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Dutch - 29 Jun 2010 // 10:07:01
Topic: World Cup

"What's difficult about football?"

Maybe it has passed in some topic, but Gary Lineker, once a very good English forward and now a football commenter, has said the following about football:

"Soccer is a game for 22 people that run around, play the ball, and one referee who makes a slew of mistakes, and in the end Germany always wins"

Dutch - 28 Jun 2010 // 16:38:31

"My own Bulgarian is good enough to convince a notary that I definitely do not need to pay a crappy interpreter 100lv to ensure I know what I am signing"

That entirely depends on the notary, his/her mood and his/her ties with a local interpreter. I got away without an official interpreter involved when I was not able to decipher the cyrillic (some 9 years ago), translation from my wife was enough. However, a couple years ago, when I urgently needed a document, at a time my Bulgarian was definitely good enough to read, write and speak, the notary insisted to involve a (befriended) interpreter the moment she saw the copy of my dutch passport which had to go with the documents.

Dutch - 28 Jun 2010 // 15:18:32

"my case is a bit similar to yours and I think this is a quite common phenomenon amongst foreigners living in Bulgaria."

Hmm, I do not completely agree here. It certainly is not valid for the city/region I live, which is Varna. It of course may be different in other parts of Bulgaria, however here the vast majority of foreigners are nothing but blood- and moneysucking scum who'd be ready to sell their own parents if that'd mean 1% extra personal profit/gain. Even among those foreigners who are in a relation with a Bulgarian a lot of garbage can be found. Likewise, they may give me the same honorable title of being a tough, selfish m.f. because I refused to lend or give them some money as they don't have anything anymore due to epic predictable failures throughout the years: Living like kings, pretending to be gods, blowing their lifesavings in a heartbeat without thinking for the slightest moment. Now they are with their butts in the gutter......and can not arrange anything as all those years the money did the talking for them.....not their mouths. Their mouths only speak, their ears only hear, their hands only write and their eyes only read their respective native languages, but certainly not Bulgarian. That fact alone already defines enough what utter garbage the majority of foreigners in BG are.

Dutch - 28 Jun 2010 // 14:24:07

"what I wonder is why you decided to stay in BG, despite the chaotic environment?"

The reasons are pretty simple. Looking at myself, I can go anywhere and make it a success, I will and can adapt to any surrounding, however having a wife who's only child (her sister died in an accident in Sofia decades ago) of parents now a fair share over 80 years old, where to go? Bulgaria is not what one would call a friendly environment for the old, weak and lonely. As we (my wife and I) do extremely well for Bulgarian standards by doing honest work and putting in many hours, it would be in our case very selfish to abandon my wife's parents just because we (I) would not be able to deal with the chaos as money is no valid reason for us to pack our bags and to go to wherever. Job wise both my wife and I could easily land a job anywhere in the world - IT business may be somewhat down on its a$$ compared to the 90's, but it is still alive enough to give us more than enough opportunities.

Anyways, as long as I can let of some steam (vocally or physically) every once in a while, I can deal with a whole lot more chaos :-) Just please allow me to bitch about it at times is all I ask from people :-)

Life's simple, good and.....the summers are a hell of a lot better than in Holland :-)

Dutch - 28 Jun 2010 // 10:16:49
Topic: World Cup

"You clearly have no idea about football. The 2:2 would have made it a completely different match, and the outcome would have been probably also a different one."

100% true, however "if" does not count in sports (or life as a whole). Take yesterday's game Mexico - Argentina. IF Salcido's attempt in the first 10 minutes would have landed in the net instead of the crossbar, Argentina would have faced a totally different match.

Also in this game an enormous error of the referee calling Tevez onside while he clearly was some 2 meters offside with the 1st goal of Argentina. This moment was very decisive. IF the referee would have done his job correctly, I would not know whether Argentina would have made it to victory.

Besides Brazil, all underdogs are located on the side of the scheme where Holland resides and luckily Spain, Portugal, Germany and Argentina are on the other side. Only one of these four countries will reach the finals which means that 3 of the favorites will leave the tournament and will be spared from humiliation by the Dutch in the finals :-) Clearly I'm wishful thinking now :-)

I keep it at a final Holland - Germany or Holland - Argentina. Either way, it'll be a revenge match (for '74 or '78).

Dutch - 28 Jun 2010 // 09:50:51

"What are chances of any of these things ever happening?"

Next to nothing I'm afraid. Just got back from a trip cross country through BG and, due to other people's inexperienced reckless driving, I had four near death experiences. I don't say I'm the best driver, but for a fact I'm more experienced and a better driver than 99% of the a$$holes on the roads here.

Because of the work I do I also know a little about people paying (or not) taxes and debts and wanting to work (or not) for their money. It's really irresponsibility all over. The main objective is simply "do as little for as much as possible, even if that means going from honest and white to dishonest and black". Unfortunately, the majority of foreigners in BG are not really setting a good example either. Better yet, they're probably even worse. I really dare to say that 95% of the foreigners in BG are miserable failures who'd do anything to scam, cheat and lie everyone in sight. For that matter I feel like piggy in the middle: I'm different from the rest of the expats, but I'm no Bulgarian either.

Enough ingredients for an identity crises I'd say.......hard work for that not to happen. :-)

Dutch - 18 Jun 2010 // 17:05:25
Topic: World Cup

"There's the Amsterdam Dutch, the Rotterdam Dutch, and the God damn Dutch".

Well, I'm a Rotterdam Dutch and I bet in most eyes also a God damn Dutch. Needless to say I'm well aware of our reputation abroad and at times I'm proud to live up to that reputation. Gotta give what people ask for, no? :-)

Dutch - 18 Jun 2010 // 15:42:33
Topic: World Cup

My feelings towards Germans are in general good, I do like the country and all, only not when it comes to soccer. Out of many people, I would have a valid reason (according to many) for disliking Germans as my grandad died a very slow death caused by the trauma inflicted by the Germans in '40-'45. I'm big enough to understand that the generations living in these times can not be held responsible for what happened more than half a century ago. So no, my dislike does not originate from there. Unfortunately, among young generations, it is still being pushed that it is acceptable to dislike a young German for what his great grandad eventually did while being under pressure of a few idiots. I simply don't agree with that. It is purely only connected to soccer, nothing else, that I dislike Germans. The enormous amount of arrogance expressed by the Germans (with one positive exception: Jurgen Klinsmann --> real gentleman) is what annoys me. It would not surprise me however if the Germans have a mutual feeling about the Dutch.

Just with soccer, don't put me next to a German as for 90 minutes I will hate his guts. But afterwards no problem to have a beer and a long they won't become worldchampion.

As for the four day march in Nijmegen....they still do that, it's a major event which attracts people from all over the globe. A couple years ago it was cancelled for one time as due to enormous heat (close to 40C) on the first day a few people died because of heart attacks etc.
When I was in the airforce, I had my base training in Nijmegen and know the roads and lanes around Nijmegen all too well....and regardless the weather (hot and dry or cold and rainy), it certainly is no walk in the park there when the distance exceeds 40km with full gear and constantly speed marching.

Soccer update Germany - Serbia halftime:
0-1, 4 yellow cards Germany, 2 yellow Serbia, one German player (Klose) got sent off with two times yellow.

Sorry Germany....but this is GOOD news!!! :-)

Dutch - 18 Jun 2010 // 13:32:47
Topic: World Cup

Now that's a prospect that has the potential to ruin my summer. Of all countries, please let it not be the Germans taking the cup home.

I hope the Serbs will have a very good afternoon and will drive the Germans mad.....and will put in the winning goal in the last minute.

At all times I can get along with Germans, but when it comes to soccer it's totally upside down and no matter what they do....they're crap regardless. :-)

Dutch - 18 Jun 2010 // 11:42:27
Topic: World Cup

Your reasoning does not really fly. China and India are the biggest nations population wise, yet they are nobody when it comes to soccer. The USA as 3rd biggest country (population wise) are no match for Germany, Italy, Brazil, Argentina and the Netherlands, despite the USA qualified for the world championships.

It's more about sportsculture than about population sizes. The most dominant sport in a country will deliver higher rankings globally.

Based on this the only true disappointments in the current tournament are Spain and France, the rest of the FIFA top 10 (actually 9 as the number 10 is not competing) is still living up to the expectations.

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