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Dutch - 28 Sep 2010 // 10:17:09

" Because they are poor? Many people are poor. Being poor is not a license to steal and perpetrate all sorts of crimes."

Poor my a$$! They just have huge problems putting priorities. Like all cities in Bulgaria, Varna has some gypsy districts. Last weekend I passed one and it was shocking to see how their district is expanding. A lot of "new" constructions (made of anything they can find/steal) on public/state land. These construction are their houses in which a normal person wouldn't let a pig live in. Anyway, no matter how bad these constructions look, all of them had a freaking satellite dish mounted on top. What's wrong with that picture? How do they get electricity for the TV to run on a state owned plot of land which was not intended to be a construction site?

I have to struggle with the municipality and E-On to get electricity the official way on one of our pieces of land, but they simply tap it here and there, of course illegally. If I'd start building some piece of crap construction on public land (let alone on smmeone else's private property), the police would be very fast to respond and remove everything by force, not only here, but also in Holland.

The Roma have been given ALL opportunities to get education, jobs and what not in order to establish themselves in society. Heck, the state even organised brand new blocks for them to live in. Guess what happened....the families were found to live in the basements and the appartments themselves were totally trashed and taken apart (all wooden doors and windowframes burned up for heating and cooking) and some of the apartments on the lower levels were used as a stable for their d@mn horses/donkeys.

The majority of these people just refuse to integrate, they just want to live life the easy way, parasiting on the taxpayer (so also on me). Meanwhile the state has no money for proper healthcare.....and that is something I'd prefer my tax money to go to.

I have nothing against Roma in general, I know a few Roma that are decent hardworking people who have taken the opportunities. One of them is a quite known person in Varna and very much appreciated by everyone. Unfortunately....these are an absolute minority and that is a simple fact.

It really angers me that some groups in society always find a way to justify their illegal/criminal behaviour and when being confronted by default immediately pull the discrimination/race card. That clich? is really getting on my nerves.....

Dutch - 3 Sep 2010 // 15:48:09

*and anyone with 1% brain capacity would understand this....

Dutch - 3 Sep 2010 // 15:46:54

"I can hardly beleive we agree on something. The utter absurdity of it is what makes it funny. I can't imagine anyone really trying that. However, should anyone do it, I think the presented scenario would in fact ensue."

Absurd it surely is, but not unthinkable. Ever wondered why in manuals of microwaves a warning is printed that one should not put live animals in microwaves? This warning is a result of someone actually putting a dog in a microwave in order to dry after the dog had been washed. Logically, and anyone with 1% brain capacity, the dog did not survive, which angered the owner of the dog who by turn, succesfully, sued the manufacturer of the microwave of not including a warning in the manual.

Absurd and cruel world we live in......

Dutch - 16 Aug 2010 // 16:01:34

"I wonder how many folks on the road don't even have licenses."

Well, most will have a drivers license, the question however is how they obtained it: Deserved, bought or thanks to a good relation with the examinator.

I don't say I'm the very best driver, but with over 20 years of driving experience in various parts of the world, I dare to say I'm a way better driver than 90% of the idiots on the roads here in BG. The average driver in BG anticipates only to events within a radius of maximum 5 meter around their car, regardless the speed they're maintaining. Everything outside those 5 meters is basically non existent. Basic car handling proves way too often to be a huge problem, let alone when some more extreme situation occurs. They'd be totally clueless...

Stripping 150K Bulgarians is nice for a start, however people will be without a license for limited time. Strip them for good and install super high fines for each and every offense (speeding, dumb parking, running red lights etc.). It would make the bigger cities a lot safer and for sure a lot nicer.

Dutch - 6 Aug 2010 // 13:49:02

"Yes, the rats are leaving the sinking ship..."

They never should have boarded this ship in the first place. That whole war in Afghanistan (and for Iraq the same applies) is nothing but a farce. Invasion for Afghanistan was to go after OBL.....which is a false and laughable reason. From starters it was clear there's absolutely no intend from anyone to actually grab the a$$hole who's been scapegoated all over the world. They have been on a manhunt now already for years and they are doing that with a huge number of troops, yet still they haven't been able to locate him. Hell, in all those years with all the technology and troops available they even would have been able to accurately pinpoint a fugitive the size of an amoebe.

Don't get me wrong....OBL is probably a 1st class a'ho, but he's been deliberately demonized with totally different objectives. Create or inflate a demon which by turn will justify a war. This war means money (your money) in the bank for a few while there won't be any RoI for those who actually fund the war.

Regarding the Aussies....they knew ever since 2008, after the Netherlands had decided to prolong their mission with an additional two years, the dutch would be leaving in 2010.

Dutch - 20 Jul 2010 // 17:27:31
Topic: For Dutch

That's right. Indeed a nice picture of the bridge in Nijmegen during sunrise. They are quite lucky this year. Only today hot (for west european standards) weather. Rest of the week it will be a lot cooler which is a whole lot better for walking distances up to 50km.

Dutch - 15 Jul 2010 // 10:43:58

"No, just one in the beginning when the first rude foul occurred. The players would have got the message and behaved not the way they did. Is that really so difficult to understand?"

It seems to me that many think that the behaviour of football players is different than people in everydays life. Well, not quite, it is exactly the same. Give anyone an opportunity where it should not be given and guaranteed the opporunity will be used.

Imagine the following: A company where it emerges one employee steals. The owner/manager then has several options:
1. Kick the thief out and report him to the police
2. Give the thief a second a second chance by giving him/her a written warning.

Option 2 will defacto lead to more theft (by the same and/or other employees). Option 1, releasing the thief from his/her duties and reporting him/her to the police, will show the owner/manager is on top of the game and this for sure will have a preventive effect. The remaining employees will think more than twice before stealing anyting as their a$$ is at stake.

Been there, done that and this policy (option 1) was drilled in my head on the 1st day of my management training. I have had two cases in 10 years I had to send people away. After these cases no more thefts with the remaining employees in the company where I was responsible of all stock (computer equipment) worth 80 million.

Dutch - 13 Jul 2010 // 16:39:14

"But what do you expect of a team made up of mostly negroes?"

Please, do some research before putting something as ridiculous like this. Did you actually watch the Germans?

May I bring to your attention the following names:
Dennis Aogo, Cacau, J?r?me Boateng

All three dark skinned football players in the German squad which and all three playing against Uruguay and you want them to take 2nd spot? Please, stuff the racist remarks where the sun never's filth for which one can get sued!

On a side note: If you can read, I have admitted the rough play of the Dutch and I disagree with it. I called them even lumberjacks and that was not out of appreciation. So, the pork chop was unnecessary and hereby it's been returned....hope you won't choke on it.

Dutch - 13 Jul 2010 // 16:25:38

"Are you actually daring to contradict WW? Shame on you. :-)))"

Well, my nationality is dutch, so it is in my blood, it is my nature to contradict and to challenge everyone else :-) Some also call it be it, the skin is thick.

I still live by 2 rules my lieutenant in the airforce repeated endlessly:

1. The lieutenant is always right.
2. In the event the lieutenant is not right, rule number one comes into effect.

So, one way or the other, I'm always right :-)

Dutch - 13 Jul 2010 // 16:18:36

"That is why (I assume you know at least this) there are only a handful or so possible situations for which there is a hard and fast rule about a corresponding punishment. Most of those concern the penalty area, like hand-play in the penalty area in an automatic penalty kick and so on... For the rest, there are looser or tighter guidelines."

100% right, which is proof the referee was an idiot! At one point Iniesta (the matchwinner) made a hitting movement towards our midfielder van Bommel. He touched him lightly and it happened right under the eyes of Webb. Lightly, heavily or no contact at all does not matter. The rules say that any movement with the arms or legs with clear intend to hit the opponent is a direct red card. Yet, Iniesta got away without a card for that foul, to receive a yellow in the end for taking his shirt off. So idiot Webb did remember that ridiculous rule.....

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