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Bill - 11 Sep 2010 // 09:55:23


To address your Obama question, it's hard to say. I do know that at no time in my memory has the entire population been as opposed to a sitting government as now. He's embarked on a program of socialism unheard of in American history, and the citizens don't like it.

He's just come out with another program to "stimulate" the economy, create jobs, etc. The big question is, since the government is already trillions of dollars in debt, where does he propose to get the money to pay for these programs.

It's typical socialist thinking: You can solve any problem by pouring more money into it. However, Maggie Thatcher's description is the best I know of: "The trouble with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's money".

In my own personal opinion, the only reason Obama got elected is that he is black, and got a landslide vote from the black community, so it's difficult to tell whether the issue is racial or not. It may or may not be fair, but within the black community, there's a high degree of lack of education--opportunities or no--poverty and welfare recipients, who have grown up in this milieu and are fully convinced that the government owes them a living. (It's true here in Germany, too, but here it's not such a racial divide.) Therefore, they'll vote for anyone who promises them more money. This, however, may just as well be said of the labor unions, always demanding more pay and bennies for less and less work. The idea has taken root that the workers are "entitled" to a share of the profits, although that idea is a false one.

So where do we place the "blame" for the present situation? Extremely difficult to pin down, but the one sure thing is that SOMETHING needs to be done, and the present government isn't doing it, or not doing it properly.

This has produced what I think is a situation unique in American life, namely where the entire population, regardless of party affiliation, opposes the government. It has sparked the creation of an informal "Tea Party" political movement, which is drawing membership from all established parties and non-aligned voters. In short, a voter rebellion.

The current slogan is "Vote the bastards out", and it's being applied across the board. Nearly every Senator or Congressman up for re-election is running scared, and well they should be.

A corollary to this is panic among the present government, trying to get socialistic programs through before they lose control of the Congress, which appears to be imminent. We seem to be faced with a two-edged sword. Do we change the Congress before they can get these programs into law, or must we repeal the laws later?

Frankly, I don't know. Usually, I don't participate in voting, because nobody in Congress represents my viewpoint, and I won't vote for anyone who doesn't. This year, however, I've arranged for an absentee ballot, just so I can vote AGAINST someone.

Bill - 11 Sep 2010 // 02:51:42


OK, there are people who find history important as a learning tool. It all depends upon what you want to learn and why.

When I was in grade school, I loved studying Egypt, Greece and Rome, but when it got into more modern stuff I lost interest. I still prefer ancient history to the later events.

I notice that in some places you'll get a long lecture about who was king when, whom he married, whom his descendant married, until I fall asleep. I have no need to measure time by who was reigning where when, and I couldn't care less.

I have enough of a time trying to learn and adapt to the countries I've lived in, because there it's a matter of simple integration with the local populace, but beyond that I don't care.

Look, let's agree to disagree. You have different goals and priorities than I do, and they'll never mesh. I'm not for soft-pedalling criminals, no matter what their other circumstances may be.

I had an optometrist in LA who had a framed certificate on his wall which was written in Russian. I asked him what it said. He said, "Well, it says that I sang in the choir at the Army's language school". I asked him why he had put the certificate on his wall. He said just to impress people who are impressed by such things.

There are two trolls on this forum who keep trying to impress me with what they consider a superior education. In my view, if that education didn't contain decent behavior toward strangers, civility and other courtesies of daily living, they have not been educated properly.

Bill - 11 Sep 2010 // 02:39:08


So now we have a coange of troll shifts?

I know "plenty of poets" would disagree with me, but I am no fan of so-called "free verse", and I don't classify their works as poetry to begin with.

Bill - 10 Sep 2010 // 23:05:22


"OK, I accept your admittance of defeat."

Oh? Which one? All you've been doing is criticizing, trolling, and reaching a level of obscenity which makes thoughts of being Pantudi's sock puppet appear plausible.

And, like another troll on this forum, you seem to think that you can defeat anyone with some superior knowledge mania.

From my viewpoint, you're nothing but an upstart brat. Nellie found the proper word I hadn't thought of--insolent!

Bill - 10 Sep 2010 // 21:40:56


"Meter and Rhyme is not the only important things in a poem!"

But they ARE what distinguishes poetry from prose.

Bill - 10 Sep 2010 // 21:38:14


"Meter and Rhyme is not the only important things in a poem!"

But that ARE

Bill - 10 Sep 2010 // 20:07:16


"Are you so sure?"

Sure enough to know that you're just trolling--as usual.

The meter was as good as the others.
The rhyming was as good as the others.

However, the obscene content, and its obvious intent, are indicative of a psychological problem.

Bill - 10 Sep 2010 // 19:58:44


"NO. My ditty was SO much better than yours!"

Really? In what way? The meter was no better nor worse than the others posted. The content was obscene.

Matter of taste, and I'm very glad I don't have yours.

Bill - 10 Sep 2010 // 19:38:01


"I post the best limerick..."

My, my, my. How conceited. Matter of opinion. Indicative of a dirty mind.

Bill - 10 Sep 2010 // 19:11:08


I don't recall ever having said that my sister is a virgin. I don't know if she is or not. I wouldn't dream of asking her!

But I'm old-fashioned. I don't think sex is a proper matter for public discussion, particularly not with strangers.

I only mentioned the accusation of being oversexed in responsed to criticism that I had no sex life. Whether I have or not, and what it might entail is emphatically none of your business!

But once again you're posting nothing but criticism. You must lead a really boring life if that's all you can do.

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