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Commenting article: Bulgarians Strictly Adhere to Fresh Smoking Ban

Almost all Bulgarian bars and restaurants adhere to the full smoking ban that became effective at midnight on Friday, according to Bulgarian Health Minister Desislava Atanasova.

Inspectors have registered very few violations of the ban, Atanasova said.

"Apparently, everyone knows that the ban has entered into force, which means they understand their personal responsibility towards their own health and the health of others," she told reporters.

adele - 18 Jun 2012 // 15:02:55

Have recently been informed inspectors in Popovo go into establishments with smoke detecting equipment, which is ok for places that do not use traditional heating methods, what is going to happen when winter comes and village bars start to use heating such as petchka's and Kamina's these appliances all give out smoke???? Also the reason the blanket ban was brought in instead of the originally agreed segregated areas is so the BG government could get MAJOR funds from the EU, what are peoples thoughts on this.

Seedy - 9 Jun 2012 // 12:19:36


Say what? So it's "fascists like [ME] who wish to tell the rest of us what we can and cannot do"? I assume that means you haven't actually bothered to read anything I've said - now why doesn't that surprise me?

Just in case I've been using words which are too long for you or concepts which you can't quite grasp: my view is that smokers are addicts who have a death-wish, their habit is disgusting and by and large their odour is revolting. However, I see no reason to turn them into outcasts or criminals - unless the government, misguidedly in my opinion, chooses to formally criminalise smoking.

Why should I lobby the government to provide anything for smokers? If they want "adequately ventilated private buses" why don't they buy them themselves? And why "adequately ventilated" - don't tell me that smokers are concerned about other smokers' second-hand smoke! ;)

Smoking on public transport is anti-social and constitutes a fire-hazard: why on earth should we tolerate such behaviour from people who are perfectly able not to smoke for the time needed to travel from A to B?

I do tend to agree with you about the smoking-ban in bars, but not restaurants; however why should I campaign for people who are weak-willed and addictive to be allowed to commit mass suicide whenever and wherever they choose to? If they can't summon up enough energy, or support, to overturn the law themselves then they'll have to just accept it.

Bulgaria is only too full of people who don't give a sh*t for anyone else and for whom laws and rules are optional - unfortunately the "rest of us" to whom you apparently belong sometimes need to either learn to behave like members of a normal society or to be forced to do so.....

P.Morris - 9 Jun 2012 // 09:37:39

Seedy, Michael is 100% correct in his assessment and it is fascists like YOU who wish to tell the rest of us what we can and cannot do. Rather than continually whining on about your hate for smoking do something about it! Lobby the Bulgarian government to provide adequately ventilated private buses for smokers, start fundraising to buy separate coaches on the Sofia metro system that will be for smokers only, and start a movement that will overturn this draconian anti-smoking law that will ruin cafes, bars and restaurants across the country.

Viking, you claim that the arguments put forward by Michael and I are ''boring'', yet you fail to address the fundamental challenge put to you which is to provide ANY peer reviewed evidence that smoking is harmful to health. Moreover, as Michael states in this thread, his book (available on Amazon) is anything but boring and is actually critically acclaimed, which you can see by reading the reviews - not all of which were posted by him.

MichaelMcFadden - 8 Jun 2012 // 22:48:41

Viking, I've made it through 60 years so far, so my life won't be TOO short regardless of what the future holds. In terms of being "a paid talking head from a tobacco company" I happen to be quite open about who I am and what my "competing interest" might be. I made a very clear point of it in the very first two sentences of my book: see the Author's Preface at and check out the "About the Author" section there as well.

Unlike people who post with names like "Viking" and other anonymous handles, my life, motivations, and location are open for public inspection. In terms of my writings being "boring" in general, my readers would tend to disagree with you. You might enjoy checking out my book reviews on the US Amazon site: you'll note it has 22 "five star" reviews, and only 3 "one star" reviews -- with none of the "one star" reviewers actually having read the book.


Seedy - 8 Jun 2012 // 22:41:49

Viking - sorry but that really wasn't a very worthy comment.

Can't we have a reasonable debate without stooping to "ad hominem" attacks?

viking - 8 Jun 2012 // 22:25:33


Your rants are boring because you are so obvious in your concerns. It is all smoke and mirrors.
If you were really interested in the "rights of Bulgarians" being taken away, why do you not complain about the law that requires all motorcycle drivers to wear helmets. I believe it occurred close to the same time the smoking ban was implemented. and not one of you anti-ban people who flooded this site cared to comment.

Cry all you like but you are obviously one of the dumbest people on earth or a paid talking head from a tobacco company.
Either way, just go away and enjoy the rest of your short life.

MichaelMcFadden - 8 Jun 2012 // 20:55:16

Seedy, my suggestion was for Viking's convenience. He is deeply distressed that smokers get off the bus and smoke at rest stops. If a few busses (whatever a proportionate number might be for Bulgaria) were designated "smoking permitted in the rear with windows open" or somesuch then his problem would be greatly alleviated.

Why would you object to that?

Viking, refusing to respond to the notes of your opposition by calling their points "boring" isn't much different than saying you have no reasonable answers. Of course the readers here will be the real judge of that.


Seedy - 8 Jun 2012 // 18:37:57


I've seen smokers of all nationalities smoking between courses or even when eating - it's just addiction taken to its extreme, I suppose.

Serving water with wine is indeed uncommon here but then again so is serving bread automatically with a meal......Barbarians! ;)

viking - 8 Jun 2012 // 18:01:29


It was remarkable for me to be inside a building in BG and nobody smoked. You, of course, have seen Bulgarians smoking during a meal.
That is one thing I never understood and it seems they do not care if they mix their toxic chemicals and food.
As a matter of fact, I think all drugs, prostitution and gambling should all be legal. If cigarettes and drinking are OK, then anything that does not injure others should not be criminal.
Regulated, yes, but not illegal.
Some of the people I was with were surprised that they served water with the wine. I was told (when I was served wine in private homes0 that this is not common and I had to ask for water.

Seedy - 8 Jun 2012 // 17:14:31


I'm most definitely NOT pro-smoking; I think it's a bizarre habit and shows that the people who do it have an addictive personality and very little regard for their own health and at least the comfort, if possibly not the health, of others around them. Smokers tend to be, or become, rather careless of those of us who detest the smell of them and their habit, and I have doubts about their intelligence, at least from a Darwinian perspective. However, I still don't see why we should try to make people who are indulging in a legal practice social outcasts or even criminals. If governments were really so concerned about health issues, shouldn't they simply ban smoking and forgo the tax revenues? Of course then many of us would complain about having to make up the short-fall through increased "contributions"....

All that said, I'm not aware of anyone who has become sick from not smoking. But then I also don't know of anyone who has become ill from not drinking alcohol, indulging in recreational sex, driving fast cars or a thousand other things which many of us find pleasurable - do you feel that these things should also be banned for our own good, just in case?

I can't imagine anyone even wanting to smoke at a wine-tasting - why would you go to such an event and then compromise your sense of taste, which is closely allied to that of smell, with burning weeds and chemicals? It's surely perfectly normal for a smoker to go outside at such a venue, so hardly remarkable.

viking - 8 Jun 2012 // 14:24:05

I will ask you the same question everyone who is pro-smoking does not bother to answer.

Do you know anyone who has gotten sick from not smoking?

The rest of these MFM and adele just pick and chose what they want to comment on and really are very boring.
i did not make it to the end of the line. I absolutely found that going in that smoke filled hell hole would have sent me to the hospital.
Last night we spent an evening at a wine tasting and every table was full and people were standing outside trying to get in. The few smokers just went outside to smoke and it was a very pleasant night with friends and family.
it is a must do when visiting Varna.

Seedy - 8 Jun 2012 // 09:26:17

Viking - so YOU have a problem and other people should suffer/be inconvenienced because of that? I have a problem with mathematics - I can't seem to be able to pick the correct six numbers on a lottery ticket - but I just get on with my life and I certainly don't expect Porsche to change its prices so I can afford one; do I have a good case if I sue them for discrimination, I wonder? I'm sure you could (and evidently DID) survive the smoking-toilet-queue experience - and I'm just as sure that the smell of smoke was actually welcome when you eventually reached the "head" of the queue. ;)

Michael - you're really over-egging the pudding here. Just WHY should people have to choose between a bus at a convenient time for them and spending hours stuck inside a moving tin-can full of foul-smelling smoke? I'm a believer in smokers having some rights but NOT in a small enclosed space and for hours on end - if they can't control their addiction then I'd suggest their health might benefit from either an exercise in will-power while on the bus or alternatively from a nice walk to their destination.....

MichaelMcFadden - 8 Jun 2012 // 09:03:31

Viking, I offered you a suggestion that might help make your life a bit easier up above, but you seem to have missed it. Here it is for easier reference:
I gather there was no smoking allowed on the bus? And, again I'm guessing, I imagine the Antismokers have forbidden smoking on ALL the busses rather than allow a few that permitted smoking? If such is indeed the case, then you should work with Free Choice folks against those bans so that you'll be better able to avoid smoke.


adele - 6 Jun 2012 // 18:40:50

I have no intention of getting into a slanging match you have now gone to age old argument that someone with an opinion who not every one agrees with so will now withdraw from this debate until more reasonable opinions are posted

viking - 6 Jun 2012 // 18:19:24

"yet again IT IS THEIR CHOICE, freedom of choice for ALL"
And that would also be true for someone who has a loaded gun and randomly shoots anywhere they want?
Give me a break

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