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Commenting article: Bulgaria to Block Start of Macedonia EU Accession Talks

Bulgaria will not support setting a starting date of EU accession talks with Macedonia, said Tuesday the office of Bulgarian President Rosen Plevneliev.

The position of both President Plevneliev and Bulgarian PM Boyko Borisov is that relations between the two countries at the moment do not mandate such a move.

After meeting Tuesday, Plevneliev and Borisov were resolute that Bulgaria supports Macedonia's EU bid, but that support is conditional on the existence of stable and friendly neighborly relations between the two parties.

MAKEDONEC1 - 11 Dec 2012 // 17:17:25

Stupid bulgarians it is not enough that you want to steal Macedonian History (Goce Delcev, Vapcarov, Sandanski etc) now you pretend that you are EUROPIANS....My god how low EU came when TATARS like you accepted in EU .....Rosen you are MACEDONIAN you stupid lost soul

Chushki - 11 Dec 2012 // 18:53:19

Bulgaria is right to block Macedonias accession talks - the EU needs fewer gypsies in their ranks not more.

JCoulter - 11 Dec 2012 // 19:45:03

'the EU needs fewer gypsies in their ranks not more' - Classic racism from someone who deems themselves fit to comment on European affairs. The Republic of Macedonia is made up of all sorts of cultures, religions, and ethnic groups. Everyone of them deserves their rightful position in a modern democratic world. The Bulgarian government go on about good neighborly behavior from the Macedonian government, and yet all they have achieved is sending a big F U to the Macedonian people. I wonder how many now will be tempted by the offered Bulgarian passports and the latent assimilation that comes with such under handed ways of weakening a state, culture and people? The Bulgarian government has shown it would rather side with those that would deny the base human right of self determination rather than follow the European ideal that it has enjoyed for the past 17 years. I hope the population of Macedonia sees this shameful action for what it is. Macedonians of all ethnic groups, religions, and cultures will look back on this action by the Bulgarian state and realize it is yet another defining moment in the development of what it means to be a Macedonian in the modern world. The Bulgarian state has driven a wedge between the two peoples.

JCoulter - 11 Dec 2012 // 19:56:12

'The Bulgarian government has shown it would rather side with those that would deny the base human right of self determination rather than follow the European ideal that it has enjoyed for the past 17 years.' apologies typo error should read '4 years'.

Chushki - 11 Dec 2012 // 20:36:17

JCoulter is more like Joseph Goebbels with his revisionist agenda. For shame.

JCoulter - 11 Dec 2012 // 23:49:00

I'm not from Macedonia, I'm from the United Kingdom. Respect from London.

JCoulter - 12 Dec 2012 // 00:51:00

Brilliant. The last bastion of a non cohesive, non discursive comment; compare the one you disagree with to a Nazi. And this comes from one who uses 'Gypsy' as a negative term, now that really is prejudice. Where is my revisionist agenda? I only extol the supposed European ideal and base human right of self determination. In my humble opinion both President Plevneliev and PM Borisov in these actions have galvanized the national agenda and expression of Macedonian identity more than any statue, monument, map or museum exhibition ever could. Those on the right in Macedonia must be raising a glass of Rakija to this illogical, hasty, and yet revealing decision. Respect from London UK.

Chushki - 12 Dec 2012 // 08:11:03

Its clear the Macedonian nation suffers from some kind of collective M?nchausen syndrome thinly veiled behind the 'Macedonia is the victim' & similar nonsense that JCoulter (sent directly from der Reichsministerium f?r Volksaufkl?rung und Propaganda) never cease to trot out at the earliest opportunity.

JCoulter - 12 Dec 2012 // 12:00:33

Rather than taking a rather hysterical position of comparing my opinion and comment with the propaganda of the third reich, maybe you'd like to be constructive and address some of the 'nonsense' you seem to attribute to my personal opinion. What is it you disagree with? The acknowledgment and adherence of base human rights. Or maybe its the view that The Bulgarian state (not the populous) have shot themselves in the foot through this illogical veto. Again I humbly ask you where in my previous post is my 'revisionist agenda', I have not mentioned the past, I look towards a modern, inclusive, peaceful, continent where all groups (whether they be Bulgarian, Macedonians and yes Gypsies) human rights are paramount. Respect and Merry Christmas, London UK.

JCoulter - 12 Dec 2012 // 13:54:20

Many apologies for the spelling error that has offended you so much. In actual fact I should have spelt it 'populace' not 'populus', got my adjectives and nouns mixed up! Whilst we are on the subject of spelling errors I noticed in some of your pleasant past posts you've spelt 'skrew' of 'skrew you' with a k', I'm not the best with spelling but I think 'screw' is spelt with a 'c'.
I'm interested in your statement '(probably married to a male FYROMian rather than to a woman)'. Does this mean that you have some how gained from my posts that I am a homosexual? If so, am I meant to take offense from this? Is this a homophobic comment? Perhaps you think that if I am a homosexual my opinions on European relations are some how redundant. If so I would also like to hear from you what I else I should refrain from talking about; if I am in actuality the illiterate gay you think I am.
I'm not sure what your worry is about the Blagoevgrad Province, the last time I looked it was part of the Bulgarian nation. I wouldn't be paranoid about any territorial aspirations you think that the Macedonian government have. Firstly have you seen the state of their armed forces! Also Bulgaria is a part of the NATO alliance (another membership that hasn't been afforded Macedonia) which secures Bulgarian borders through a system of mutual security. Respect and Happy Christmas. London UK.

sa-sha - 12 Dec 2012 // 16:02:15

JCoulter, with all due respect, "The Bulgarian state (not the populous).." You wrote. So, State/People, right? People or Populace, as You texted later, or Latin "Populus" which means "people" as
knez_lazar remarked. Actually English "populace" is taken
from the Latin "populus". So, why You " should have spelt it 'populace' not 'populus' "? Is Latin so bad? Or knez_lazar was wrong
when he remarked that Latin "Populus" means "people"?

JCoulter - 12 Dec 2012 // 16:20:43

I wasn't saying Knez Lazar was wrong, or that the use of Latin is bad. I was stating because I am English and writing in English that 'I should have spelt it 'populace' not 'populus'', apologies if this wasn't clear. Happy Christmas from London UK.

JCoulter - 12 Dec 2012 // 21:48:07

Many thanks for the spelling tip, I didn't know that. I am also very interested to read of the situation that exists between Romania and Bulgaria. Respect and Happy Christmas from London UK.

JCoulter - 12 Dec 2012 // 23:18:15

Thanks for the spelling tip I wasn't aware that was how these forums worked. I shall look into the relations between Romania and Bulgaria, they seem very interesting. Respect and Merry Christmas from the UK.

Mitko Pitko - 13 Dec 2012 // 01:57:03

Makedonec, you're so stupid that if there were a competition for stupidity you'd qualify 2nd as you're so stupid that you can't even win a competition for stupidity!

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