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Commenting article: Bulgaria after Vote: Bleak Outlook or Dead End

Only four Bulgarian parties - those that got most discredited over the past decade thanks to corruption and links with the oligarchy - made it to parliament on Sunday.

It is either because:

1. Bulgarians' level of tolerance to nausea is very high and has got even higher than four years ago.


2. In Bulgaria if you have lots of money, you surely enter parliament.

I would rather put my bet on the second answer.

Prior to the elections the recently ousted center-right GERB party maintained its lead in opinion polls over the Socialists, its main rival.

Interestingly and most surprisingly to all who still believe in fair elections, this is exactly what happened on Sunday.

Mephisto - 14 May 2013 // 14:28:41


"State your ethnicity and the REAL IP!"

Yaaawn. Are you ever reading my answers to your posts?

Mephisto - 14 May 2013 // 13:42:25


"Why are you attacking Bulgarians?"

Huh? When did I ever "attack Bulgarians"? Are you sure you talk to the right person? Or do you consider anybody who is not agreeing with you on a certain topic as "attacking you"? You really have medical issues then.

"What arguments do you have for calling them stupid, vegetables and whatever?"

Hm, first learn to read properly. I called the statement of a certain politician stupid. And I explained in detail why. I hope even you understand that this is something else than calling Bulgarians stupid. Or do I have to explain that to you more in detail?

And, since you don't know it obviously (seems you are not Bulgarian, LOL) "Chushki" means "peppers", which is - surprise! surprise! - a vegetable. The man is calling HIMSELF - a vegetable. I did nothing else. Contrary to Hairydave who called him - a fruit. Ok, maybe "a fruit" is not an insult, but also a vegetable, especially not a good Bulgarian pepper, isn't one either. Especially since he IS indeed a vegetable. At least according to what he says. So what is your point here exactly? That I refer to someone by the name he is giving HIMSELF? Then blame him, not me.

" Why won't you state your ethnicity you esteemed argumentative assh^ole?"


Mephisto - 14 May 2013 // 13:27:17


thanks - of course, a BULGARIAN vegetable will understand everything he said...just like you understand everything I say. LOL

Mephisto - 14 May 2013 // 13:05:10

Well said, Sir! But I am not sure if the vegetable gets the point.

Hairydave - 14 May 2013 // 12:55:46

Chushki old fruit, whatever you think of my opinion you are, like Sveto, failing to deal with what has been said.

Just constantly shouting "commies" at the BSP is easy and ineffective. It's an old cliche, and like many things that have outlived their time - it is a dead cliche. If you want to tackle the BSP you have to tackle them for what they are now - not what they once were. They clearly are not advocating old communist policies, they are advocating a form of socialism (with the modern capitalistic add-ons in some areas). If you thinkt hey are wrong then deal with what they stand for and say now.

As for me, if you don't think I understand the legacy of communism, I'm comfortable with that because this is the internet and your personal opinion of me doesn't matter. However if you want to debate the issues then tell me why I am wrong, point to the holes in the argument. A sweeping "you donlt understand" without justification simply means you are ere either lazy, incapable of making a coherent argument or that you don't have an argument and just want to drop down to that old internet tradition of slagging each other off without thought or reason.

As for the article I do wonder why people keep coming to read this site just to insult the journalists? And whatever you think of the quality of it - as least it starts a debate. And truth can only be found through an argument.

sa-sha - 14 May 2013 // 12:27:53

......commies, communism, communist legacy in Bulgaria...;-).....
With a real respect to Sveto's opinion, I'd remark that Hairydave
made a very timely emphasis on the definition: Communism-and all
various derivatives-what is it? If it is "a hypothetical formation based on a classless, moneyless and stateless social order structured upon common ownership of the means of production", then I'm for it, for such a future......Commies/communists: who are they, what are they? People of the gone-with-the wind "Soviet Block" or their leaders only, or those leaders' followers (but then Ivanko was absolutely right: such "followers" are sooner "capitalists" today), or the existing in, say, modern China and Vietnam communist regimes and peoples? Or, at last, is it people sharing/professing a communist idea in all its numerous forms? And if the latter, then I'm a communist, anarchist-communist ;-) since Prince Kropotkin' theory and its main principles: "decentralizing-freedom-equality [?galit?]-mutual aid" are close to me (exept some thesises)...
To try to get what is hidden behind the definitions, behind "democracy", "communism","capitalism"..."EU;-)" or anything else that "has to do with the current political and economic system", as Ivanko once remarked.........

Chushki - 14 May 2013 // 07:52:13

Where to start? A weak, poorly written article with little in the way of argumentation or indeed context - not that surprising, however.

Hairydave - the 'little italy' clich? shows you dont understand the legacy of communism in Bulgaria and the rest of your comments just go to underline your general ignorance of the situation in the country.

Hairydave - 14 May 2013 // 02:46:12

For a start I suggest you go look up communist in a dictionary, then come back, although you may want to do a little historical study as well.

The point is, Bulgaria is broken and this election is clearly not going to fix it. And that's a shame, but that's democracy. Although there was no doubt a reasonable amount of corruption it is unlikely to have had a major impact on the result - Boyko is an effective populist in the Berlusconi model - he has enough understanding to get the masses to vote for him despite his obvious and well reported flaws. He is obviously as honest as the day is long (granted, that would be mid winters day in the arctic, but still...) Stanishev appeals to the old, and to those that thought he was the only chance of getting a party that was not GERB.

Messy time in politics, lots of back room deals to be done a palms to be crossed with silver. Can a stable coalition be built on back of this, probably not this time. Sadly there won't even be enough momentum to reform the election code before the next election is called. It would be nice to be wrong but I think Bg is cursed to the worst type of political class for the long term, as sort of 'Little Italy'. On the good side, just like Italy, the country is lousy with good places to eat!!

Sveto - 13 May 2013 // 21:42:07

If you have not noticed, Milena Hristova and a most all of the novitiate columnists are the worst of the worst communist manipulation scum out there. They spread right out false statements and in this activity they are only rivaled by TV7, and the trash "journalist" Barekov.

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