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Dutch - 18 Jun 2010 // 10:57:46
Topic: World Cup

"They did. France v Mexico: 0-2.

Bad year for the big names so far."

Why's that? Who are the big names? Take a look at the FIFA rankings and you'll see that from the top 10 Brazil (1st in rankings), Netherlands (4th), Germany (6th) and Argentina (7th) have won their opening match and these four will most likely qualify for the next round. Portugal (3rd), Italy (5th) and England (8th) should not be forgotten despite ties in the first match. The only really disappointing teams (from the FIFA top 10) so far are Spain (2nd) and France (9th) with France 80% sure out of the tournament and Spain 50% sure out of the tournament after the 1st round.

Imho, the game of Germany has been highly overestimated due to the bigger result (4-0). In the shape Australia was in their opening match, even a 3rd division team from Germany would have beaten them.

Opening match of the Netherlands was also not super quality, but despite the bad playing the Netherlands won and I think it can only get better as worse play than against Denmark is just not possible for the Netherlands. Unless the Netherlands meet Portugal along the way, that's going to be some war with a big number of yellow and red cards and a few penalty kicks.

My dream final is Netherlands - Germany.....with Netherlands as winner of course :-) . Finally a revenge for 1974 when the dutch squad got screwed in Germany by Germany. Four years later the Netherlands got screwed again in the final in Argentina by Argentina. This year rather not Argentina - Netherlands in the finals as Lionel Messi is a little too unpredictable (and a little too good as well).

Dutch - 31 Mar 2010 // 15:18:49

*threat = thread

Dutch - 31 Mar 2010 // 15:17:11

"I get my religion slammed (fresh again this morning from HP) all the time,, and I've never seen a word of complaint out of you about it."

Not necessarily religion no, as that is not really my cup of tea and once I am pulled into a debate about religion it certainly would end in me offending others.

I have made complaints however when you were being battered by that self proclaimed poet lunatic from the area of Liverpool as he went way overboard with the foul language directed at you. Heck, I even sent a message to the webmasters of Novinite to get that idiot banned.

All in all it does not matter and certainly is not important what I have done, it is what you do. Recently I notice you are deliberately provoking/addressing some people, while in other topics/postings you ask these very same people not to include you in their postings.

The contents of your initial posting in this threat even don't matter so much, the title itself is already pretty provocative.

BTW: I definitely am not sensitive, but I've been reading this forum for quite a number of years now and especially the recent year it really has turned into a forum which is dominantly revolving around Bill and Nellie topics/fights and I have the idea it was not intended for that? One thing is has gotten beyond annoying already.!

Dutch - 31 Mar 2010 // 11:27:29

You're now the certified idiot of the week. You keep complaining about you being attacked by others about this and that, but don't you just see and understand you give every reason to be attacked? You deliberately provoke others so you can complain and whine afterwards, you just seem to love the attention!

Bill....I think it is time for you to just take a break from this forum. I thought it was a forum connected one way or the other to Bulgaria, not the "I am Bill and I want attention forum". If you have anything useful to contribute which is sideways connected to Bulgaria, fine, otherwise just piss off!

Usually I am not that rude, but I'm really tired of every damn topic ending in you being slammed (because you asked for it) and in result you complaining about being slammed.

Dutch - 26 Mar 2010 // 10:28:59

"The women in most of these types of cases--rape, attempted rape, bodily harm, assault..cannot truthfully claim that they had no part in its occurrence."

Are you really out of your mind? In this particular case, for all we know, the victim gave the suspect a ride home, nothing more! Is that, in your book, asking to be beaten up, raped etc?

The looks of a woman and the way she is dressed can and should not be translated to the sentence "she asked for it and therefore she deserved what she endured". In this case, as long she did not verbally agree to whatever proposition the suspect made, he at all times should have kept his hands and other body parts where they belong, namely to himself, period! The way she looks, whatever impression she may have given for giving a ride home, it's all absolutely irrelevant!

Defending the position of attackers/rapists in this type of cases, even if it'd be only 1%, is absolutely sickening!

Dutch - 24 Mar 2010 // 17:50:02

" Faith got Noah out of the flood problem"

And this is supposed to be factual and not fiction and you claim that those who believe it is fiction are out on a limb?

Noah reaching an age of 950? Rescued his family and sets of two from all other species? In those times? Even nowadays with all modern technology they would have a hard time creating a vessel big enough to give space to all living species multiplied by two, so how do you imagine such a limited number constructing such an enormous vessel?
Nowadays the average life expectancy in the western world is mid 70's, a century ago significantly lower and a couple centuries ago one was considered ancient when reaching 40. How in the world, centuries BC, someone could get 950 years old?
He had three sons and each of them had a wife. Quite a limited gene pool and a guarantee (again after the Adam/Eve fiction) for inbreds.

Sorry, if you really believe that the story of Noah is factual in all aspects, you might as well start to believe that elephants can fly and I assume you don't believe that, right?!

Dutch - 24 Mar 2010 // 17:01:56

"As for 'Dutch's view that God doesn't exist, he and Nellie would make a good pairing."

How so? Based on the idea we have in common that god does not exist? So what? There are billions of people having the same way of reasoning. You do believe, do you make a good pairing with others, who also believe the same as you do, just based on that?

Dutch - 24 Mar 2010 // 16:11:21

"Do you really believe, that humans should be allowed to play Russian roulette with the God given gene pool?"

The question "Should or should not be allowed"...does not matter anymore since humans already pulled the trigger and the bullet is on its way. In fact we're already dead, only we are in denial. For everything mankind changes in nature, mankind will pay the price, one way or the other. It's against all laws to only take without giving, performing an action without receiving a reaction.

Btw, god/allah is not coming to the rescue, since he, according to me, simply doesn't exist. So don't hold your breaths for that to happen.

Dutch - 23 Mar 2010 // 15:48:23

Just dig through the forum on this site. More active than expatinbulgaria, also moderated. On above mentioned site one can find the do's and don'ts and some true horror stories about real estate scams etc.

@ Bill:

I have said it before, but will do it again. In my opinion you thrive on being harassed/attacked as you never ever let things go. You are the perfect victim for all trolls or other people who like to get on your nerves as it always will prove to be successful, you just simply ask for it. You have no obligation whatsoever to reply to any post, regardless whether it is directed at you or not, and to state people should stop their insulting/offending remarks. By always and guaranteed replying and showing your dislike (in your own particular way) about these remarks which you categorize as personal attacks you only dump tons of fuel on an already furiously burning fire and people will continue just because they are sure you will reply. And to be honest, to some degree I do understand them. Maybe they even have bets going on like "I bet you $10 Bill will be replying such and such in that and that time", that predictable you have become.

It's too late to dig into the matter who started the fire long ago, but it's always a good time to just leave the fuel at home. And just remember, it is just the internet, so my advise is to take it a lot lighter than real life.

Dutch - 22 Mar 2010 // 17:07:47

Well....look at it from another side: If she would put down 5000 without hesitation and complaints, she'd make herself look more suspicious :-) Stupid though they lowered her bail to 5000, they should have kept it at the initial 50K. Almost everybody can scramble 5K for a bail, 50K is a totally different story.

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