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CJB - 11 Jul 2010 // 10:53:38

Exactly Mat. Could be a turf war, could be part of a long-running dispute, we just don't know. The fact that the French guys claimed it was a "little disagreement" sounds like gangster talk...

CJB - 11 Jul 2010 // 10:51:58

Yes, in the mountains one can still find beautiful nature and nice villages in Bulgaria. In a way it is good that the economic boom cooled down in BG, as the mutri were really ruining everywhere, even the mountains, with their 'deluxe' mutra baroque hotels. Many now lie half-finished and empty.

There are still nice places if you know where to look. But in 10 years? Maybe not.

CJB - 11 Jul 2010 // 10:46:59

Berlin is certainly not dead after 20:00, it is a vubrant international city. You should visit some time. Whether it is the 'real' Germany is another matter, but dull Berlin is not!

CJB - 10 Jul 2010 // 18:36:34

"I would call it a monologue. THE KNEZ-MORON MONOLOGUES would be a good title. lol"

Is that like "The Vagina Monologues", except no vagina, just an old incontinent Ataka fanatic sh1tting himself in a wheelchair while waiting for baba to wipe his arse?

CJB - 10 Jul 2010 // 18:34:02

"No, they do not have a long way. Make whatever Borisov's country does and shortly you are there:

Judicial system: truly independent, objective and honorable. Only their cars used by their criminal defender lawyer husbands get burnt by mutri sometimes.
Combatting organized crime: Police effectively combats organized crime. They ignore it. Organized crime, ignored by the police, faces a self-awareness depression and this depression destroy them.
Smuggling: Bulgaria is not the main route for drugs from Afghanistan into Europe. It is an autobahn, though."

Actually sarkan that's not bad. Quite witty. You may live up to your moniker yet!

CJB - 10 Jul 2010 // 17:27:25

Clearly the Ambassador needs to recall the historical concept of "Potemkin villages". The crafty Bulgarians are only concerned with putting on a show, they have no intention of really changing. Why should they, when the status quo is so lucrative?

CJB - 10 Jul 2010 // 16:47:34

"I disagree in fact. I disagree with the 'facts' - as for opinions that's another story. And I disagree with someone who starts an argument with 'Arbeit macht frei' and other disgusting Nazi propaganda."

Oh Faustus, how can I put this delicately? One thing you keep banging on about is "facts". I don't know how long you have been in business here in the Balkans, but "facts" of the type you seem so fond of are virtually worthless here. That you cling to them so readily is understandable in a way, as the alternative is to accept that very little, if anything, makes any sense here in BG.

Also, for someone so wedded to "facts", you have a curious propensity to twist them around your own reality distortion field. For example, when did I start anything with 'Arbeit macht frei' ? I ended on it, I did not start there.

Also, for someone who finds part of German history (the Nazis) "disgusting" you are very ready to wade into arguments about Balkan history with offensive insults (not to me but to others). So we have to "respect" the sensitivities of Germans, however their forefathers behaved, yet Germans can have any opinion, even harsh ones, about the Balkanites? This is typical arrogant hypocrisy from people who, despite their pretense of liberal democracy, still basically believe (wrongly) in their own superiority to others - as you have admitted yourself.

CJB - 10 Jul 2010 // 14:33:56

Yawn. Faustus, again I say you can copy and paste your info from 2002 if you want. Funny how you decide to ignore the other info I pointed you towards. Maybe because it does not suit your "argument"?

Why so selective? Could it be because you know you are plain wrong?

Anyway, you keep quoting these official figures like they mean something. This is typical nomenklatura thinking. Were you born in DDR? Tractor production increased 500% last year, you know, comrade!

There are estimates that between 40% and 70% of Bulgarian economy is black or grey. How can this appear in official statistics, bonehead?

CJB - 10 Jul 2010 // 11:48:30

I'm sure most people here already know this, and I know it is considered somewhat offensive to national sensibilities and pride. But I still think it worth considering that the Turks still call this place "Bulgaristan". I mention it because, insulting though many "Bulgaristanis" find this term, when you think of the territory and people in this way, suddenly everything makes sense. The bakshish, the laziness, the chaos is so much part of what the "stans" are all about. BTW it should also be "Macedonistan" for the same reason.

Viva Bulgaristan!

CJB - 10 Jul 2010 // 11:41:37

Ha ha! That's exactly what Boyko and the Bulgarian public need! :))

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