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Commenting article: President Putin Denies Sending Troops into Ukraine

Russia is not sending troops into Ukraine, but reserves the right to use "all means" to protect its citizens in the country, according to President Vladimir Putin.

The Russian President announced this at a news conference on Tuesday, also denying that Russian soldiers seized power in Crimea and ascribing the action to "local forces of self-defense", as the BBC reports.

Putin made it clear he was not thinking of annexing Crimea, but believed in the population's right to self-determination.

sa-sha - 6 Mar 2014 // 10:44:05

Sorry to interfere, Executive, but You deny the basic foundation of the Real Democracy: freedom of expression.
You "wisely" advice a forumer to pass to another forum because You "don't care about [his] silly statistics" and because of some other - equally "serious" - arguments? Something familiar. "Those who don't sing our song, they are against us. No place to them in our rows". The slogan of the "true leninists-bollshevicks". You are True Democrat, i.e. True Bolshevick, Executive. You and those alike are the Omen. Omen for the Real Democracy.

Executive - 6 Mar 2014 // 09:36:34

George, I really urge you to go write your pro-Putin, Pro-Russian propaganda in Russian forums. This forum and website is in ENGLISH and it is oriented to the Diplomats, expatriate businessmen in Bulgaria, successful Bulgarian emigres living in the West and of course (inevitably unfortunately) a few rotten apples like you who seem to have failed in the West and have an uncontrollable rage against it.

I think there are plenty of forums in Russia where you can write about your admiration for Putin, Slavic people, Communism, and emerging markets (coincidentally the only emerging markets you seem to admire are communist countries like China, North Korea, Cuba and Vietnam).

Foreign Western business people temporarily based in Bulgaria like myself use this very informative website to learn more about Bulgarian business and economic news, local political developments and social happenings. It really bores me to have to listen to your daily propaganda stupidities about how evil we Westerners are and how fantastic Putin and Xi Pinging or Kim Jong Un are. I'm sure all those emerging market 'democracies' have plenty of 'free' forums, websites, blogs and other social media outlet where you can express your admiration for all those advanced peoples and countries where everyone is DYING to migrate to.

I don't care about your silly statistics about how the West will fail and other fallacies that only a loser who doesn't really understand international business or trade can incessantly recite. I can tell you as an executive working for a Fortune 100 multinational who DOES business in the REAL WORLD and that has lived in 9 countries, including more than a couple of BRICS, what you quote daily is utter nonsense and rubbish. While there are certainly opportunities in some developing countries, their quality of life, infrastructure, healthcare systems and degree of political openness leaves a lot to be desired. Those countries certainly would not attract either the highly qualified Bulgarian personnel I work with in Sofia or the low skilled types like you either: you simply would not make a sufficiently high income or would strongly dislike living in places where diseases like lepra or malaria or even polio are still the norm.

George Zheliazkov - 5 Mar 2014 // 20:43:09

Listen numbnuts, Ironic and Ahmed one and the same or whatever you are.

Have the decency and dignity to give me your names so I can properly dispose of you.

Don’t hide there like some shits and cowards spitting hate and insults and let us know who you are….

I really hope some Bulgarians are reading all this and realizing what kind of crap their bellowed western “friends” are…..

Ahmed Dogan - 5 Mar 2014 // 20:32:34

Ironic, how DARE you insult my Turkish brother George. Whilst he may be an economic migrant living entirely off benefits in the West and has never done a days work in his life, he IS a devout moslem, a self taught economic guru and a professional apologist for despots and military dictatorships the world over - so give the guy a break and quit with the insults.

Behemoth - 5 Mar 2014 // 20:01:59


imagine that Putin gave in the interview Kosovo as an example for the principles of self-determination that he is recognizing - I guess in Belgrade they have a very bad day today because this means the factual recognition of Kosovo's independence by the "big friend" Russia. Isn't it ironic?


Behemoth - 5 Mar 2014 // 19:58:26

Quite interesting to see, how the Russian state media tries to manipulate public opinion regarding the Ukraine conflict:

That's a bit more sophisticated than just hiring a few nutcases (I don't need to give you the names - they are easy to identify) to flood internet forums like this one with primitive and inconsistence blabbering. But still it's not good enough to have an effect. In Soviet times these things were done with much more intelligence (in both senses) and professionalism. But Russia is a country and a system in decay. A police state with life-expectancy of young males lower than most Third World countries, collapsing infrastructure in huge parts of the country, a greedy "new" class which is pirating and looting the natural resources and spending the spoils for expensive hookers, tasteless architecture, and conspicuous consumption in all fields. Even in the area of propaganda and "information" they are not matching the old "standards" anymore.

sa-sha. - 5 Mar 2014 // 17:15:54

Sorry, George, I have to interfere, because I also agree with the genius who says: "who is the aggressor here and is illegally invading a country which didn't do any harm to any Russian citizen on its territory"?
I mean: how not to agree with the above genius, when the obvious and undisputable Facts are:
(1) Thousands of Russian soldiers crossed the border till now. I heard it's more but its just rumours.
(2) As for "No Harm to any Russian citizens": key word here is "Russian", George, and within last two weeks more than 1,000 citizens of Russia, just Ukrainians mainly, left Russia and turned to Ukraine for democracy. These heroes which heroically overthrew their dictator, George, it frightens all those in Russia who don't want democracy, Kremlinites first of all.

sa-sha - 5 Mar 2014 // 17:02:44

Sorry, George, I didn't want to interfere, but do You really agree with such a pearl as: "who is the aggressor here and is illegally invading a country which didn't do any harm to any Russian citizen on its territory"?
I mean: how to agree with the above delirium, when the obvious and undisputable Facts are:
(1) No one Russian soldiers crossed the border till now. Or You have the other info?
(2) As for "No Harm to any Russian citizens": key word here is "Russian", George, and within last two weeks more than 150,000 citizens of Ukraine, just Russians mainly, left Ukraine and turned to Russia for asylum. This scum which committed the Coup d'Etat, George, it frightens all those in Ukraine who don't want to obey, Ukrainian Russians first of all.

Ironic - 5 Mar 2014 // 16:09:13

George, you sound just like my Bulgarian pool cleaning boy....Always moaning about how cruel life has been to you backward sorry we must feel for you and that we in the West will eventually fail (figure out who's cleaning who's pool). Except in your case you sound too dumb and too entitled to actually do ANY WORK, so you're probably like a good majority of your compatriots who come to the West and cheat our generous welfare systems.

Anyhow I don't have much to say to a monkey that repeats the stupidest and most idiotic things such as that Russia's economy is booming (barely grew 1% last year) or that China is the hot spot (yes, we all love Chinese music, movies and products....even my BG pool boy refuses to use Chinese chemicals on my pool).

George, you're an absolute moron, idiot and CHEATER. GET YOUR LAZY ASS OUT OF THE WEST MOFO and go back to your backwards Pleven and see how much the EAST IS BOOMING.


Richiie - 5 Mar 2014 // 15:59:10

"Putin made it clear he was not thinking of annexing Crimea, but believed in the population's right to self-determination." Chechenia, take note! Find some local forces of self-defense (or get them from Afghanistan, as long as they don't wear identifying tags and let themselves be interviewed by journalists, it's OK), and have them attend your parliament while it decides to use its right to self-determination and separate from Russia. Putin believes it is your right, so I'm sure he will send you his congratulations and not the army like last time.

Behemoth - 5 Mar 2014 // 15:28:05



George Zheliazkov - 5 Mar 2014 // 15:12:32

Ok Behemoth,
Good points but still those are the same cultures and things should never go so bad.
Cool heads had to prevail.

George Zheliazkov - 5 Mar 2014 // 15:08:31

Ironic, seedy or whatever piece of shit you are….
Listen pro-western most likely british garbage. Ukraine shouldn’t even be in that beggar’s position and we shouldn’t even communicate in your shitty language!

Ukraine should refuse that EU loan and shouldn’t ever ask for money from the “rich countries” (heavily indebted western world). Ukraine should be the one helping the West, because believe me you really need help! Russia was ready to give them the same 15 billion but the bottom line here is that Ukraine shouldn’t need western help and manage on their own! Needles to even mention that in its present government condition that money will be stolen in just couple of months!

And yes the future belongs to the EMERGING MARKETS and that's all Russia needs to know!
Did I say Asia, that’s where all the growth and money will be coming from, focus on Asia and the EAST and forget about the heavily indebted and stagnated West, EU and US!

Behemoth - 5 Mar 2014 // 15:03:30


although I agree with a part of your diagnosis in the first paragraph regarding politics in Russia and Ukraine, I would disagree with two aspects you mention. Most Ukrainians (including russophone Ukrainians) are fed-up to be considered as the little, uncultivated brothers of the Russians who are not able to rule their own fate and must be therefore part of the Russian Empire. There are big demonstrations against the Russian military invasion and threats by people in many Ukrainian cities which were NOT symphatetic with the Maidan demonstrators. The feeling that the Russians have to get out is very widespread in circles that are otherwise extremely opposed to each other. You seem not to be familiar with the Ukraine and the people there when you think that this feeling is the expression of some US-financed conspiracy. The contempt and hatred that a very big percentage of the Ukrainians feel against the actual Russian regime is genuine and not surprising when you are a little bit familiar with Ukrainian history. So as much as I agree with you that this conflict is wrong, we have to see clearly who is the aggressor here and is illegally invading a country which didn't do any harm to any Russian citizen on its territory. The other point with which I don't agree is your reference to the financial aid Ukraine will get from many countries and International Finance Institutions is huge, and the announced 20 billion Euro are just the start. That is everything but "pocket money". The irony is that most of this money will go to Russia in order to pay the Ukrainian debt there and avoid Ukrainian bankruptcy.

Ironic - 5 Mar 2014 // 14:26:54

"Ukrainians, you should have been the example of human civilization, sophistication and modern society but now shamefully the other distant cultures have to come and teach you how to “live”. With some pitiful handouts and pocket change loans of a billion dollars just to make you feel like beggars…"

Today the EU announced $15 billion in loans and the US $1 billion, that's $16 billion, I don't know anyone who would call that pocket change....maybe you're a billionaire hanging around Novinite and a billion is pocket change for you! hahahahahahahahahahaahaa. Typical dirty eastern migrant making 700 euros in the West calls billions pocket change. Hahahahahahahahahaa. LOSER.

BTW, I don't understand why you act like Ukraine is entitled to billions in loans so they are not considered "pocket change." Typical communist mentality on your part that people and countries DESERVE money from the rich countries. Ukraine should be kissing the ass of the West for rescuing them from the decades of corruption and mismanagement under Russian domination.

And by the way.... stick your emerging market nonsense where the sun don't shine. LOL.

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