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Bill - 13 Sep 2010 // 18:30:31


"I do feel bad for you that there won't be anyone at your funeral though."

I won't say there won't be anyone, because I do have a number of friends here, but I still won't know who's going to officiate.

As to being strange, what would you call this obsession you have for jumping into a conversation with personal criticism a la you know who?

Bill - 13 Sep 2010 // 18:24:31


"I think you are addicted to this forum even though you don't think you are."

That's what I mean. Why should you bother to think like that, much less tell me about it?

And now that you mention it, who came up with a response "within minutes'"?

Bill - 13 Sep 2010 // 17:54:28


"Big government is bad, period."


But now look at the wonderful opportunity we've given Nickie for another attempt at psychoanalyzing me! I do get tired of being told what I think, and what my motivations are by strangers.

For my money, people don't come any stranger.

Bill - 13 Sep 2010 // 17:41:17


"Are you saying Obama is a socialist because of the bailouts? $13.4 billion of the GM bailout funds were authorized by the Bush administration."

The only flaw in that reasoning is that just because Bush came up with the idea and "authorized", it doesn't even necessarily mean that Obama had to go ahead with it.

It was LBJ who "authorized" the use of social security numbers for identification with an executive order! (It took me a bit of research to track that down.) Up to that point it had been law, so far as I know, that social security numbers couldn't be used for any other purpose.

When I got out of my first enlistment and went to a California bank to open a new account, I was asked for my social security number. I asked, "Are you going to put any money into my social security account?" The answer was no. My next question was, "Are you going to take any money out of my social security account?. Again the answer was no. Then I asked, "Then what do you need my account number for?". I was told it was for identification. I said I could give them my driver's license number, or even my Magic Kingdom card number, but I couldn't see where they needed the number of a financial account.

I was told that if I didn't give my social number, I couldn't have an account!

I still have my student number from college, and my service number from my Navy days. In those days social security numbers were as secret as bank account numbers. In fact, when I got to Germany, I was very reluctant to give my banking information to anyone until I found it's the normal practice here. All business letterheads have the company's bank data on them, because most bills are paid here by bank transfer. You fill out a form, take it to your bank, and they take it from there. You get the payment confirmation on your bank statement. Now, with computers and on-line banking, I don't even have to go to the bank.

As I've said before, Americans generally aren't interested in politics, and sitting here in Germany unhurt, I wasn't really paying Bush any attention.

Bill - 13 Sep 2010 // 10:13:19


Put it this way:

If I owned a small neighborhood grocery store and my business was failing, would the government rush in to bail me out? Not a chance. It isn't the taxpayers' problem.

Bill - 13 Sep 2010 // 09:53:56


"Bill (and you) say Obama is a socialist and then you say "Who owns Government Motors a.k.a. GM? Who owns the mortgage lenders Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac? Not to mention half the big banks like CITI, Bank of America, AIG and a few others? The government owns them, bone head! Or should I say the tax payer?"

That's exactly what makes Obie a socialist. It wasn't and isn't the taxpayers' responsibility to bail out any failing company.

Bill - 13 Sep 2010 // 09:50:04


What does this have to do with immigration problems? Looks more like spam advertising to me.

Bill - 13 Sep 2010 // 09:24:14


Why the hell can't you post an opinnion without all the peronal slamming? I don't give a damn about what you think! State your opinion and leave the ranting out of it. You could easily (I assume) have written your opinion in much better language, without throwing in the insults.

But that's exactly what makes you a member of the fan club, isn't it? Personal slamming instead of a simple opinin statement.

Bill - 13 Sep 2010 // 02:57:26


"with out knowing who is burying you"

Isn't that a bit of an oxymoron? Do you expect to know who is burying you? For people with families, this is more or less a foregone conclusion, but living alone in a foreign country leaves me with no knowledge whatever of who's going to "do the honors".

Bill - 13 Sep 2010 // 02:54:03


I post things I think Nellie might be interested in; no more, no less. I have a pretty good idea what her views are, and although I don't agree with most of them, there are a few I do.

As to burial, growing old alone isn't the best possible end, but I figure that if I were to die suddenly, and what I have stacked up against that probability suffices, fine. The "my problem" was said facetiously.

Fact is, and I don't know if the law has changed in the meantime, but as of the time I enlisted in the Navy, that service entitled me to burial at government expense. Only the heroes get to go to Arlington, but there are many other national cemeteries. I really don't know if that exists today, but I've always felt entitled to it. Actually, being an incurable romantic, I'd prefer to be buried at sea. Preferably just south of Capri, where I spent some of the most pleasurable times of my life.

But somehow people on this forum read more into my posts than I put into them, and the interpretations are sometimes pretty wild.

Now as to the speed of replies, that depends entirely on whether I'm at the computer at the time. Some things don't get answered for quite a while.

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