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Dutch - 13 Jul 2010 // 16:04:49

If the referee would have sent our player off right after the kick in the chest, 75% of the other fouls wouldn't have been made as he would have made it clear he is 100% in charge and does not accept any bullsh!t. Now, giving only yellow for a very tough foul, he put in the minds of all players (Dutch as well as Spanish) a lot and more was allowed and from that moment it went totally nuts and out of hand.

I truly believe sending one of the Dutch players off eventually could have turned in favor of Holland. It is a mistake to believe a squad of 11 can easily win from a squad with 10 players. Quite often it shows it is quite difficult as organisations/positions of the players of the squad of 10 have to change which forces the opponent to change his playing style as well. One player less also creates more space on the pitch and more space means more possibilities for counter football.

Conclusion: The referee was a too deciding factor and he is largely responsible for the way it turned out. It is way too easy to apoint only one (or eleven for that matter) scapegoat. Spain had a bunch of tough fouls their own and intimidated (succesfully) the referee.
I'm not saying Holland did not play like lumberjacks because they did, but everybody should look at the bigger picture instead of screaming bloody murder like the masses do now as if they are $%^&@$^ sheep!

Dutch - 12 Jul 2010 // 11:47:54

"Ahem, if his polo shirt is to be believed, he was also trained at the UK's elite military academy Sandhurst. Many a terrorist, dictator and mercenary has graduated there: Idi Amin springs to mind."

The contents (the man himself) of the polo shirt do not really point to elite military training, but more to elite beer drinking training.

Dutch - 12 Jul 2010 // 11:37:33

One thing this whole tournament has made clear: Electronic assistance for the referees is very necessary. The pace of the game has changed drastically since the 70's. One referee alone can not keep up and at times tries to compensate his incompetence with pulling unnecessary cards or letting things go at very decisive moments. Also, some referees are putting their own ego above the game and Howard Webb was an excellent example of that. Yesterday was the Howard Webb show and not a World Cup final as it should have been played.

Some examples of errors made by referees: Mexico was robbed (offside goal from Argentina), England was robbed (a 100% goal denied), Holland has scored at least one goal in offside position (against Uruguay) and yesterday's match was just laughable concerning the decisions of the referee. Absurd what was happening.

Blatter is the only one saying no to electronic assistance, all coaches of all national and club teams are pro electronic assistance. What I don't understand: They (all teams) don't see that they themselves are in power and not Blatter. Simply refuse to play until changes have been made. Blatter's time is way overdue anyway.....out with that dictator.

Dutch - 12 Jul 2010 // 10:25:29

This referee should NEVER EVER be allowed to be referee in anything higher than a 4th division competition. Rarely I've seen such an incompetent idiot. De kick in the chest was not once red, but 3 fold red. Our player should have been sent of straight away, simple and clear. But that bald idiot, who definitely saw it, decided only for yellow. Following he felt guilty and started making up by allowing the Spanish way more than he allowed the Dutch. At some moment he saw a foul against Spain, gives a Dutch player a yellow card, but doesn't give a free kick, but lets Holland proceed with a throw in. Another moment a Dutch player gets stepped on the foot by a Spanish player, the Dutch player falls and the Spanish immediately as well acting like crazy. Result.....yellow card for the Dutch player and a free kick against while it should have been the other way around.

The second yellow for our defender Heitinga which resulted in a red, was not yellow, it was nothing, there was next to no physical contact. However, Webb was influenced by the Spanish player who asked for a yellow card to be given to Heitinga. Prior to the Spanish goal Holland had a free kick and out of this free kick we should have had a corner kick, which we obviously did not get. Iniesta came back from offside position and scored.
Iniesta by turn should have been sent off as well as he deliberately hit a Dutch player with his arm. Not hard, but the intention only is, according the rules, enough for a card.

Holland played bad, very bad and way too rough....but the match was decided by the referee who had swallowed a whistle and with every breath it sounded.

Dutch - 9 Jul 2010 // 17:51:40

I saw that on the German news last night. I wonder if Dutch has signed up???"

My bet is still on the Dutch becoming world champion. This world has gone somewhat mad as people really put value in those "predictions".

And no, I did not sign up. I am not a fan of Twitter and even less of pornstars. Besides those already deciding factors.....I'm married and my wife knows karate better than I no intention of risking life and limbs. :-)

Dutch - 9 Jul 2010 // 14:06:31

"Life's simple in Varna? Maybe only if you follow orders from TIM"

That's one way.....another way is to stay out of any business TIM is involved in. I agree TIM is pretty much a decisive power in Varna, however for the ordinary citizen they do not pose any threat.

I just do my thing, work just as an employee for a Bulgarian company, which has no ties with TIM, and earn western standard, all white, money. My Bulgarian colleagues as well, so it's not because I'm a foreigner.

So yes....with enough money to burn, life's very simple in Varna. The lack of sufficient funding to get through the month is what makes life hard for many. All other things which contribute to a nice life are equally available to everyone.

Dutch - 8 Jul 2010 // 15:37:39
Topic: World Cup

" Oh, well...I suppose I will be cheering for the Dutch now..."

Thank you! At least one foreigner supporting the Netherlands! So far I only encountered resistance among non Dutch. Now I'm not sure whether they did that to deliberately yank my chain and to wind me up or whether they were sincere in opposing the Netherlands.

The cup is coming to the Netherlands. That way, following the lyrics of our national anthem, Germany, Spain and Holland should be happy. :-)

Two lines in the first verse of our (never ending) national anthem read:

"William from Orange I am from German blood"

"I've always honored the king of Spain"

I think that's pretty messed up all together. Needless to say I am pro for a debate regarding a change of the lyrics and on the side I am pro for kicking our royal family under their royal a$$es and out. Times of kings and queens is long overdue imho.

Dutch - 8 Jul 2010 // 10:05:30
Topic: World Cup

"It all evens itself out. Afghanistan beat Holland by 5 wickets in cricket."

Not quite. No one (ok, 99%) in the Netherlands cares about cricket. If the Netherlands would become worldchampion in cricket or would end last....we simply don't care. It's not a sport that we support and it surely does not count for the masses. Football and speedskating are the sports that count for us. Having world champions in other sports is just a bonus. The masses (not the sports people themselves of course) would gladly exchange multiple golden medals won in other sports tournaments for 1 golden medal won with football.

Dutch - 8 Jul 2010 // 09:56:40
Topic: World Cup

That octopus better watches its back now. Angry Germans may use it as ingredient for paella!

So the Netherlands - Spain it is. Although it is not my dream final (by heart), looking at the style of playing I guess the Dutch stand more chance against the Spanish. Moreover.....Germany will have Thomas M?ller in their next match and they did miss him quite a lot yesterday. Seems like he is the engine of the German team.

1. the Netherlands
2. Spain
3. Germany
4. Uruguay

Whatever way it turns out, the winner will be allowed to add their first star to their logo.

Dutch - 7 Jul 2010 // 17:34:50

"Spain, like Germany, has only allowed 2 goals in this tournament. Unlike Germany who has scored 13 goals, Spain has only scored 6 goals. Again, I rest my case."

"The Netherlands have allowed 5 goals and scored 12 goals. Germany has allowed 2 goals and scored 13 goals. I rest my case. We are in agreement."

Nice statistics, but also include this:

Germany in the qualifications for this World Cup: 2 draws, the rest were victories
The Netherlands in the qualifications for this World Cup: Only victories

Germany played so far 5 games on the World Cup: four victories, one loss
Holland played 6 games on the World Cup: all victories.

Germany is a little too enthousiastic and are already thinking about playing against Holland on sunday......but they'll first have to beat the Spanish and that is going to be a lot harder than a game against Argentina or Australia. Argentina was nothing this year as the football genius (Messi) was not in his best shape.

Remarkable by the way.....about all the star players did not make it and were/are way out of normal shape: Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Kaka, van Persie, Rooney, Torres, Eto'o, Drogba......among others.
Forl?n was a positive exception to this....however as of yesterday the highest possible for him this edition is 3rd place.

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