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Dutch - 22 Mar 2010 // 16:36:24

1 billion? That lunatic of a mayor of Varna recently announced that redoing the streets of Varna (which is very very very necessary) will cost roughly 500 million leva. Since he will never get that amount, they started patching here and there, turning potholes 8-15cm deep into bumps which next winter will turn to potholes again. The smaller potholes, to 8cm deep, are being disregarded totally. And all this only on the major streets, smaller streets are being disregarded all together.

The only ones laughing here are the companies who a couple weeks ago were cleaning the streets from snow and by doing so helped creating potholes with their machines. Now these very same companies are filling the holes they helped to create. Repairing the roads in such way they'll be ok for the coming years does not fit in the business plans of these companies and since our mayor is a sucker and on the leash of the bigger companies, he does everything in their interest.

Dutch - 22 Mar 2010 // 16:14:19

They sent you actual real estate? WOW!!! I take it they sent you some flyers etc? The same type of flyers which have convinced people to buy off plan drama/disaster constructions? The same type of flyers which show flashy/shiny/glimmer and glamour? The same type of flyers tourists got bombared with upon arrival on one of the airports in Bulgaria?

OK.....if you believe what you see in a be it. should come to BG to see some of the public buildings that have been created recently. Full bling , looking modern and all, but also built extremely bad. Cracking walls, cracking floors, all in a timespan of 2 years. Private housing is absolutely not any different, same developer a$$holes active there as in the malls and the likes.

Being a computer programmer does not mean a thing by the way. My wife is a programmer, I myself am not really scared of computers (which is a pretty big understatement actually) and around us there are some 50 more like us. Among them are some with integrity, some without. Those programmers are sometimes just like people.

Knowing someone more than a year does not mean anything either. While living in Holland I knew someone for 10 years and I would have given my life for her....until the day she ran with 500K (guilders that is) which I had earned by working my a$$ off (average 14 hours/day for some 10 years).

I don't know your age, but I know you're older than I am, so you should know by now that when it comes to money or property, 99.99% of all individuals on this globe are not to be trusted. That's why everyone is waving with contracts nowadays. Nothing without official documentation in which fees, costs etc. are declared and specified beforehand.

If you didn't know, I don't know where you've been living, maybe in some parallel universe, but certainly not in (this) reality.

Dutch - 22 Mar 2010 // 15:27:53

"The Brits I'm talking about are running a high-quality business (I've seen their product)"

I thought you never had been to Bulgaria, so I don't understand how you could have seen their product? On a picture everything may look good or even fantastic, the reality is not necessarily the same. In fact, about 90% of all the real estate of the last decade is absolute overpriced crap, sold by even bigger crap which in most cases aren't even Bulgarian. In short, the advice to be very cautious when dealing with foreigners in Bulgaria is pretty much in place. Just do a Google on the keywords "expat, real estate, problems" (include "forum" for an immediate forum jump) and you'll get long, loong, looong listings of all sorts of problems on a number of sites. The topics always cover unknowing and unprepared people on the buying end and greedy sharks (who's biggest quality is relocating hot air) on the development/selling end.

The best way to go is to do all the paperwork with a trusted local friend (if any), or to hire a lawyer. Any other way and you're absolutely in for big but unpleasant surprises. As already mentioned, when substantial sums of money are involved, don't ever trust anyone just because they have nice blue eyes, speak your language and have a tidy office. If you do so, especially in Bulgaria, you're asking for trouble and being ripped, guaranteed!

Dutch - 19 Mar 2010 // 14:42:25

A company without staff could be an "ET". Other forms of companies are OOD, EOOD, AD

Registering a company is a relatively easy, cheap and fast process. I can advise you to hire someone to do it for you. I asked my then future, now present, bookkeeper to arrange everything.

Preferably, if you can escape them, don't use those agencies who advertise it's their specialty to register companies, cars etc. They count on you being unknowing and profit big time from that. They calculate insane prices like e.g. up to 2000 euro for registering a company while the total cost should not exceed 200-300 euro maximum.

Dutch - 12 Mar 2010 // 14:38:55

"Instead of criticising, suppose you come up with a way to avoid civilian casualties completely."

Why are you in Iraq? Why are you in Afghanistan? Why was the USSR in Afghanistan? What was your business in Vietnam? None of these wars was really justified and the excess of force used has taken unnecessarily way too many civilian's lives. These wars of so called "superpowers" are nothing more but flexing muscles, to show the world who's the alpha male. Of course, that message directly does not sell, so some lies had to be pushed down the world's throat.

Avoiding civilian casualties: not going to war automatically eliminates the number of civilian casualties.

Dutch - 12 Mar 2010 // 14:14:22

"The US has always tried to keep civilian casualties to a minimum."

Are you really that ignorant or naieve to believe this? Dresden was flattened by English and American bombers, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, carpet bombing in Vietnam. These attacks were deliberately aimed at civilians, no way around that. Of course, when you flatten a whole city it is quite likely you'll get the few bad guys hiding in that city, but at what cost? Reasoning in such way, you could suggest to just flatten whole Afghanistan as quite likely you'll take out the complete Taliban and possibly even Osama Bin Laden. Although I personally think the objective of the allied forces (combined in NATO) is to keep OBL on a leash, not to catch/kill him. As long he's alive or can be kept alive in the media for the brainwashed masses, there's reason to "hunt" for him. Hunting him, the whole "war on terror", is an absolute blessing for certain industries involved as suppliers in this deliberately fabricated war.

Further back, on "your own" soil, military attacks were launched against the natives because they stood in the way of "development". For example a more cost effective route for railroads. Natives were an obstacle in these routes and then the easiest is to just erase them. They were a lower lifeform anyway, right, so no problem to drive them to extiction. Regarding the buffalo...take away a man's home and food and the man will find alternative ways (theft, robbery etc) which by turn will give enough reason for the opposing party to justify attacks which will wipe out whole tribes/populations (from capable warriors to defenseless babies).

Please, do not defend the USA for the bad things they have done. They undeniably have done some things they should be ashamed of aside of things they can and should be proud of as well. It is just arrogance to assume Americans are and always have been the saints of the world, cause they simply are not, have not been and never will be. Neither are the Dutch with them exporting slaves from Africa and their brutal dominance in the colonies. I definitely am not proud what my country has done here and there and although I am not guilty personally, I am prepared to appologize to those who's nation has suffered.

Black pages exist in practically every nation's history books and the USA is absolutely no exception to that.

Don't get me wrong, I am not ranting against the USA because it is fashionable or just to provoke. I don't hate Americans, not at all, I even have a lot of American friends. I only don't like it when people paint too positive and false pictures about themselves or their nations while blaming all other countries for all the sh!t that is going on in this world.

Dutch - 12 Mar 2010 // 10:17:21

"usa NEVER targets civilians"

No? Are you absolutely 100% sure about that?

I am not actually....and there are facts to be found all over in libraries and on the internet.

19th century:
Americans killed excessive amounts of native Americans (men, women, old, young). They dropped the buffalo's (major food source for the natives) by the thousands just for the skin. This was not targetting civilians?

20th century:
Remember the carpet bombing in Vietnam? Remember the young girl, running naked towards the camera (one of the most known pictures which show the war in all it's awefullness), having burning wounds from an American napalm attack? This was not targetting civilians?

Just a few examples. So, no, under no circumstance the Americans should plead not guilty when it comes to crimes against humanity committed at some point in time (regardless whether that was one year ago or centuries ago). Neither should my home country, the Netherlands, do such a thing, they are guilty as sin too! Just like Russia, Spain, Germany, Portugal, France, England etc.are guilty. About every nation on the globe has committed crimes against humanity at some point in time, or will be doing it again given the chance.

Dutch - 9 Mar 2010 // 11:32:47

"What is Parvanov doing and what has he ever contributed? Nothing. He is just a drone living on the back of the Bulgarian tax payers."

Doesn't this apply to all socialist/commie bastard leeches? Slowly but certainly it is being exposed for both national and local authorities (like the mayor of Varna, same type of socialist piece of mf a$$hole). Downside is that, for me totally unclear reasons, these socialists seem to get away with everything, time after time.

Dutch - 19 Jan 2010 // 12:55:28

Good! This means Novinite can get back to normal again. Over the recent week it's been only Jeleva, Jeleva and more Jeleva. Enough of that already!

Dutch - 30 Dec 2009 // 13:03:06

"I merely thought that Christmas was a time for family enjoyment, sharing a bit of love, and all the things that NORMALLY go with it, and spending time at the computer discussing politics just didn't seem to be the best way to do it."

Sorry? Christmas is for sharing love and the rest of the year people are allowed to do the opposite? That is what I always think when people start about the tearjerking Christmas joy, love and other BS (be it in real or on TV, on the internet). I'm very sorry to say, but if one can not maintain those standards throughout the year, why the hell should one do it particularly with Christmas? With all due respect to those who are truly sincere about it, Christmas has, long before I was born, turned into a commercialized feast of hypocrisy. Nothing more and nothing less. Nothing more irritating than people who are talking about love, joy and happiness, stuffing their stomachs full to the extreme extends for two days of the year....while the rest of the year they are cheating the hell out of eachother.

Something else.....showing love, understanding and caring includes also tolerancy to let other people be free to do whatever floats their boat. If that means some people would like to discuss political issues, so be it.

And that word in caps ("normally") is very much out of place. There is no such thing as a rule that defines what is "normal". Aside of that, claiming/defining what is "normal" automatically labels a huge number of people "abnormal" and imho there's no one in the position to do just that.

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