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VillaGuy - 14 Apr 2016 // 11:05:54

I wonder which out of the unlawful police murders of hundreds of unarmed civilians, Guantanamo Bay, the dubious/illegal war against Gaddafi, the complete shambles Afghanistan has been left to rot in or the third party supply and funding of segments in the Middle East that has led to terrorism and internal wars raging for the sake of getting their own way (or attempting to). Bulgaria has an exemplary record next to theirs, so their opinion is the last one that Bulgaria should listen to next to North Korea and some failed central African states. If the Roma lived their ways in the USA, they\'d get no healthcare, and they say Bulgaria marginalises their own citizens, it\'s a good joke coming from the land of inequality and criminalisation.

Seedy - 23 Nov 2015 // 18:05:27

Here's some assistance: learn to write correct English and how to proof-read before you tout your dubious services.....

GrueFsk - 4 Sep 2015 // 23:29:12


The Romanian theory that the name Kavarna derived from Vlach c?rbune (coal) because "the inhabitants of the land were producing charcoal from the woods in the region" is dubious, as there were no major forests in the steppes surrounding the town. In that time and later, the densely wooded Strandzha mountain region in present-day southeastern Bulgaria was traditional supplier of charcoal (traded for wheat) to both Varna and Southern Dobruja.

There are no major forests today. The association carvuna - charcoal is possible, if you consider that mangal (in Mangalia) means charcoal too (in turkish).Anonimu 11:50, 26 February 2007 (UTC)
Also, there are no other historical Vlach toponyms anywhere on the entire Dobruja coast. By the time Kavarna received its present name, it was populated mostly by Gagauz who perhaps contributed most decisively to the name.

That is not a reason for denying a romanian connectionAnonimu 11:50, 26 February 2007 (UTC)
Additionally, it is historically incorrect to use the term "Romanian" instead of "Vlach" regarding events prior to the time Vlachs started calling themselves "Romanians." In the 15th century, when the name Kavarna was first mentioned, "Romania" was the name of what we now call "Byzantium" and nothing else. The Crusaders marching to the battle of Varna in 1444 travelled along the Varna lakes and on their south were the "mountains, separating Bulgaria from Romania".

So how did the vlachs call themselves before starting calling themselves Romanians?Anonimu 11:50, 26 February 2007 (UTC) 03:51, 26 February 2007 (UTC)

Karinovasi, Karanovasa?[edit]
Hi folks. I have a historical question: is there any archaeological evidence that Kavarna is the same as place Karinovasi-Karanovasa (battle of Mircea the Elder/"Mircea cel B?tr?n" against the ottomans in 1393-94)? Some historians are placing it on Arges River in Romania but others are talking about Kavarna. Thanks. Bigshotnews 00:19, 28 May 2011 (UTC) — Preceding unsigned comment added by Bigshotnews (talk • contribs)

Ilse Koch - 6 Apr 2015 // 16:51:48

This is wonderful news - Bulgaria's problems with corruption will be completely sorted out by Fatty Tsatsarov, who with his wife purchased multiple plots of land for just 1 lev, and failed to record all of his apartments also bought under dubious circumstances on his tax returns. I'm sure the EU will be very pleased....

Lucy Stern-Duivenvoorden - 5 Mar 2015 // 21:44:40

To be honest I am concerned in regards to some of the comments "Seedy" has previously made ...

"Seedy" made clear in his posts that the parents (of the children abused by Paul Renouf) were not “real” Bulgarian's - he clarified in one of his posts: "... disgusting parents who aren't real Bulgarians but rather degenerate members of an ethnic minority which pays no heed to civilised norms or the laws of any of the countries which are unfortunate enough to have to put up with their presence" - which he also called "tsigani" in previous posts.

Well, how does "Seedy" know that, since it was nowhere made public ?
All what was made public was "poverty stricken family", "poor family" and "Bulgarian family" etc ...

"Seedy" also made very obvious how he feels about gypsies which doesn't mean in the least that he would never touch one in a "Hazard Suite" as he previously stated in one of his posts - it may be an indication of the exact opposite - (t)his statement, as well as “Seedy” focusing solely on the parents blame ...

Besides that, some prisoners bribe prison guards to obtain whatever luxury isn't included in their service i.e. a smart phone with Internet access ...

Further, I wouldn't be in the least surprised if Paul Renouf was indeed released early from a Bulgarian prison under dubious circumstances. Anyone who can afford to pay 60.000 British Pounds to the parents of these kids, can also afford 'a little help from a friend' ... besides that most pedophiles do not serve a full prison sentence, and get released after serving approx. half of their sentences, and sometimes under certain circumstances even less than that.

We shall find out shortly.

Lastly, Wilhelm Keitel seems to know very well what he is talking about – “... - interestingly, this is exactly the same approach he used against witnesses when put on trial for his disgusting attacks on young Bulgarian boys.” - It sounds to me like he was there.

Which also made me wonder about “Seedy's” reactions in regards to the young man in the ditch who obviously didn't die a natural death and me speaking my mind.

PS: It looks like if one is not registered, the name one is posting with can't be protected – everyone else can use it as well.

Philipp Bouhler - 4 Mar 2015 // 00:08:09

Seedy (real name Paul Renouf) was recently released from a Bulgarian prison under dubious circumstances after serving less than half of his sentence for the predatory and sickening abuse of young boys. I'm sure his release from prisonhas nothing to do with the fact that his live in lover who posts on this forum under the pseudonym of VillaGay is a well known criminal with links to the Bulgarian judiciary, and multiple convictions for the abuse of minors. Perhaps they can answer why they have both moved into an apartment that overlooks a childrens playschool in Sofia?

Bucharester - 22 Feb 2015 // 15:08:21

Oskar the answer to your comment is: yes and no

You are right, according to our ex chief of secret services Russia tried to create a negative reaction to fracking in Romania. The villagers were "agitated" by the most conservative wing of the orthodox church in the region (which borders ex USSR) and by one journalist famous for supporting dubious characters involved in an oil refinery privatization to Lukoil.

But the response of the police was harsh and swift and the protest were contained 2 years ago. Russian influence in Ro is minimal as the population is 75%+ pro EU and NATO and among the stereotypes towards other nations Romanians consider Russian their most hostile nation (over 50% surpassing even Hungary).

The truth is that apparently the deposits are insignificant. During the presidential campaign the current premier said so in a debate despite Chevron's protests that their findings are confidential. With the price of oil going down, the gas is also down and most plants can switch from gas to coal or from gas to oil even if there was some gas right now it would be economically unfeasible to exploit them.

For Romania this is not terrible news because we found few years ago traditional reserves in the Black sea worth of 4-8 years consumption and few days ago found another deposit that would meet the needs of another 2 years. And right now we import from Russia less than 10 percent of gas, the other 90% is from domestic inland deposits (with a rate of depletion of 10%per year, and the price is 110$ not 300-400$ like the Russian one). It is good that we managed to make the buildings and the industry more energy efficient and in a few years we decreased the imports from 30% to less than 10%. The sad part is that without fracking we won't be able to export gas in the region.

Mike Goldstein - 21 Jan 2015 // 19:27:56

The question arises; why does Bulgaria make it easy for dubious refugees to have citizenship but difficult and a lengthy process for EU citizens living in Bulgaria?

George Zhelyazkov - 1 Aug 2014 // 03:52:46

Listen Bulgaria, keep doing business deals with the decadent West and you'll see what happens to you. I've been saying here for many years - and I get a lot of heat for it - that Bulgaria needs to diversify away from the capitalist, decadent West and unite with brother Russia and prosperous emerging markets like Eritrea and Cambodia.

You have to understand Bulgarians, letting Westinghouse run our nuclear plants is like letting the neighbourhood thief to screw your sister. Even if Westinghouse invented nuclear reactors I don't care. I don't trust Westerners, starting with Americans.

Our Russian brothers have always demonstrated they have our interests before theirs. That's why when they imposed the pure and just ideology of communism in Bulgaria they always made sure we were a little bit richer than them. Ask yourselves Bulgarians, would you prefer a world renown company with the best technology in the world like Rusatom to manage Belene and build our reactors or let some unknown American company with dubious reputation imperil the safety of our citizens.

Who cares if Rusatom is on the EU and US blacklist. Blacklists are made to be broken and we have plenty of reserves in our currency board mechanism to pay any fines the EU imposes on us. If not we can always get another 2 billion leva loan to pay our Russian brethren who deserve nothing but obedience and subordination from us little people.

One day Bulgarians you will have the privilege and honour of visiting Hamilton and you will see where I get my inspiration from for my bright ideas and maybe you'll be able to invent a few good things yourselves too.

John Doe - 25 Mar 2014 // 12:13:07

Russia today is government controlled. Any document that comes out of this source is at least dubious. Yulia confirmed the phone call, but also stated that it was manipulated. Same game was played by the Russian "Secret Police" a couple of weeks ago while people were protesting on the Maidan.
Thank for letting the forum know, what kind of media you trust sa-sha!
How about some original thougts form your side and not just propaganda.

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