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Commenting article: Drunken Brit Kills Motor Rider in Bulgaria

A 37-year-old Bulgarian motorcyclist has died after being hit by a British citizen, driving a jeep under the influence of alcohol, police said.

The crash occurred late on Saturday in the village of Naydenovo, the municipality of Stara Zagora, Central Bulgaria.

The jeep steered into the opposite lane of the road and hit the motorcycle headlong.

peterperfect - 26 Jun 2012 // 08:38:20

These stupid, inconsiderate, reckless criminals (yes they are criminal as they know they are breaking the law, I might even say murderers as they know the possible consequences) should locked up. They let down themselves, their families, their country, they should have the book thrown at them. I just want to assure our host nation (Bulgaria) that we are not all like these morons.

Seedy - 26 Jun 2012 // 14:05:35

I just LOVE the howls of rage from the Social Feeds to these reports - has the Daily Mail closed down its comments pages? ;)

Yes, this guy deserves to have the book thrown at him but he would hardly have been the only boozed-up driver on the roads of Bulgaria that night or any other.

As for "letting down their country" are you serious, for goodness' sake? He got tanked-up and stupidly drove home, ending up in an accident in which someone died. Who knows just how badly the biker was driving - they're not all angels, especially over here - but if that's all it takes to "let down" YOUR country then I think I now understand what happened to the Empire.....

peterperfect - 28 Jun 2012 // 08:35:34

Seedy, just stop trying to "rationlise" something that was totally cras and stupid. Of course there would be others that were tanked up - they would be equally wrong and equally at fault if they had accidents. It in no way alters the fact that that this guy was in charge of a lethal weapon when under the influence of booze. As for letting down his country, he does, I can just see families around their tables watching the news making their own judgements on the UK as a nation just as we would do in the UK if the situation was reversed - human nature. It is thinking like yours that has proliferated for too long the notion that drinking and driving is OK - as long as you don't have an accident - if you do, well...........

Seedy - 28 Jun 2012 // 10:11:09


I assume, since you spend time on a news site, that reading is included in your skill-set so I don't follow your reasoning. How exactly do you arrive at "this guy deserves to have the book thrown at him" equating to "the notion that drinking and driving is OK"?

As for "I can just see families around their tables watching the news making their own judgements on the UK as a nation just as we would do in the UK if the situation was reversed" - I have no idea where in the UK you are from but it doesn't seem to have many rational people living there if that is an accurate representation of what passes for their thought-processes.

No sane person would attempt to stereotype an entire nation on the basis of the fact that one person drove while drunk - although watching the continual news reports on the behaviour of Brits in any city centre in the UK, and elsewhere, most week-ends might well correctly lead them to the conclusion you suggest...

peterperfect - 29 Jun 2012 // 08:46:20

Sanity does not enter the ring when peoples emotions are involved. Seedy, your are quite obviously either young or have not learn' t much about human nature in your life. Believe me, there would be those that make this (irrational I admit) connection. Look, you are on here quite often and yo see the comments (you often reply to them) of others as do I so you know I am correct. I admit it is irrational and emotional and not sane thinking but that doesn't come into this when national agrievance is on the agenda. This action WILL have given the Brits a bad name.

Seedy - 29 Jun 2012 // 09:45:12


I have yet to come across any Bulgarian who has formed a negative opinion of Brits due to this particular incident. Bulgarians are well aware that plenty of their fellow-countrymen are hardly angels when it comes to drink-driving and many express wonder, bordering on admiration, for the BG woman who was busted with such a high level of blood-alcohol that the doctors couldn't fathom how she could be alive, let alone behind the wheel. If someone comes up with a national stereotype based on the actions of one member of a nation then it is so obvious that their opinion is valueless that I don't understand why anyone would be remotely interested in what, or indeed IF, they think. By that reasoning all Austrians are mass-murderers, as indeed are all Norwegians, all Brits murder their nephews in towers, all Romanians enjoy making human shish-kebabs, all Albanians drown their wives in sacks etc etc

As to the case in point, first of all I am unaware of anything which backs up the headline, although I am not necessarily saying it's wrong. However, until the full circumstances are revealed all we can say for sure is that a Brit driver was drunk, that his vehicle was in collision with a motorcycle and that the rider died. None of us knows if the driver was entirely to blame or even, except for being intoxicated, partly to blame; we don't even know if the rider was also drunk or riding in the kamikaze-fashion favoured by many BG bikers. If it was the fault of the driver then, as I said initially, he should have the book thrown at him but if his sole offence was drunk-driving then that is just what he should be charged with. His nationality is entirely beside the point, although he may yet get the opportunity to remedy one of the national stereotypes of Brits and learn Bulgarian while in gaol..... ;)

Copycat - 29 Jun 2012 // 10:48:01

They say his blood alcohol content was 2.07. can any body tell me how many times over the Bulgarian drink drive limit that is please ?

Seedy - 29 Jun 2012 // 13:43:17

4 times the BG limit, or 2.5 times the UK limit - if you prefer, around 4 small beers.....

peterperfect - 30 Jun 2012 // 07:55:10

Seedy, "around 4 small beers", that comment just about sums up your "rationalisation" of drink driving. You have said it all son.

mattbg - 30 Jun 2012 // 08:10:24

i think to get that sort of level you'd have to drink considerably more. a friend of mine was stopped in the UK after 4 beers, and was still under the uk limit. Remember the limit is for all body shapes and sizes, and if this is a man he's probably going to be larger than the "average" and also at 59 probably used to consuming and processing alcohol, so i'd guess he's had more like 6 or 7 beers to reach that level.

Gleeky - 30 Jun 2012 // 10:07:24

PeterPrattler, what on earth makes you think (I use the term loosely) that I "rationalise drink driving"? I neither drink-drive nor approve of those irresponsible people who do. My comment was no more than factual - unlike you I don't seek to force my prejudices-dressed-as-facts down people's throats.

My point about the Brit "drunk-driver" was simply - but apparently NOT simple enough for some - that we should hold off baying for blood until it is clear just who was responsible for what. The concept that anyone who has drunk alcohol must ipso facto be 100% to blame for any accident they may be involved in is both inequitable and absurd.

Since my previous estimate of your literary skills was evidently somewhat over-generous, here is a little reading matter for you:

"Drink driving is measured in blood alcohol, in a certain number of milligrams of alcohol per 100 millilitres of blood. Initially it is measured with a breathalyser test, then a sample of urine, however it can also be checked in the saliva. The general standard in Europe is 0.5 mg per ml, but there are wide variances from country to country.

The Blood Alcohol Levels

0.2 mg per ml– Estonia, Malta, Romania, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary
0.3 mg per ml - Serbia. For a new drivers (with drivers licence for beginers), professional drivers, motorcycle drivers, there is zero tolerance
0.2 mg per ml– Norway, Poland, Sweden
0.4 mg per ml- Lithuania
0.5 mg per ml- Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany (Germany is 0.3 if you’re in an accident), Finland, France, Greece, Italy, Serbia/Montenegro, Croatia, Latvia, Macedonia, Netherlands, Austria, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey, Cyprus (North), Switzerland
0.8 mg per ml– UK, Ireland, Luxembourg, Malta,
0.2 mg per ml Cyprus (South)

What it Means

0.5mg is equivalent to one small beer, so nowhere in Europe is there much tolerance for drinking. Be very aware that there are variances within this framework. Turkey's 0.5 mg limit, only applies to passengerless compact vehicles; otherwise it's 0.0mg. In Germany the 0.5 mg limit applies unless you're picked up for another traffic offence, in which case it drops to 0.3mg; if you're over that, it'll be a criminal offence. If you're in a fatal accident in Germany and over the limit, you could serve five years."

Copycat - 30 Jun 2012 // 11:35:04

If this man is convicted, of killing the 36 year old bike rider,through drinking & driving,& the accident was solely his fault through such actions,
What sort of sentence would he most likely receive ?
Do you know of any similar offences & their outcomes?

Copycat - 30 Jun 2012 // 11:36:37

I'm of the same opinion as Mattbg..

Copycat - 18 Aug 2012 // 18:25:10

The rider of the motorbike was found to be drink driving also did not have a licence, was not wearing a crash helmet,it doesn't change the outcome,for the poor chap, but it does go to show sometimes things just aren't the way they seem ...

Chushki - 18 Aug 2012 // 22:38:50

Unfortunately Copycat, posters like Gleeky wont let the facts get in the way of their rabid rantings - if it was left up to Gleeky, then he would gas and then cremate anyone who chose to disagree with his 'balanced opinions'.

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