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Dutch - 29 Oct 2009 // 09:52:49

"Has the IRA got what it has always wanted."

I guess you misread the country name? I fail to see what the IRA has to do with Iceland.

Dutch - 23 Oct 2009 // 16:18:03

LOL, you're on repeat, I suck again! No need to repeat that, unless you forgot you said it due to Al Zheimer being on a permanent visit. I know I suck....I'm a worthless piece of shaite. Happy now?

Dutch - 23 Oct 2009 // 16:01:44

"This does not detract from IKEA, it just speaks to your incompetence with power tools. I have assembled plenty of IKEA furniture myself, and I am an old lady. You suck! "

LOL!!! You actually assembled IKEA furniture with POWER TOOLS???? That's really the joke of the year.

On a side note, you entirely missed the point I was making, two others totally got it though. I may suck at many things, but you obviously utterly suck at reading.

On a second side note....being such a successful architect.....isn't it embarrassing for you to have IKEA furniture in your house? No designer furniture? Tsk tsk tsk.....

Dutch - 22 Oct 2009 // 15:50:30

Oh, btw, nothing personal Taro!

In Holland we say "IKEA = Idioten kopen echt alles". I was one of those idiots in the passed and I will be again (be it by force) in the future once they open in Varna....

Dutch - 22 Oct 2009 // 15:46:49

"Nice to hear, but from Varna it would be still nearer to go to the IKEA Store in Bukarest..."

Which is comfortably far enough not to go there and buy stuff. I just can imagine what would happen once IKEA opens shop in Varna: My wife wanting to go there, buying some furniture which I'd have to put together at home (do-it-yourself-style). No thanks! Been there, done that, much to my regret. An excess of one type of parts, at the same time a shortage of other parts combined with lousy paper building plans which in no way represent the "wooden" content of the package.

Nothing more frustrating than putting together a bed or closet bought from IKEA.

IKEA = Idioten Kaufen Einfach Alles

Dutch - 16 Sep 2009 // 09:56:14
Topic: Bee Hell

"I appreciate your concern, but I'm stuck with answering Nellie on whatever thread she appears and starts in again."

Wrong were the one who hijacked this topic and that didn't happen for the first time. Don't only use the "latest opinions" in order to reply as I'm pretty sure that's the reason of your hijackings. It's pretty annoying and obstructing when reading a thread about a specific topic to be thrown off topic. This apart from the by now extremely boring and long arguments you have with Nelly. So again take my advice and install some chat program (ICQ, MSN) and start your disagreements and fights there.

Dutch - 9 Sep 2009 // 11:58:55

"Only dumb, ignorant peasants have to be threatened with Hell or rewarded with Heaven in order to control them and to make them do the right thing. I could be a complete heathen, never go to church and be a good, responsible, moral individual. I despise dumb imbeciles who think that just because they go to church or believe some religious fiction that somehow this makes them worthy or better than anyone else."

You're not the only one thinking like that. First of all I think everyone should believe what he/she pleases, but there are conditions to that: Don't get too much in my face with something that I regard as extreme hypocrisy.

A little too often I have witnessed and experienced people cheating the hell out of each other during the working days, doing everything possible to profit like vultures from other people and they justify that behavior by going to church on sundays. I dislike the people who think they are better than me just because they attend some man made structure, praying to god/allah (imho both pretty fictional) to forgive their sins of the past week.....and that's it. The week after they'll just do the same thing. Imho they lie themselves a way through life, to be ultimately disappointed at the very end. One comfort for believers though: that disappointment probably never will hit.....

Dutch - 20 Aug 2009 // 17:04:28

"It has occurred to me that the reason Bulgarian parliament is empty is because the members of parliament don't get paid enough"

Don't get paid enough? They're just being friggin greedy, that's all. Give them now 100K, next year they'll want 120K and so on. Those top salaries have to be limited in order to stop the absurd differences existing in any society from getting even bigger. Agreed, anyone with some good education and, even more important, great potential should make more money than a lazy bastard or low educated person. All a matter of choices....but there are limits to keep things within reason and those limits have been long past.

Dutch - 20 Aug 2009 // 14:40:06

Are you OK and healthy? Why would it be justified for a minister in BG to generate an annual income of 100K? Because his colleagues in other countries earn around the same? That's total utter BS. If these jokers want to make lots of money, let them be active in private businesses. Working for the state (at ministers positions) equals honor and will to move the country forward. A sincere/honest person would do that for a salary that would just about cover the expenses. A minister should not be at his position for the money.....never ever.

Enough and to hell with all those aho's (inside and outside BG) running out of pockets to stuff the money, while smiling in our faces they have all best intentions for the country.

An average Bulgarian generates an annual income of 7K, so 12 times more for a minister seems a little too much. I think for anyone working for the state, they should top it at max 5 times the average = 35K/year. Seems more than decent to me.

Dutch - 14 Aug 2009 // 17:10:05

Three days of severe headache are taking its toll obviously. I of course meant to say "mechanisms" instead of "mechanics". Does not make too much difference as the mechanics are the ones applying the mechanisms, but nevertheless....

FYI: The headache is not caused by rakia - I prefer not to have that stuff poured down my throat by force because I happen to eat a salad. Too many times I already have heard "Nooooo!!!!! You can't drink a soda or a beer while eating a salad". To this day I haven't been able to figure out what the problem is to have a Shopska and a coke or a beer.

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