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Commenting article: Dutch Call for Deportation of Putin's Daughter From the Netherlands

Outraged Dutch people called for the deportation of Russian president Vladimir Putin's daughter Maria from the Netherlands, reports the New York Post. 

According to the media Maria Putina lives in the Hague affluent suburb Voorschoten with her boyfriend Jorrit Faassen. 

Ukrainians living in the Netherlands were planning to protest outside Maria’s swanky apartment, and Dutch Twitter users targeted the pretty blonde, with one fuming, “Its time you leave B*TCH” over her photo.

Pieter Broertjes, the mayor of Hilversum — where the victims’ bodies are being taken for identification — suggested during a radio interview that Maria get the boot over the attack that killed 298 people. “We could also deport Putin’s daughter from the Netherlands, because she lives in the Netherlands. Then you will have a totally different signal to give,” Broertjes said. 

He later apologized on Twitter, saying his remarks were “unwise” and came from a “feeling of helplessness that many will recognize.”

Meanwhile, the Polish government decided to cancel the year of bilateral celebration with Russia. 

"This is a decision of the government. Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski and Culture Minister Malgorzata Omilanowska categorically decided that in the current political situation, and because of everything that is happening in Ukraine, in a situation in which a plane has been shot down, it will be impossible to hold the Year of Poland in Russia," the BBC reported Thursday, citing government spokeswoman Malgorzata Kidawa-Blo?ska.

As a result of the government's decision, all events that were set to be held as part of the year of bilateral celebration will be cancelled.

The Russian-Polish cross-cultural year was set in motion at a meeting between the two countries' foreign ministers in December 2013 in Warsaw. Its aim was to strengthen cultural ties between the two countries.

Naydenov - 29 Jul 2014 // 17:56:37

Yane, I can be whomever you want as long as you don't send me any more naked pics of Optimistic. Man, you two guys are kinky......

Naydenov - 29 Jul 2014 // 17:18:38

Hey gypsy, in your world soon it will only be you, Russia and Stolipinovo. Hahahahahaahahahahahaaha.


Yane - 29 Jul 2014 // 17:16:50

Nobody will miss "the year of poland" but some lost souls.

As for the dutch, they are the dutch, scum.

Optimistic - 29 Jul 2014 // 08:30:45

Great posts Facts not Fantasy

Also the BBC Uk news sent a team to the crash site and video recordered people who said there was another aeroplane close to MH17. This item was put online by their news team and then taken down. Inconvienent evidence that shows the Junta in Kiev is lying.

The violence by the Kiev Junta is stopping Dutch investigators getting to the crash site.

Pussy Riot - 29 Jul 2014 // 05:35:01

Of course the Russian military knows exactly what happened. As does Oscar Pistorius.

Facts not Facebook fantasy - 29 Jul 2014 // 02:56:01

Second, the Russians are challenging their American colleagues to show the images they claim show the launch of the BukM1 rocket. They also point out at the interesting coincidence that an US experimental launch detection satellite was exactly over the area at the moment of the tragedy. Clearly, they are tossing the world experts some kind of lead here, but I am not sure what this is.

Third, the Russians have shown their own space-based imagery which shows that one battery of BukM1 had been moved just prior to the incident (See for yourself here). It will be interesting to see if the Ukies explain what is shown on these picture and, if yes, how?

As a public information this conference gets a C+ but as a lead for experts I would give it a much higher A-. We know have hard proof that the Ukies lied at least twice. They lied about the footage of the Buk missiles being moved back to Russia (the footage was taken in Ukie-occupied territory) and they most definitely lied when they denied having any military aircraft in the area when in reality they had one in the immediate proximity of MH17. That is a huge lie which the Ukies will have a very hard time dismissing.

As I said in my first post about MH17, I have no hope whatsoever that the western plutocracy will ever admit that the junta did it. Ditto for the corporate presstitues of the MSM, but I do hope that the world will see this tragedy for what is clearly was: a deliberate false flag on the part of the Nazi junta in Kiev. As David Chandler correctly points out about 9/11, the proof of a cover up is in itself already a proof of a conspiracy.

Facts not Facebook fantasy - 29 Jul 2014 // 02:48:25

The Russian military finally speaks!
Finally! The Russian military has decided to speak out about some of what it knows about what happened to MH17. It was a typical Russian event: the interpreters were nothing short of terrible (I speak as a former military interpreter myself), the visual aids were badly designed (the shape of a SU-24 bomber was used to represent a totally different SU-25 close air support aircraft), and there was no Q&A. See for yourself:
Still, a few very interesting things came out of this press conference.

First, the Ukies have been caught lying about their military aircraft in the area of the disaster. They had claimed that no UAF aircraft were in the area. The Russians have shown the recorded radar tracks which reveal the following: there was what appears to have been a military aircraft (with no transponder) flying below 5000m which suddenly began climbing just before MH17 was hit by some kind of missile. This unidentified aircraft then stayed and observed as MH17 fell to the ground. The Russians added that a SU-25 armed with a R-60 air to air missile could have shot down MH17. Maybe. But what is certain is that the civilian radars did detected this strange Ukie aircraft.

Now, these radar tracks are from *civilian* radars. The Russians apparently are not willing to share the data from their military radars. This is why this mysterious Ukie aircraft 'appears' at 5'000m altitude and then 'disappears' again, but you can be certain that their military radars, especially on their A-50 AWACs did track that aircraft before and after its strange maneuver. Again, I think that the Russians hope that the experts will come to the correct conclusions on the basis of what they have shown today and that they will not have to reveal more. But we can be certain that they have the full picture and that they know exactly what happened.

Pussy Riot - 27 Jul 2014 // 20:18:40

Putin will teach you that tyranny is stronger than freedom. Lovers of tyranny UNITE! Join the war against freedom; start your next comment with "Right on!".

Dogfish - 27 Jul 2014 // 19:40:35

And who are occupying the crash site, disturbing evidence, carrying off wreckage that shows splinter damage, taking watches, wedding rings and jewellery from corpses?

Optimistic - 27 Jul 2014 // 19:02:12

The Kiev government is shelling near the crash site which is keeping Dutch investigators away from the MH17 crash site.

They are covering things up so if they keep investigators away long enough they are hoping the evidence gets destroyed.

malak petko - 25 Jul 2014 // 22:31:48

Next time you want to prove that someone is very bad please board a plane and fly above the City of Mosul
above the silty of Donetsk above the north-south Korea border.......
Above the Indian- Pakistani positions etch.......

Or take a sleeping bad and rest on the middle of a highway.
Or ....

You have real chance to show that someone is very bad.

Dogfish - 25 Jul 2014 // 20:55:01

Well, maybe they are a bit separate. After all, many of them are descended from Djengis Khan, one of the biggest murderers - and obviously rapistst - in history. Oh you russophiles, are you not able to see what a poor an backward country your "Holy Russia" is? "A banana repub;ic with oil and gas". The only things it exports are the things that they found for free in the ground. They can't build a decent car. First they had to call in Fiat to design the the horrible Lada, then Simca to build the last Moskvitch, now Porshe to design another lada that is at least 10 years behind what even the last kid on the block, South Korea can offer. They can't build a civilian jet without help from the Canadians. Brasil with their Embrear (25% of the planes that go into and out of Letiche Atanasov) do better..
What has Russia contributed to science? Yes, Mendelev table. But Thompson or Bohr would have found out sooner or later too. Lysenko? Maybe many Russians think he was a genius. Art? A couple of writers who are so long winded as to be almost unreadable - and even if there are some good, like Gogol, isn't that pitifully few on such an enormous population?
Yes, on some counts they are second to none. Massacring your own people, swilling wodka, , polluting their environment. Life expectancy among males is the lowest in Europe - wodka, again.
Consolation for all who want to live in peace: given a bit of time, they will go back to the 19th. century. Oil and gas will run out, and we will find better ways to keep warm and on the move. You will go back to subsisting on kasja - and wodka, and the bright people you have will come to the West (like the bright young Bulgarians). And you probably think you can scare us with your tanks. Wrong again. Our antitank weapons are better and are getting even better. We will send you back to where you came from: the steppe.

viking - 25 Jul 2014 // 19:13:46

"This reaction by these Dutch people is racist'
Russians are a "race"?
Must be a new scientific discovery of the missing link

Optimistic - 25 Jul 2014 // 17:49:23

The US security services have said that there is no evidence linking Russia to this unfortunate tradegy.

This reaction by these Dutch people is racist.

The Netherlands in the EU does most trade with Russia the Kiev government wants to hurt Russia.

What we know is the Kiev air traffic controllers sent flight MH17 into a war zone at a lower altitude than it wanted to fly at hoping that it would get shot at.

So the US and Kiev is trying to stir anti Russian hatred in Netherlands so that it applies economic sanctions to Russia as this could really hurt Russia.

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