever comes first,the result is the same.
It is really hard to see what he can contribute to F1 racing, and we can only hope and beg
he has no ambition to drive! His earned merits are so to say not of that kind!
We have 4 main players on the arena so far - the PM, whenever he is free from lecturing MPs
about chewing gums, coffee and smoking.The Interior Minister who has identified the crooks,
who they are and their motives. So why bother to investigate ? Just arrest them and let them
out the day after!
Then the mystery man, the Minister of Finances, who always seems to end up on the wrong side of the fence and is up with the fairies about foreign investors intentions.The Nut in the Pie, Rumen Petko, does not add much to the credibility of Bulgarian authorities.
I suggest the Abu Dabi based company has better options than to waste money on
Circus Bulgaria.
However, there is something very familiar with the whole scandal. Too many foreigners or investors in Bulgaria have met the Highway Police who demand brides/hard cash to make your problems go away, the local mayor who needs cash to talk to some "important" people and the high ranked official or politician who personally will sort out any problems with purchase of land, building permissions,documents in return for hard cash etc

We had our moments with another politician who has established The New Jerusalem on , supposedly,the old bones of John the Baptist. Now we have moved on to F1,
until the next artists enter the arena.

So lean back and enjoy and enjoy the ride - it is business(circus) as usual in Bulgaria!

Highlander - 3 Aug 2010 // 01:41:34

I really appreciate the Ambassador's initiative and this is state of the art diplomatic announcement! It is a serious offer from one of the richest countries in the world- rich enough to turn down EU membership twice in Referendum and achieve a status as a financial superpower. It is substantial funding of green energy projects, and the conditions set say a lot about what Norway expect from Bulgaria.
First- in line with EU's policy for energy production. BG's plans for more nuclear power plants is
probably not what Norway has in mind as "green energy"! The next condition has a sharp edge and a nice diplomatic twist. Norway offers more direct and efficient funding with less bureaucracy than EU, but to be monitored directly from the Embassy! Brilliant !
For sure the honorable Ambassador has some experience with Bulgarians and be certain she has read all EU 's monitoring reports from A to Z and is extremely well informed about the situation in Bulgaria.
The Norwegian Embassy in Sofia is therefor not the place where Bulgarian Ministers or State Agency officials can find "funding" for the next black car/limos, chalga bimbos and bodyguards - Well, they can try but they have already been warned in a very diplomatic and subtle way.

A nice and serious initiative from a country known for it's international commitment and humanitarian aid. Most investors and contributors are now leaving Bulgaria as fast as they can, so this initiative is quite unexpected and most welcome.
If Bulgaria can accept to be supervised and monitored, and achieve trust and confidence the normal way over time- then I am sure Norway will extend its engagement in Bulgaria and support/fund projects that are beneficiary for ordinary Bulgarians.

A remarkable initiative in a time when Bulgaria's international reputation has hit bottom and very little achieved the country's half hearted fight against horrendous corruption and fraud.

Highlander - 2 Aug 2010 // 11:28:39

Hombach further expressed worries about the economic and political development of Serbia, as well as its EU accession, styling the WAZ conflict there as a “test case.” He vowed to inform relevant EU commissioners of what WAZ experienced in Serbia.

His experiences are well known for most "foreign"companies operating in Bulgaria, Serbia and Romania
Hard lessons for WAZ, but to pull out is the only possible solution. Hopefully EU will introduce investment restrictions/regulations for the Balkans or especially Bulgaria where the problems are most severe.
We should be grateful to WAZ and Hombach to make the experiences public and warn other businesses
before investing in Bulgaria, Serbia or Romania.

Highlander - 2 Aug 2010 // 01:28:24

Good, the tender from Aktor is reasonable and based on EU standards/costs and accounting, and there is therefore no reason why Aktor should hire 90% of its workforce in Bulgaria. I suggest the company has a long reference list and well trained and experienced workers.
The Trakia Highway is going to be financed mainly by EU funds, managed in Bulgaria. It might be genuine, but EU should insist on full transparency in the daily management of the project. The labor cost estimate is based on average EU rates for road construction. A skilled road worker in EU will have 1500 euros + pr month, while the similar wage in BG is 350 euros.
Well, unless the wages are paid directly to individual bank accounts in the employees name, the project management might be tempted to put the 1150 euro pr. month difference in their pockets.

This has happened too often before and still goes on, and the recent political smokescreens of good intentions from the BG Government do not blast off the old culture of cheating, fraud and corruption in Bulgaria. New politicians and faces, but the same scams!

Highlander - 2 Aug 2010 // 00:56:08

There is no reason why anyone should pay double price for a product that only holds EC standard,or less. Mister Naydenov is trying to promote an overpriced product that gives the state near monopoly.
The so called Bulgarian State Standard has no meaning for most meat producers/importers, as Bulgaria has to comply by EU standards and regulations for food.
Does the "State Standard" guarantee more strict quality control, better than EC standard? Not at all, as the Bulgarian State Standard is considered inferior to EC regulations. So what is the brave Agriculture Minister up to ?
Rumors say he and his family have private commercial and financial interests in Bulgarian meat production.As Minister of Agriculture he is in charge of quality certificates (like Stara Planina)and the management of agencies/laboratories that issue such certificates.
And he has already said it- there is a lack of laboratories to issue the quality stamp. Anyone who wants to produce/sell meat products with "state standard" would have to wait (for a long time)for official approval. You don't need to be a Nobel Prize candidate to see the agenda here !
No need to speculate, but expect EU and OLAF to be on alert for a new wave of fraud in Bulgarian Agriculture

Highlander - 1 Aug 2010 // 00:46:21

This is not an unique incident, but a clear demonstration of the Bulgarian definition and practice of human/civil rights.
I will try to illustrate.
It is quite common, that so called VIP guests enter a restaurant and talk to the manager to demand , on the spot, that the other quests would have to leave to give room for the VIP and his/her/their friends. Most managers would agree to avoid problems.
But if you don't comply or consider the reason unjustified- the police will arrive, threaten you for not obeying police orders and arrest.Bulgarians are used to daily abuse from the police and will normally leave. A foreigner who dares to protest will have his passport confiscated to "check" identity.
You can leave, but the police will keep the passport for further "checking". They will inform you that your passport will be sent must be passed on to other authorities for investigation, and then to the main Immigration office in Sofia. After 3-4 weeks you are lucky if you get it back from your Embassy and meanwhile you cannot leave Bulgaria. The same police will stop you every day and ask for your passport(and they know perfectly well they have taken it).
It is deliberate,planned and systematic harassment well known to most Embassies. If you cannot produce the passport you are threatened with arrest and 24 hours in prison. But 20 euros on the spot "fine" or compensation will solve the problem until next and you are stopped by the police and fined again.

Make complaints to the Police? Just forget it !
A lawyer might contact a prosecutor to investigate your case, but complaints over police violations have very very low priority. Just accept weeks of daily intimidations from the police . The Lawyer and the Prosecutor will often offer to fast track the work to get back your passport, but it is costly and complicated and people has to be paid. 2-5000 euro will normally solve "the problems".

Physical violence in custody is frequent, but it sadly concerns Bulgarians who cannot pay the normal bribes - prostitutes, traders/shopkeepers/restaurant owners and criminals are often targeted with violence if they do not pay protection or refuses to serve the policemen free meals and alcohol. Complaints are ending nowhere.

The Speaker is of course wrong about police violence and underestimates the gravity of the daily systematic harassment and abuse of citizen who is not willing to obey a corrupt police and officials.

Corruption, violations of civil/human rights, brutality, involvement in organized crime etc cannot be denied and is well documented. The incident involving 2 -3 Romanians is not unfamiliar for most Bulgarians and I hope they have the courage to take it all the way to EU and European Court for Human Rights.

The BG Police has a deserved reputation one of the most corrupt police forces in the world,and we can only applaud the 2-3 Romanian citizens who are willing to bring the case to open daylight.

Highlander - 31 Jul 2010 // 20:03:04

Bravo, Romania!
This is the right political response to the announced deportation of EU citizens from France. Romas are indeed EU citizens and entitled to a fair trial for their alleged crimes- in any EU country. They must be charged for what they have done, not for what they are.
It should be a coordinated response from Romania/Bulgaria and brought to the European Parliament. But the Bulgarian Interior Minister has already declared his intentions and the Balaklava hooded storm troops and the camera crews are eagerly waiting at the borders and airports!

Highlander - 31 Jul 2010 // 19:32:54

Dear Nelly !

Wow- you are really harsh and merciless with the distinguished and humble public servant the Speaker(of all sorts, even the Parliament)! A little bit compassion would be better(he,he)

The Speaker's physical attributes are what nature has given her and I think it is far fetched to call her a bimbo-unless you want to stretch the definition beyond recognition. She is elected by Bulgarians to a seat in the Parliament, for some odd reason - and she is now the speaker` which is an important position.

In short: She is a Bulgarian VIP and does need to answer to the public and the voters for spending taxpayers money on private bodyguards,parties and limos. And she can and will continue to demand restaurants , roads and hotels closed/reserved at any time for whatever reason, without notification in advance, for her and her company of VIPs. She can even commit crimes without fear of being prosecuted, so who cares if she orders a restaurant closed for other guests or abuses civil rights?

But the position does not automatically grant her common sense, wisdom and adequate political visions. And we should be compassionate as she has now joined the elite group of disabled politicians in Bulgaria- those who cannot see, hear or read, and with extreme short memory. They will deny any reality they cannot understand or accept- police violence, corruption, fraud, organized crime.
She has recently declared that there is no police violence in Bulgaria after a little chat with another notorious political Alzheimer- the Interior Minister.
Together with the PM, they form my favorite troika of politicians in Bulgaria. She denies reality, the Interior Minister has strong and clear visions and words - he can "see" the criminals and who they are and what they have done, but cannot prove it( reality) and the PM just forgets from one day to the next what visions and ideas he had yesterday.
But they are what Bulgarians believe will bring a better future- so a little tittle tattle with innocent people beaten up, or detained criminals beaten to death, or innocent people arrested without evidence - what is that ? Bulgarians have to sacrifice something on the path to wealth and progress!
Who cares about violating a few human and civil rights in todays Bulgaria when these political beacons are chasing ghosts and achieving nothing- hoping EU again will applaud intentions, not results ?

Anyway- the incident at the restaurant must have been the Clash of Titans between dignitaries from the two notoriously most corrupt and criminalized countries in EU.

So Nelly, show some greatness and understanding. The Speaker is a representative of the Bulgarian establishment and does what is expected of her position, and the two Romanian VIPs are too important to spent time in prison and they will never be convicted.
So it is business as usual in Bulgaria!

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