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Commenting article: Open Letter to UKIP's Nigel Farage on Insulting Bulgarians

Dear Mr Farage,

I read with great interest the open letter to you of Ralitsa Behar, a Bulgarian woman whom having studied in the UK has now returned to her home country. I wish to inform you that as a British man living in Bulgaria I must strongly disagree with her. I do not disagree in any way with her comments and statements and totally support her. But I must disagree with Ralitsa on one fundamental point that she raises - Ralitsa openly invites you to come to Bulgaria and to meet with her and her family. I write to ask you not to come. Personally as a British man I find you remarks so offensive that I would have you stopped at the border. Sadly under European Law I can no longer have you shot in front of your family!

The UK has 78 representatives in the European parliament. UKIP itself has 11 MEPs in the European Parliament. One of which, Roger Helmer was elected as a Conservative MEP but defected to UKIP in March 2012. If we wish to talk about representative percentages, UKIP only has the electoral support of 7.8 percent of British opinion. If we take into consideration the dishonest election of Roher Helmer, call it 'corrupt' shall we? A word you like to use in reference to the Bulgarian Parliament - then of that 7.8% of UKIP representation 0.90% are dishonest (That's one in ten as near as damn it.)

Seedy - 23 Apr 2013 // 10:42:44

Ah - "Respect": what a wonderful concept!

Clearly, the lesson of "Respect where respect is due" was on a day when you were bunking-off but no doubt you're a great believer in its wonderful new incarnation "self-esteem", especially for all the brainless semi-literates and social inadequates who grace the comment section of the Daily Mail and the other intellectual organs of UKIP.

Without "mass immigration" the UK would still be populated by ignorant savages dressed in animal skins and painted with woad - although this would indeed be an improvement on the Great Unwashed who can't think clearly but are nonetheless permitted to vote, and breed, at will.

The most interesting aspect of the "Slavic Hordes Massing At Calais" nonsense is that it will be mostly the lazy, feckless, uneducated and dishonest who make their way in - amusingly they will find themselves in their spiritual home and among locals from whom they are indistinguishable. I have little doubt that you will be able to persuade them to also vote for UKIP - possibly even without the usual payment ;)

Poetic Justice indeed, methinks!

miss bunny - 23 Apr 2013 // 10:00:28

I stand corrected on the passport, wasn't thinking clearly, as for the rest of my education, I was taught in the days when schools were good, large classes yes, but still a good standard with respect, which is something I fear you lack, it would not do for us all to be as brainy and intellectual as you, having said that, I dont need to be an economist to know that if you have more taking our than you have putting in, it cannot work. As for the British working, we have developed a feeling that the welfare system is a way of life rather than a safety net for the needy, but, I hear all to often " I am not working to keep foreigners" VOTE UKIP , get us out of the EU and STOP mass immigration from ANYWHERE.

Uchak - 23 Apr 2013 // 03:35:13

ms bunny bulgarians and romanians are fellow civilized europeans they will not abuse your benefits systems in the UK like Paki animals do with thier slave wives baby machines

Seedy - 22 Apr 2013 // 22:12:12

Miss B - if a literacy test had indeed been introduced then I fear that you would now be among the Great Disenfranchised.

Firstly, your passport states that it remains the property of HM Government and not HM, and hence that it is Camoron and his cohorts who may withdraw it.

Secondly, your liberal use of "Butchers' Apostrophes" tells us all we need to know about your level of education - which also eminently qualifies you as one of The Odious Farage's target voters.

The UK "benefit system", as you describe it, can indeed not cope with the burden placed on it by the the Too Fat And Stupid To Work Brigade but luckily for them UKIP will miraculously turn back the clock and bring back the days when "the sun never set on the British Empire".

I hope you are ready to be duly obsequious to your Social Betters when that day pays to know your place, Petal!

miss bunny - 22 Apr 2013 // 21:21:46

IF ONLY we had kept to the idea of literacy test etc, just hype from the powers to be to shut us up, it has never been implemented, I think there should also be a medical, may have stopped TB getting a hold, Australia does it. I do not remember the signs you mention, I was brought up round the London Docks, there was no prejudice then. Our infrastructure and benefit system cannot cope with such vast numbers, neither can our NHS. VOTE UKIP

miss bunny - 22 Apr 2013 // 11:00:27

I am not hysterical, we stopped importing from the countries you mention,causing them problems, the docks in london went from a thriving industry to homes for the hooray henries, putting thousands of men out of work. I see nothing wrong with queuing for visa's, after all, the British are not necessarily" British "anymore . I never insinuated my passport could not be withdrawn so I dont see your point there. I am not being racist against Bulgarians or Romanians, we do not need or want any more immigrants from ANYWHERE, until we have enough jobs housing etc for the people already here. Why dont you tell me who you think is capable of running this country and why. VOTE UKIP

Bucharest12 - 22 Apr 2013 // 00:37:08

miss piggy,

even though i tend not to respond to racist posts i would be delighted to know where you ve got the info because i as a romanian (while not to proud and respectful about my prime minister) never got this info in our poor eastern european corupt media

miss bunny - 21 Apr 2013 // 17:40:17

The idea that because someone has a British Passport so we have to accept them is not true as the passport states "this passport remains the property of her majesty the Queen and can be withdrawn at any time" If France wanted to deny us or anyone else from going to their country they would do so regardless of the EU, they banned the Burka. The prime minister of Romania said himself that he doesn't want the Romas and hopes they will come over here.

Uchak - 21 Apr 2013 // 16:08:01

english people welcome bulgarians!! they are a million times better then filthy Pakis
pakis rape and driug english girls because they cannot have sex with the muslim slave wives
why you want them in your country? even NuLabour knows they are savages

miss bunny - 18 Apr 2013 // 16:16:29

Nothing xenophobic about it, we are full and dont need more migrants from anywhere. Nigel Farage speaks from the heart and is in tune with what most of us think and want. Nothing Great about Britain, I agree with you, we stopped being Great when we entered the EU and allowed a lot of unelected dictators to interfere.

miss bunny - 18 Apr 2013 // 16:08:43

The Nationals of this country have PAID into the system, immigrants have not. The reason Bulgarians are targeted is not because they are Bulgarian, it is because we are already full and they are yet to come. You dont have to be an economist to work out that when you suddenly acquire a million plus more people your present infrastructure will not be able to cope and so yes I do blame immigration for our overcrowded schools hospitals doctors surgeries etc as well as an increase in crime, it is just a shame that from the beginning we didn't have proper controls and only took in the ones that do work and would be an asset, also theBulgarians that are likely to come are the Romas (gypsies) even Bulgaria doesn't want them. As for UKIP being racist, not so, Nigel Farage recognises that we cant take more immigrants, they get old and sick as well as the British and will need to be cared for. We also have an increase in T.B (almost wiped out b 4) I blame immigration for that as well.

miss bunny - 22 Mar 2013 // 19:43:19

No I wasn't about then but my grandparents were and I have seen it in documentaries etc, but then I believe you should have the right to rent or sell to whoever you like, I have a mixed race sister-in-law, nieces and nephews, I live in between an asian family and a black family and I have no probs with either.

Individual_26 - 22 Mar 2013 // 18:28:09

Seedy, I believe that in every democratic country those who pay taxes, have lived within the country for a specified period of time or/and are citizens should have the right to vote. If you start selecting who to vote based on their education I am afraid a lot of honest, hard-working but not privileged people might be out of the equation. We are trying to defend human right here not play classist games.

Seedy - 22 Mar 2013 // 18:20:06

I'm afraid you're now straying into dangerous territory:

1- do most people's "opinions" mean anything at all when they're predicated on ignorance and prejudice?

2- isn't it time most countries, but especially the UK, introduced a test of literacy, numeracy, and at least a modicum of intelligence and education before allowing the Great Unwashed to exercise their "right" to vote?

Thenonymous - 22 Mar 2013 // 18:19:48

That can't be. Anyone that old would be a lot wiser.

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