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Commenting article: Bulgaria Shocked as Wrestling Heads for Exit from Olympics

Ordinary people and sports officials in Bulgaria have been stunned and shocked by the news that wrestling – one of the few traditional and medal-winning sports in the country - is set to be dropped from the 2020 Olympic Games.

"I was totally shocked when I heard the news," Stefka Kostadinova, President of the Bulgarian Olympic Committee, BOC, commented.

"Bulgaria has been dealt a blow, but Russia and the United States are also countries where wrestling is a leading sport. The problem is that these countries have no representatives in the executive council of the International Olympic Committee (IOC)," she added.

Yane - 14 Feb 2013 // 02:53:02

baseball? only yanks play that rubbish!
wushu? what???
the rest is what?? crap!

Wrestling is Olympic game since ANTIQUITY! Blasted morons, how dare they!?

Russophobe - 14 Feb 2013 // 08:46:16

You are by far the dumbest member of this forum. No wonder this country has problems, idiots that think like you run the show.
FYI baseball is played in Canada, US, Mexico, all the Caribbean, all Central America and most countries in northern South America. It is also extremely popular in Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. Learn your facts before you speak moron. Apart from that I doubt a mosquito brain like you could even begin to comprehend the complex rules of the sport. Stick to football retard, probably the only sport you'll ever understand.

Chushki - 14 Feb 2013 // 14:38:38

Fortunately employment is thriving in the Bulgarian private sector for ex.wrestlers - and all thats required is a pair of dark sunglasses and black t-shirt.

Yane - 14 Feb 2013 // 19:19:11

Hey u fat yank pig, go stuff yourself another hot dog while u watch your baseball. You have to grow up watching it to bother.

Seriously, a guy with a bat hits a ball n someone runs around the track. Yeah, that is interesting!? What a load of crap!

Wrestling, in contrast to baseball, is done EVERYWHERE. Who the hell plays baseball in Europe!?

Yane - 14 Feb 2013 // 20:03:26

1. Wrestling is a classical olympic game and thus should enjoy special protection status as untouchable because it's recognized as part of our history. Wrestling...well, it's part of all human history since it has always existed in one form or another. Removing wrestling is not just targeting one sport, but world human history. The question is, if this can happen, what other classical typical Olympic games can be removed? Where does this end?

2. Corruption, the Olympic games are mired in scandal but this is just the worst ever. How many other games representatives come with bribes? How far does this go? What looks like one sport getting the boot, instead raises many many questions.

Russophobe - 14 Feb 2013 // 20:07:15

When you mix a dirty peasant with low intelligence a little prick like Yane is the result.

Look bozo there's no need trying to explain anything to you because your small brain and the resulting low IQ will not get it!

Stay in your mud infested, pothole filled dumpster and let the better educated opine on this forum.

Yane - 15 Feb 2013 // 20:54:26

You fat american slob! U mentioned the US, banana republics and 2 countries you fought in ww2 n korean war. That just leaves out Europe, Africa and most of Asia in your so-called "logic" why an irrelevant game should become part of the Olympics.

Nice name, are you enjoying the asteroid hit in Russia today, you piece of shit?

Russophobe - 16 Feb 2013 // 00:16:44

Oh my goodness! This is what happens when foreign taxpayers from developed countries donate computers and internet connection to third world countries and dumb, filthy peasants like you get one for free!

Look dirty peasant boy, i wouldn't be talking about banana republics, have you looked around your village lately. Those countries you criticize are much better off than your gypsystan.

As for sports, i already told you, you won't understand the complex rules of baseball. Stick to football, it's much cheaper, you only need a shitty little ball and four bricks to serve as goalposts. Baseball is an expensive sport so no use even contemplating it gypsy boy.

Go eat kebabche and listen to chalga you dirty Balkan monkey.

BULERICAN - 16 Feb 2013 // 07:10:10




Dominican Republic






Puerto Rico

United States




Chinese Tapai (Taiwan)


Czech Republic



Great Britain


New Zealand




South Africa



Members and associate members in the world baseball council. Baseball is played at a national league level in almost all countries of Europe, you have to look for it, but it is there.

Yane, a little research might have helped before you stuck your foot in your mouth.

Yane - 16 Feb 2013 // 15:59:32

Bulerican, you come to defense of your fellow yank? How utterly pathetic. Funny how he calls names, his country is the most mongrel in all the world and is run by a black president and he thinks he is on a pedestal? What a joke and go look at Detroit that is the future for U'merica. Better go learn to speak Spanish!

Seriously, you can come to Europe, visit ANY country and tell me which TV channel regularly shows baseball instead of popular sports such as football, hockey etc. Just give it up, nobody cares about your boring game.

Russophobe - 16 Feb 2013 // 18:26:43

Am I supposed to be insulted by the fact that we have an African American President and that my country is diverse?

Your peanut brain really is even smaller than I even imagined.

Look gypsy, the reason my country is the most successful nation in the history of the world, the reason we have the most Nobel prizes in all fields, the most wins in the Olympics in all sports, the strongest military, the strongest and largest economy and the highest GDP per capita of any industrialized nation in the world is because we have managed to attract what you think is inferior:blacks, hispanics, europeans, indians, asians, arabs, jews, even gypsies like you. We have managed to attract even trash from your dark corner of the world that has come to my country taken advantage of the opportunities available and invented the computer for example. In your dumpster he would have invented a better way to boil rakia in the batthtub.

What does your own country attract? Gypsies? Turks? Other Balkan trash? What has your country invented in the last 1,000 years? What is your GDP per capita? Why do most people live in abject misery and eat out of trash bins? Why are people desperate to win the visa lottery to come to my country or desperate for the British to let them work there legally? Why are there no highways? Why are roads full of potholes? Why are rabid dirty dogs on every corner? Why do your filthy politicians only lie and steal? Why do your people dress like something out of Les Miserables from Victor Hugo? Look in the mirror retard, you'll see the reason for the above.

Lastly, you are not European asswipe. Don't even imagine it for one second. Nobody views you as such. Nobody in the West thinks you are European, even your fellow easterners think you are pure trash. So please vomit brain get it into your peanut brain for the last time. You are worthless!!!!!

DP - 16 Feb 2013 // 20:13:01

“Lastly, you are not European asswipe. Don't even imagine it for one second. Nobody views you as such. Nobody in the West thinks you are European, even your fellow easterners think you are pure trash. So please vomit brain get it into your peanut brain for the last time. You are worthless!!!!!”

WOW! Russophobe, you just joined the jerk --calling herself Yane-- in the miasmic gutter of hate and intolerance...

BTW, You know too well BG and speak about Bulgarians as an expat from the neighbourhood , not as a Yank at all ..

Too much “feeling”...

BULERICAN - 17 Feb 2013 // 08:00:27

A sport must be on TV for it to be popular ??? Fine Logic that is.

My boss has a 17 year old son who plays in the German Bundesliga (National Level), they won the German Championship last year.

Last weekend they had an indoor tournament with 16 European countries participating, Germany was 1st, France 2nd, and Holland 3rd.

There is at this time little TV coverage excepting regional TV, On regio-TV they show 15-20 games each summer.

I have seen darts, rugby, and cricket perhaps 10 times in the last 40 years on German TV, so obviously no one cares about those sports anywhere in the world except Britain.

I too believe that wrestling should never be removed from the Olys, it is a traditional sport that goes back to the antiquity. Modern pentathalon, shooting, many other new arrivals could and should go, but not a classic like wrestling.

As far as all your insults are concerned, I shall be gracious and ignore them, I will also ignore Russophobe as well, he does not speak for all Americans, only himself.

As for me, after 27 consecutive years living in Europe, and 32 years total, the only part of me that is still American is my Passport.

I could care less concerning their politics, it has little to no effect on me.

Have a great day.

Yane - 17 Feb 2013 // 14:08:34

Who are these "easterners" that think we are not European? Bulgaria is the founder of the Orthodox-Slavic Civilization. We are the fountain from which most of Eastern Europe (which is Slavic) can be thankful for.

Bulgarians came to the Balkans and settled inside the then greatest power in the world, the Roman Empire. Defeated them in war and in the centuries to come won the majority of the Bulgarian-Roman Empire wars. Each contribution that Eastern Europeans take for granted are the result of annihilated Roman armies that opposed what we wanted to bring to the world. In contrast US is the result of western Europe as a whole, not one single nation. Instead of a vast powerful empire like the Romans, they fought natives stone age people with bows and arrows... while the US is protected by two oceans, they still couldn't break free from Britain if it weren't for the help of France, even though your circumstances were much more favorable due to all European immigration n industrialism that followed, that is just, pathetic. Without France you would have the queen on your dollar :)

US is an idiocracy country of trash culture! Created by opportunists, selfish individuals that couldn't see a greater whole and that very "foundation" is the worst if one wants a lasting country. I asked you, have you learned to speak Spanish, you didn't answer my question. Opportunism doesn't favor country but looks where the wind blows. During the Ottoman empire most Bulgarians held true to their identity, culture, language, refused to give in during the centuries. The muslims offered incentives for conversion, economics, by the very nature of opportunity I think we know you Americans would never pass the test that we Bulgarians did if you would have been faced with similar situation. The question whether we are Europeans, we have answered loud and clear.

By your name, Russophobe, I guess you have at least a hate for orthodox christians and I wonder if you consider them all non-Europeans? The Orthodox church is the same church that ALL of Europe had before the great rift. Does that mean western Europe wasn't European during that time?

Don't complain about Chalga, as bad as that music is, well in comparison to your Justin Bieber? Ha ha ha, it's the height of culture. Bulgarian music is much more than just Chalga.

Speaking of US corruption,

Too bad most Americans are too stupid to understand,


The end of US,
With the foundation of pure greed and disregard for your fellow American, you won't last as the country you were. Please, don't ask what Bulgaria has done for the world, in a hundred years you won't even be around to compare yourself to anyone.

Russophobe - 17 Feb 2013 // 15:37:50

Yane the Gypsy hahahahahahahahaahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahhahaha.

You have made my Sunday peasant boy.

BTW Justin Bieber is Canadian hahahahahahahahahahahaha. I guess you can't even get that right!!!!!!!!

Go smother yourself in the mud and eat a couple of flea ridden dogs while your at it.

By the way, i have a business opportunity for you....start selling the filthy horses that you use for transporting your cart around town to the French Company Comigel. Hahahahahhahahahaha.

Gypsy loser!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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