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Commenting article: Bulgaria Softens 'Barbaric' Dog Spinning Ritual

Besieged by animal rights activists, a small southeastern Bulgarian village has agreed to water down a controversial "dog spinning" ritual it has been proudly performing for ages.

In dog spinning, which is practiced in Brodilovo at the beginning of March, a dog is suspended above water on a rope.

The dog is turned repeatedly in a given direction to wind the rope, then released so that it spins rapidly in the opposite direction as the rope unwinds, until the dog falls into the water. The locals claim that the dog is not supposed to be physically hurt.

BODACIOUS - 20 Apr 2015 // 06:08:06


GrueFski - 13 Apr 2015 // 19:51:30

More from this moronic G. Damian, the Ro "historian":

Bulgarians: a military history, rich in useless victories and catastrophic defeats:



GrueFski - 13 Apr 2015 // 19:26:52

His second blogpost again + its Google Translation and the Google Translation of the Romanian commenters:
Bulgarians give easier with a "rotating dogs"
We have a saying here that Bulgarians interesting custom in March: Rotating dog intended to protect the poor beast danger of rabies. See the pictures below how to do this.
Well, following pressure from the international community of animal lovers, this year "Rotating dog" will be simplified. An amphibious animal rights defenders around the world traveled to the village Brodilovo of Bulgaria to ensure that the dogs will not be given the string. Bulgarian households have complied and announced that this year will not spin but dogs will simply throw in the water to protect them from rabies. (via N ovinite)
The tree grows in the garden. My, 26/02/2012
Glad to see that you have a positive and constructive ... Romania neighbors! You were somehow in Bulgaria, it is worth it!
nobody 28/02/2012
"Inva-ta" to write!
Dan Crisan 27/02/2012
given that Bulgarians blame us in all evils, is normal to be a more "positive" phase fun to train depopulated area of ??northeastern Bulgaria put a small etnogeneza.trec our sons in oltenia fertilize bulgaroaicele :)
horatiu 27/02/2012
I find "reassuring" the novel to see that in May some Balkan Balkan us. Maybe we do not "spinning" (yet) dogs on string (perhaps because we can not yet give examples of so much imagination and physical technique as our neighbors do) but I suspect that will be revealed to us any tradition of this kind. I think you should not worry that they will lose something of our spirit because of supervision western Balkans ... and not necessarily that otherwise would sit there lucrurille.
Gigi 18/05/2012
Let states, it's funny. Almost I would go to her to see that. But not by car.
Ina_adevarata 09/23/2012
E and us that, and now practiced in Oltenia. I saw it with my own eyes, baby fiind- and then I found it a habit spread to the country.

GrueFski - 13 Apr 2015 // 19:20:41

after doing this:
Please everybody interested search his blog for either of the keywords "bulgaria, bulgarii, bulgariei, cadrilater, cadrilaterul, cadrilaterului, dobrogea, dobrogei"
translate the resulted links' article using Google Translate.

Another link from "Mr" Damian, his first blogpost about this topic:

Google Translate
I'm sick dogs on the Bulgarian seaside. You know, those who walk with pretzels in the queue. I suggest you see what dogs do Bulgarians in the month of March. Rather they do Bulgarians with their dogs.
Well, make a device from the two poles tied with a rope longer and hearty. Twisted rope noose tight and leave a dog as a householder fit in it. After snare sticks dog, give way and rope twists and turns dog. When you loosen the rope, the dog falls into water. Where stands dazed and valleys of his tail. But better look at the video above.
Nice and very interesting habit. Bulgarian peasants say that this keeps twisting dogs with rabies and is not torture animals, plus it is a very old tradition. Now we must recognize that there is great difference between our farmers and those of the Bulgarians. The same ciupilici on top of the head Gumare same standing. Plus that Bulgarians shouted "come on, come on, come on." In our country there is / there are in the south wagging dogs by tivic. Another custom beautiful and interesting defense for dogs with rabies. Also in March, the dogs tail tie a tin, then the dogs were chased through the village and tin jingle behind them and terrorize them with noise removed. Do not know why, but I find the custom Bulgarians more complex and more technical. I'm top dog rotating the given by tivic.
P.S. We have received complaints that my articola?ele habits of our neighbors are nationalist. I write them with the intention to show that our neighbors, and generally remaining nations, neither better, nor worse than the Romanians. We are pretty much the same, each with his own. But it's good to know what it does and others, not only to complain that we do not know how we are and others are super parts, core core.

GrueFski - 13 Apr 2015 // 19:15:52


България и Румъния ще се разберат за границите
По-важен обаче е въпросът за румънското малцинство

An anti-Bg article published by the same G. Damian in the Bg newspaper Sega (Now), probably translated into Bg by someone, he most likely doesn't speak Bg. The "cunning" article belittles Ro's territorial claims on Bg waters and addresses "only" the issue of the "suppressed" Ro "ethnic/national minority" in Bg, that in fact doesn't even exist. There is a Ro ethnic community but not an ethnic/national Ro minority whose collective ethnic minority rights should be recognized.Neither in France or Greece are there ethnic/national minorities.

GrueFski - 13 Apr 2015 // 19:05:12

LuvPug aka Mr Frustrated Romanian here it is:


Bulgarians take it easier with "the spinning of the dog"

Please everybody interested search his blog for either of the keywords "bulgaria, bulgarii, bulgariei, cadrilater, cadrilaterul, cadrilaterului, dobrogea, dobrogei"

GrueFski - 13 Apr 2015 // 19:01:59

You must be Romanian, must have visited George Damian's blog, an extreme Bg-hating Ro "historian" where he has 2 posts about" the spinning of the dog", the second one even mentions his informing source as being this site and there is even a link to the article you just commented to, his second blog post was published a day after this 25 feb 2012 of this site

LuvPug1971 - 13 Apr 2015 // 02:05:58

I have no words...

xmfclick - 3 Mar 2012 // 15:51:13

I think this story got into the press on what they call a "slow news day" -- nothing much of interest going on, so let's put in an obscure story and see what happens.

I watched the video and, apart from the possibility of injury to the dogs by the rope positioned around their chests (which didn't seem to happen), I would hardly call the ritual "barbaric". Silly, yes. But compare it with, say, bull-fighting in Spain, fox-hunting in Britain or cock-fighting and dog-fighting in almost any country and it certainly isn't barbaric. They even had people there with a big net to catch the dogs when they landed in the river. None of the dogs in the video seemed to be injured -- they all scampered out, shook themselves and trotted off. Possibly the most barbaric aspect was the rough way the men were handling the dogs before they were dunked in the river.

I'm afraid this is the sort of non-story that lazy journalists put in when they are prompted by eco-loon animal-rights activists, who should do a bit of serious thinking before they put the "rights" of animals above those of the millions of poor people in the world.

xmfclick - 3 Mar 2012 // 15:19:51

@kuzmanov : "The nationwide institutionalized animal abuse supported by Bojko Borisov, Miroslav Najdenov, and Jordanka Fandykova ... " -- could you say some more about this? I haven't heard of any such thing, so I would be interested to know more. If it exists, people should know about it.

kuzmanov - 27 Feb 2012 // 15:08:29

In fact, Animal Rescue present a pattern of a Bulgarian quasi non-government organization. The nationwide institutionalized animal abuse supported by Bojko Borisov, Miroslav Najdenov, and Jordanka Fandykova does not matter to them. Instead, this group jumped against the stupid tradition of "dog bathing" performed only in a village with 200 inhabitants.

Naso - 26 Feb 2012 // 06:30:11

In Bulgaria should not be promoted and tolerated confusion about the dogs role in humanity development.

Dogs are symbol of Loyalty, Friendship and Unconditional Love and Trust in unity.
For the most part dogs, people and children are a fantastic match - they often share a very special and close bond together. Children and elderly Learn From Dogs how the world and living things are interconnected and communicated, while empathy driven to stimulate curiosity for learning with confidence, and much more ...........

Kids doesn't know what pagan ritual is, but they know what dog is.

“Love Dogs”
“Love Children”
“Love Bulgaria” 1%++

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