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Commenting article: Russia Condemns Conchita Wurst, Wants “Voice of Eurasia”

The Russian MP from the Communist Party Valerii Rishkin said Russia must stop participating in  Eurovision contest and create its own - “Voice of Eurasia”, reports Interfax. 

“The results of the latest Eurovision were the last straw,” he said. “We must leave this contest immediately, it is high time that we stop tolerating this madness. Each year Russia spends EUR 40 M on this.”

According to Rishkin, Russia had enough resources and possibilities to create its own song competition “Voice of Eurasia”. “We have global events such as the Olympics, we can have our own contest,” he said. “I think that all countries from the Eurasian space, as well as many others, will support us.”

The victory of Austrian transvestite Conchita Wurst, who attracted the public attention mostly with his somewhat weird appearance, sparked a public outrage in Russia. 

The ruling party United Russia expressed its indignation with the victory of the “bearded drag queen”. 

According to the deputy head of the parliamentary committee on family, women and children, Olga Batalina, the results of the Eurovision contest were the result of “propaganda of untraditional culture, including gay culture”. 

The MP Vitalii Milonov demanded that the minister of culture Vladimir Medinskii  bans the performances of Conchita Wurst to Russia. 

“The stage image and the music, performed by this entity of unidentified sex, are in itself an insult to the majority of Russia and many other countries,” he said. “It would be a culpable negligence to let him on our territory.”

sa-sha - 17 May 2014 // 17:42:48

.....;-)....fresh bestseller in Oz: "The total triumph of the total paranoia, or Tania &Co forever".
Happy self-satisfaction with Your "Wurst", Conchita!

Conchita Wurst - 17 May 2014 // 16:14:36

I always assumed sa-sha is a woman.

sa-sha - 17 May 2014 // 11:48:52

"Polls not required...I travel a lot so I know what I am saying, not like Sa-sha sitting somewhere in Russia and getting 85 roubles per post", author:Thunderstorm (85 roubles? "Author" knows everything about Russia ;-)
I allow myself to reply by Peter the Great's words: "Let a person speak. It will allow enjoy his stupidity".
....btw, apart from "sitting somewhere in Russia","sa-sha" had the audacity to be born not in Russia, to get education in one of the oldest universities in the world, to live and work in Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East.......
And still that damned "sa-sha" speaks not for the entire World, but - only and exclusively - for himself and he
has, also, the incredible impudence neither to impose on others his private opinion, nor to consider it as the sacred cow.........."Polls not required"? I enjoy this wisdom, wisdom of one-celled protozoa.

Tania Oz - 16 May 2014 // 19:25:48

Vladimir KKK,

"They're so slutty they probably had sex with a hundred and would even lay in bed with you. Just ask Tania Oz all about it..."

You're just another grubby, dense and ghastly piece of Soviet vermin, like all the rest of you lot.

Tania Oz - 16 May 2014 // 19:15:25

sha sha blah blah,

"Your rabid hatred to Russia and to "those Russians"...............Those are your words not mine, you dense idiot!

You get what you deserve on here you bloody moron. You must be a glutton for punishment if you constantly keep posting and shoving your Soviet shit on a Bulgarian website forum; then you whine because nobody agrees with the clap trap that you keep spewing. Who's fault is that you swine? Don't you get it? Your a pest and you don't have to be here? You're just too mentally retarded to understand anything. Go get your hammer and sickle and shove it up your arse, then go and goad some other non Bulgarian nation on their website, you fuck wit dumb arse pest. We've had enough of the Soviets in Bulgaria and we still can't get rid of you! Morons.

Vladimir K. - 16 May 2014 // 16:40:24


"From Putin down to the cum-guzzling mail order bride whores that you export to the West - you suck (no pun intended). "

Yes, I give you that one. There is mail order brides seeking a "husband" in the west in order for her to steal his money later after a sham marriage, not to mention getting citizenship. Yet this sort of girls do not represent the majority and are getting less and less each year that passes. But think about it, she does this, for MONEY. American/European girls however, fuck you for free ;) They're so slutty they probably had sex with a hundred and would even lay in bed with you. Just ask Tania Oz all about it...

Vladimir K. - 16 May 2014 // 16:36:49


"Well, looky here: another morally bankrupt Russian spreading hate to anyone who doesn't conform to their sad little views on normalcy. "

Vorpal22, if you want to see something extremely morally bankrupt I advise you to take a look at yourself in the mirror. There you go, a huge one!

Russians have way higher levels of morality than western europeans and especially americans. Their girls are sluts who have sex with everyone, their men behave like children, their children smokes and drinks alcohol not to mention dressing like whores and gangsters. Gay, transvestite, lesbo propaganda on the TV, recently incest propaganda on the TV. Very liberal, freedom from respect and morality. Not to mention all the immigrants slowly slowly eating out your own culture. I've even heard, future babies will be microchipped. Oh... and don't even get me started on the junk american GMO fat food on every corner...

Come on Europe, do you really want this americanized bullshit?

Vladimir K. - 16 May 2014 // 16:29:58


" Their songs and costumes look like from the 80s. Absolutely ridiculous.

Russians have a very unrefined, antiquated and vulgar taste and are completely out of tune with the modern world. Never met a hip or trendy Russian. All of them look like beavers from the 70s with their mom jeans and plaid 1 euro shirt and shoes that make you cry or like mafiosi with shirts that say Brioni as big as possible and usually shiny silk and gold chains."

Fashionista, what's it for you to care how the music is like, and how the singers look? Mind your own fucking business and do not try to change how things are. In fact, Soviet/Russian music is very good, all the way from the 40s to today, not to mention classics like tchaikovsky. Russian music is very beautiful and soviet music was more correct than the crappy gay bands, sex, drugs, money lyrics you had in the west.

It is just depends on your music taste, and you can't trashtalk it only because of your american trashy rap, hip hop, whatever is your or in your opinion "the worlds style".

And how they dress? They dress just fine. No need to buy excessively expensive chanel clothing or italian design fashion. Fashion is just a way for companies to make money, nothing else. Unfortunately capitalist materialism has gotten very influenced and western guys dress like gangsters while western girls dress very slutty (and yes, some prostitutes in Moscow look like total whores, that one I can admit).

Fashion is not important for everyone, and it's more important the way you like you live, than by how you look.

Thunderstorm - 16 May 2014 // 14:09:45

Polls not required, whistling at eurovision contest is just one of many signs of disapproval for what you are doing and how you behave. I travel a lot so I know what I am saying, not like Sa-sha sitting somewhere in Russia and getting 85 roubles per post.

sa-sha - 16 May 2014 // 13:53:37

...;-)....what if to replace the delusional insanity "everywhere" by facts, by polls results? Or the stormy "author" isn't up to it......

Thunderstorm - 16 May 2014 // 13:27:56

It is not a mystery that at the moment Russians are hatred everywhere. Some hotels in Europe refuse to accept Russian tourists. Don't compare with America - your poor, corrupted Russia is literally NOTHING compared to them.

sa-sha - 16 May 2014 // 12:46:37

;-)...and how to take You seriously, though in the least measure, Fashionista? Actually Your texts make an exhibition of Youself.............. Some advices (though You are, sure, free to spit on them):
(1) Try to speak not for the entire "World", but for Youself.
(2) Be accurate in Your evaluations, follow not rumors but facts. (Your "most people worldwide don't like Russians", for example, won't hold water. From, say, my own experience, the version "most people worldwide don't like Americans" is much nearer to the truth. But I don't insist, my opinion is not the result of the poll ;-)
(3) Do not insult the entire peoples, their culture and traditions, it's a boomerang. I'm about Your peremptory "Your nation looks very unattractive from the outside, whether it's your language, culture, music, dress style or foreign policy". (Btw, what nation do You belong to, Fashionista? Or my innocent question discourages You?)
(4) Finally, do not try to pull Your own "opinion", this absurd, sorry, condom, on the Globe, Fashionista. The opinion of that very"outside", the opinion of the World, may differ greatly from Yours.

Caliguy - 15 May 2014 // 20:06:59

Fashionista, right on but you left out marose.

Fashionista - 15 May 2014 // 16:23:41

"Oh, Tania, Your rabid hatred to Russia and to "those Russians", shared by the other unicellular organisms on this Forum "

Come on sa-sha don't be so sensitive. It's true, most people worldwide don't like Russians. Maybe it's the Cold War, maybe it's Hollywood propaganda or maybe it's because of you, but your nation looks very unattractive from the outside, whether it's your language, culture, music, dress style or foreign policy - it just isn't attractive to the world.

You're not innovative, you're not trendy, you're not artistic and you're just not hip. The modern world is not made for you guys. Just look at how the crowds boo you in every international competition.

But get over it gay, it's not the end of the world. You're not going to die because people see you as militaristic, badly dressed, uncouth, uncivilised, vulgar, nouveau rich and tacky.

From Putin down to the cum-guzzling mail order bride whores that you export to the West - you suck (no pun intended).

sa-sha - 15 May 2014 // 15:28:32

Dear Tania, You are the Titan! You know everything about "lavatory", You know that "vodka will help", You know Mr.Freud ;-)...btw, did he thank You when You talked to him last? What for? Oh, Tania, Your rabid hatred to Russia and to "those Russians", shared by the other unicellular organisms on this Forum, enriches the key ideas of Mr.Freud about ID, Ego and Super-Ego. You prove that ID can exist without both Ego and Super-Ego. You, as well as the other unicellulars, have ID ("the set of uncoordinated instinctual trends", i.e. hatred, in this particular case), but You have neither Ego (realistic, logical part) nor Super-Ego (moral and self-control)....... Well, Tania, You know that "vodka will help", so, take it, together with the other unicellulars, in Your "lavatory, sweet lavatory". And let me not join Your "lavatory party". I hate jumping into the abyss.

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