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CJB - 9 Jul 2010 // 12:07:41

"As everyone knows who has a little bit insider information, the Bulgarian statistics is very reliable, especially compared to the Greek numbers."

Oh! This is a good one! How did I miss this bit of arbeiter humour!

What kind of "insider" information are you referring to? Are you an "insider" in Bulgaria? How can you be? It is impossible for a German, except maybe Simeon's ancestors.

Do you really believe that all investment in BG is reflected in official statistics? Really? You believe that? That Bulgarians are worse at lying than Greeks? Really?

CJB - 9 Jul 2010 // 12:02:48

"Invest in Greece Agency - the one I know already, and that publishes only data related to inward investment."

You demonstrate your own intellectual shallowness, arbeiter.

Look deeper. Must I spell it out to you? Web sites contain many links and sections. Open your eyes, click with the mouse, and see there is a section related to Greek investment in the Balkan region. Try a tiny bit of work, and look! Arbeit Macht Frei...

CJB - 9 Jul 2010 // 11:59:25

"First, I don't know what makes you think that I am a 'refugee'. This is ridiculous."

Why are you hiding in Bulgaria then? Why not pursuing business in Germany?

"Or do you think that when discussing with a Bulgarian, the Bulgarian is always right and I have to shut up? Seems so!"

It is not any concern who is "right" or "wrong". Do you have any argument at all? It seems not!

"Second, I make this experience not for the first time."

Perhaps because whenever you assert something, no evidence is forthcoming? We must all just trust you, as you apparently "know" what you say is true! How is this not arrogant?

"Someone like you comes up with a wrong factual statement, and when you correct it because you know the facts, you are called arrogant."

Are you arguing with yourself now? That is extreme trolling! :)

"I would rather call it arrogant to be completely ignorant about a topic, not knowing any real sources, misunderstanding and misinterpreting facts, and still believ that all the wisdom of the world is on my side. "

You have become like a parrot: devoid of any argument or evidence, you merely repeat the opposing position in reverse. Straw man.

"I happen to know Elias Canettis daughter. So cut the crap. He was no Bulgarian, as every reader of his autobiography knows."

So you know her, but did not ask her, you have to rely on autobiography? I smell bullsh1t.

You know that Christo Javacheff also denies he is a Bulgarian, even though his brother still lives here. Christo can even claim to be German, because his grandfather was. But he cannot hide his place of birth, however painful his experience of Communism must have been. People deny all kinds of things in their lives, it does not change the facts.

"Or will you tell me next time that Atat?rk was a Greek because he was born in Thessaloniki? You are pathetic."

Hey, maybe he was a Bulgarian, too! :) That is, after all what Athenians think of people from Salun...

"As for your hidden anti-semitic reference: lowest level!"

Well, if you are denying facts of birth, what else could you deny? It is only reasonable to ask.

CJB - 9 Jul 2010 // 11:36:03

No, dumbkopf, not Invest IN Greece!

Try "Hellenic Business Council in Bulgaria"


Really, is Google so hard? Germany must be sending its least educated, least skilled arbeiters to Bulgaria indeed...

CJB - 9 Jul 2010 // 11:27:06

Fausten, I don't know where you get this air of superiority from. I know Germans think they are better than everybody else, but really, since you are a refugee in BG, you ought to hide your arrogance a little more.

Assuming a lecturing tone is not the same thing as having an argument. Constantly making requests for evidence is not the same as supplying some yourself to back up your own assertions. Even when you come up with some facts, they contradict your own position. For example, everybody knows Canetti was Jewish. You admit he was born in Ruse, which everybody also knows. His house is still there, if you can be bothered to look. So he was a Bulgarian Jew. As for this Turkish passports nonsense: read your history.

Or are you one of those Germans who pretends that Jews do not belong to the nations they are born in? That there are no "German" Jews for example? I think you should tell us!

CJB - 9 Jul 2010 // 11:08:07

"I am still waiting for you to come up with a better source. Seems there is none."

I've already cited a source: where is your source? Oh, but of course trolls don't give sources, it's easier just to ask the opponent to cite theirs. Go and look up the Greek investment agencies' statistics, compare them with the Bulgarian ones. Quite a difference! Which is correct? Any of them? What is your source?

"No, Elias Canetti was not an Austrian, he was British. "

Ha ha! Where was he born though? You are putting up straw men, I am knocking them down. Your legalistic bluster is just that: bluster. You don't really have any argument, you are just trolling. Keep setting up the skittles, watch them bowled over every time...

CJB - 8 Jul 2010 // 13:14:47

"The Competition Protection Commission has also reminded that any companies which might have suffered from the spa facilities cartel can file suits seeking compensation from the violators."

Oh yeah, I'm sure there will be a big queue of litigants like in Judge Judy. Because we all know that Bulgarian prosecutors, defence lawyers, and judges are all impeccable characters, who never take bribes and cannot be influenced by powerful vested interests, family connections, threats of violence, etc.

CJB - 8 Jul 2010 // 11:22:26

Oh BTW the official Greek statistics rank Greece as No.2 FDI contributor to BG's economy since 1992. So which are more reliable? Greek or Bulgarian statistics?

Greeks also list Austria as No.1 investor in BG since 1992. No doubt there is a mix of normal, "strategic" investment here, but also as you have admitted, a lot of stolen Bulgarian cash ended up in Austria, presumably made "clean" using Austrian banks. So what percentage of this Austrian investment is just recycled Bulgarian cash? Who knows?

CJB - 8 Jul 2010 // 10:58:55

Wow. It's vaguely depressing to see all the ego merchants here indulging in a contest to see who can p1ss higher up the wall. Who gives a flying fock what you guys or your offspring do for a living, who's "better", etc.?

Grow up, people!

CJB - 8 Jul 2010 // 10:46:38

"1. Cyprus, Greece and Luxembourg are and were not the top countries from which FDI flows to Bulgaria."

Are you quoting official statistics as your evidence for this assertion? Official Bulgarian statistics, rubber stamped by the World Bank perhaps? What makes you think these stats are reliable?

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