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Dutch - 3 Jun 2009 // 15:35:09

"And also on the german travel portals they are not even selling any travels to Bulgaria at all."

Hmm, how come as of June 1 there are daily multiple charter flights to Varna from Germany (mostly from German cities located in former East Germany - Leipzig, Dresden, Berlin).

Must say that the number of flights from Russia increased compared to last year while flights from Germany significantly decreased. So Varna will see more Russians compared to previous years......what a joy!!! :-( I'd rather don't see loud, noisy, dominant, rude Russians. In general I don't like the tourists hitting the Bulgarian resorts anyway. The majority are in their own countries quite low on the social ladder (would it be too offensive to call them a-social rude scum?:-)), while being in BG they're pretending to be all that. Then again, they're bringing (little) money to Bulgaria and I've always been taught not to bite the hand that feeds you (be it directly or indirectly).

Dutch - 14 May 2009 // 12:35:33

"If it were improved the benefit to the economy, and the country as a whole, would I imagine be imeasurable."

Indeed. Imagine what good connections between the coastal cities (Varna and Burgas) and Sofia would do. It would without a doubt mean an enormous boost for activity in both Varna and Burgas. Apart from reducing the number of deaths in traffic, which would be reduced drastically if the roads connecting the bigger cities wouldn't be so crappy and dangerous. Now it is impossible to travel by car from east to west or back without having a near miss at least once.

Dutch - 8 May 2009 // 10:39:10

"This is someting you Westerners will never understand!We do not spy on each other and rush to report like most of you do."

Sorry, but I think you have little general knowledge of "westerners" if you really think the above.

I don't know too many (western) people who'd report a neighbor should they know this neighbor breaks the tax laws. Some will even be envious he/she is having the guts to break the law, some will have their own opinion and say that out loud in the face of the neighbor, but to report to the authorities is a step to far for the vast majority.

Without meaning to offend, but as far as I know and have heard from people around me, the population in the eastern part of Europe has quite a history when it comes to spying on neighbors, colleagues and even family members?

Anyways, ever since day one I arrived in Bulgaria, I have said that this whole tax evasion thing is plain stupid, extremely bad for the wellbeing of the country and that in some way, sooner or later, one will have to pay for doing that. The nature of things is that at the end of the day output should and will equal input. For those who did not follow that logic, payback's gonna be a very big, bad and ugly b!tch :-) Something the whole world is getting to understand now and the coming years. Somewhat late though.............

Dutch - 7 May 2009 // 17:00:56

"In my vilna zona in the Rodopi mountains I am the only idiot who is paying 94 leva annual property tax for a small house compared to the much bigger ones owned by my neigbours who boast to pay no more then 8-9 leva! Amazing how they make it."

I don't know your neighbors, but boasting over paying only 9 leva while they should pay something like 100 to 200? Boasting over such a little amount (a few stotinki/day is what they are boasting over????) Says enough about these people.....can classify them without a doubt as dumbfukcs, scum, idiots.
Some day escaping taxes and being proud of it will bite them right back in the a$$, that's for sure. Kinda like penny wise. dollar fool.....

BTW....I don't think you're an idiot by paying the obligatory property tax

Dutch - 30 Apr 2009 // 18:10:24

Driver is a 38 year old Dutch national who has admitted already that what he did, he did on purpose. Currently undergoing surgery as he as well was heavily wounded, so the" why" will remain a mystery for a while. Thank god it was not a foreigner, cause that for sure would have set the country on fire with more innocent victims as a result.

Dutch - 30 Apr 2009 // 16:30:56

Accident? No's already been confirmed the driver was aiming for the bus (which he missed by meters) in which the complete royal family was making a tour. I'm not pro royal family and for all I care as of now we won't have a royal family in Holland, but to attempt to actually kill/injure them to accomplish that is something else. Especially since this idiot did kill and injure totally innocent spectators, among which were kids. I hope they'll give him life without any privileges prisoners more often than not get in Holland.

Dutch - 29 Apr 2009 // 17:53:04

Get more the impression the photographer who shot this picture asked "Strike a pose and please show your potato peeling knife" :-)

I don't want to say I want to be confronted with a group of p!ssed off Roma though. Not likely to happen as under no circumstance I'll enter the Roma districts again. Did it once by mistake and I was not happy....more or less the same feeling as when I, by mistake, drove into south central L.A. After I discovered my mistake (rather fast) I decided to take the first highway I could find and as fast as possible without even knowing whether it was leading the direction of the high desert (where I had to go).

Dutch - 29 Apr 2009 // 12:11:31

The guy indeed does not look friendly, but I have big doubts whether he has anything to do with last evenings "siege". It is really rare on BG news sites that photo's shown are actually taken at the time and location of the topic of the article.

E.g.: On quite often a photo of an American parking lot is shown while they report about traffic related issues in Varna.

So better not to look at the photos as they don't tell anything....

Dutch - 28 Apr 2009 // 10:19:30

"Have you all been in different places to be able to judge, or just the small village town in Germany and maybe Ireland are your guiding points?"

Yes....I have done my fair share of traveling. Besides, I was born and raised in Holland and there you didn't really have to travel abroad in order to get an idea/feel how things were being done in other countries, as these countries came to us in the shape of big numbers of immigrants (and not only Marocans and Turkish).

I worked in total 20 years in Holland before I moved to Bulgaria and in those 20 years I really lost count from how many different countries I have had colleagues, so I have a reasonable understanding how things are being done elsewhere. Within Europe there's quite a big difference (especially in efficiency and punctuality) between people from north and north-west European countries compared to south and south-east European countries. Outside Europe...10 times rather an Asian than an African, 10 times rather a North American than a South American.

Dutch - 27 Apr 2009 // 17:28:22

"I earn in BG good money, I could afford with that a decent life in Germany too. If you are well educated and willing to work, it's also in Bulgaria possible to have a good life. And you don't need to become a mutra or politician."


If I follow the 15 times difference as stated in the article, me and my wife combined would be above the million net income per year elsewhere in the (western part of the) EU....We also have an income we could survive on easily in the Netherlands.

I think many of the young people owe it to themselves they have little income, as there are chances enough to make a decent living without the necessity to resort to criminal activities. This is not only Bulgarians, also quite a number of foreigners living in BG show the same attitude. I know plenty who are extremely picky about work.....saying "I did not study for this or that, so I won't apply for that job, because I can not and I am too old to study more" and therefor stay unemployed, sitting at home or behind a coffee in a cafe complaining that life sukcs. Imho that's pure BS, as the saying goes "when there's a will, there's a way".

Once I was a barkeeper here in Golden Sands which didn't pay very well and I definitely did not study for that....but I did the job because I knew staying at home only costs money and for the labor market it is not a good thing to show on your CV you have some years of unemployment. I think also thanks to that I took that barkeeping job in Golden Sands I am doing a hell of a lot better now than those arrogant sukcers who laughed in my face "hahahaha, a barkeeper, that's way below my dignity".

Every once in a while these who laughed even have the guts to pay me a visit to ask for money because they can not pay the friggin electricity bill or the rent. ......and as I have said before, I don't feel any compassion for lazy free rides on my expense for them, they obviously have to learn the hard way.

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