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Commenting article: Mestan: Turkish-Bulgarian Liberals are Bulgaria's Only Non-Ethnic Party

The liberal Movement for Rights and Freedoms is Bulgaria's only non-ethnic party, according to leader Lyutvi Mestan, who spoke at the party's May 12 elections campaign launching Saturday.

The Movement opened its campaign in the south-eastern city of Kardzhali, the center of one of the two areas in Bulgaria, where the country's sizeable Turkish minority is concentrated.

Traditionally, the MRF is supported by large parts of that minority, provoking the chronic criticisms that the party is based on an ethnic principle, something prohibited by Bulgaria's constitution.

Uchak - 13 Apr 2013 // 16:39:30

turk monster, why does turk deny armenian genocide
500 years ottoman turkish slavery and genocide against Bulgaria
worse then holocaust, Mestan is a TurkNAZI

maybe - 14 Apr 2013 // 12:10:25

Hey Uchak!
Do you think the way you speak is appropriate for a civilized person? How can you expect something good out of inciting hatred? Isn't it time Bulgarians start thinking about today and the future instead of dealing with the past incidents (true or not)? How can Bulgaria become a modern nation if they are not able to address its minorities in a polite way?

Uchak - 14 Apr 2013 // 13:48:40

idiot, do the zionists not speak about past incidents?
do they not incite hatred against Germans non stop with holocaust
slavs have right to spread their memory of ottoman and communist genocides
have turls ever apologized for ottoman occupation? the infamous 'blood tax'
just as germans were kicked out of eastern europe in ww2 Bulgarians have every right to expel turks back to their Anatolian squat toilet in the name of 'social justice'
who controls the past controls the future

Uchak - 14 Apr 2013 // 13:52:03

of course you maybe deny russian and ukrainian holocausts by communists....we can go to siberia and ukraine and dig up the millions of bones
turks in germany have no problem bashing germans for their 'nazi past' why not ok to bash them for their genocidal ottoman past
did they not take millions of slaves it is true history ottoman empire

maybe - 14 Apr 2013 // 14:58:52

Hey, I did not insult you! You just seem to spill it out even with a mild push!
Time to grow up.
Learn the history and to respect other people.
There are a lot of people like you talking and talking about things they don't actually know and about things they actually cannot do.
You have opinion without having a knowledge.
Just empty talking.
You just rev the engine in neutral because you don't have any gears.
Just a loud noise, that's all.
Ha ha ha

Richie - 14 Apr 2013 // 18:18:15

There was probably oppression of Bulgarians by the Ottomans, but present day Turks are not responsible for this: the responsible are long dead. No one should be treated badly because of the sins of their ancestors.

Uchak - 14 Apr 2013 // 19:14:28

I agree with you 100% Richie that is why gllobalist propaganda should stop bllaming Germans Poles and other europeans for various 'crimes' by their ancestors, ,
each new generation is a new beginning to do good or evil

Richie - 14 Apr 2013 // 19:48:56

So explain to me why Mestan is a Turk nazi?

Uchak - 14 Apr 2013 // 20:25:53

mestan is turk nazi because he refuses to apologize for crimes of ottoman empire against bulgaria
he is like a holocaust denier
he believes in turkish supremacy the world wide conquest of the kebab and squat toilet
that is why he is turk nazi
all bulgarian nation deserves is recognition of their suffering

lev - 18 Apr 2013 // 14:50:23

If you need a matches and canister of petrol I will send you,bloody useless cunt !

lev - 18 Apr 2013 // 14:54:05

@uchak: Ignorant Bulgarian gyaur/ateist/!

Uchak - 18 Apr 2013 // 15:02:17

see lev you turk racism rears its ugly stinky head
you deny the crimes of ottoman empire?
you deny the nazis were modelled on the ottoman empire and ataturk was adviser to hitler?
can you imagine germans naming their main airport after hitler? yet turks name everything in turkey after ataturk! amazing

maybe - 18 Apr 2013 // 15:23:46

To Uchak:
I don't think there is even 1 "serious" person who would agree with your distorted views of the past.
Where did you go? To the Brainwashed Fanatics School?

Uchak - 18 Apr 2013 // 15:45:56

know 90% of bulgarianst agree with me, ..
are they all brainwashed fanatics?
are jews talking bout their holocaust brainwashed fanatics?

you know not one single byzantine christian is alive turks geno cded 100% of them! turned haga sophia into a mosque

you are just brainwashed marxists tool beliveing all evil comes from europe, yet ignore the crimes carried about by muslims and judeo bolsheviks
ottoman empire was built on slavery and genocide historical fact
the bulgarian muslims were forced upon pain of death to convert to islam or die FACT

maybe - 18 Apr 2013 // 16:42:41

Ha ha ha, you are very funny!
If 90% percent of Bulgarians agreed with you then Ataka would get 90 % and not less than 10 %. So this claim is "A LIE"
Thankfully they don't.
I did not say Jewish Holocaust is not real. I just disagree that it has anything to do with people other than Germans. This is distorting the facts. You are not feeling confident in what you defend so you are trying make use of Jewish Holocaust which you don't know much about, to make your case stronger. That Turks advised Nazis for genocide is "A LIE".
I think there were millions of Greeks living in Anatolia until 1920s. They emigrated to Greece after Turkish Independence War, and Turks in Greece emigrated to Turkey. So, this claim is "A LIE"
When they conquered a Christian city they always turned the biggest church into a mosque as a sign of their dominance.
The person that you baselessly hate, Ataturk has turned the church into a museum so that everybody can visit this old masterpice in its original state. You should thank him. So what you say is "TRUE" but this practice was "normal" for that time. What is not normal is people still destroying mosques in Bulgaria in 2013! While Turks are restorating the only iron church in the world, the Bulgarian Church in Istanbul spending 3 million Lira. Because it is a heritage.
If the Ottomans were so bad they would force all the people in Bulgaria to convert to Islam or die. Nobody could prevent them from doing so. They did not. After 500 years, Bulgarians were able to establish their state, just like many other nations. When the Ottoman Empire collapsed after 600 years, all the peoples established their previous states.
I don't think Ottomans were any worse than other states in their time. You are just repeating the lie you have heard many times. It has been also repeated in the communist times. It is a "LIE". If Ottomans were so bad, you cannot explain how so many millions of non-muslims survived until the end of 19th century. They could have killed all the people in Bulgaria and get away with it. Nobody could have helped. They did not.
Please, get over this obsession with the past and try to think positively towards the future. Try to read objective historians if you want to get facts. Not just the things you get used to hearing.
We all have to live together and we have to respect each other regardless of what happened in the past.

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