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Commenting article: 8 Ambassadors to Bulgaria Back Sofia Gay Pride

Eight foreign embassies in Sofia came out with statements in support of the Sofia Pride, scheduled for this Saturday.

That includes the embassies of the USA, Netherlands, Belgium, UK, Germany, Slovenia, Finland and Norway, which all stressed their commitment to equal rights for all.

Ambassadors expressed their concerns that in a lot of country LGBT members continue to meet discrimination and even violence.

sa-sha - 21 Jun 2011 // 12:21:49

Really? May be You refer not to Leviticus, but to Exodus, 21:7? Then:"And if
a man sell his daughter to be a maidservant, she shall not go out as the
menservant". Plus re-read, please, 21:8 of the same Exodus.

Ter - 18 Jun 2011 // 20:48:14

Yeah but Leviticus says that I may also sell my daughter into sexual slavery and that I am to put my son to death if he curses me. Do you choose which laws suit you from the Christian buffet selection of commandments?

sa-sha - 18 Jun 2011 // 16:56:31

Ter, Your ignorance is amazing...You thank the God...& You laugh. Well,
do laugh to Your content. But do not touch the God, do not thank HIM for
gays(Your?) existence.
Homosexuality is AGAINST the GOD. I'm referring neither to Living Bible
('Homosexuality is absolutely forbidden, for it is an enormous sin'), nor to New
Living Translation(''Do not practice homosexuality, it is a detestable sin"), but to
Leviticus(18, 22): "Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind, it is
abomination". So, Ter, do love another ter. But do not expose. Neither Your
"love" nor Your ignorance. Do not anger the God.

Ter - 17 Jun 2011 // 17:19:01


Your comment really made me laugh. Such incredible absurd and so much crap. Luckily not everyone out there shares the madness in your head. And, I am sorry to bring it up to you but GAY has existed in nature amongst humans, and animals equally, not only from antiquity, before and after Christ and nowadays, but ALWAYS. Thank God for that! Life perseveres as human race rapidly multiplies. I don't want to lecture you, but being GAY it's not a CHOICE, as you put it out so bluntly, it's NATURE, that's how some people are born my friend. Normally you learn about these things in biology classes while you in school, and you learn if your intelligence allows you. The world would have been so amazing if we could all tolerate and accept each other, but I guess not because there are always going to be ignorant and ill-minded people. So sad!

"Imagine: 100% of mankind are 'G'-s & 'L'-s. The end."- LOL No, I can't imagine it unless it is a science fiction. Obviously, you have a vibrant imagination.

I don't see why a gay or lesbian couples shouldn't be able to raise children and be nurturing parents. I know many gay people who are loving and financially stable people who can be excellent providers for their children. I know also quite a few dysfunctional hetero families with domestic violence where I feel sorry for their children.

sa-sha - 17 Jun 2011 // 12:05:29

'8 Ambassadors...Back' the death. They are free. But the purport of Life is Life:
man & woman. Man & man/woman & woman is Death of Life: it stops the continuation
of human race. Imagine: 100% of mankind are 'G'-s & 'L'-s. The end.
Dear 'L'-s & 'G'-s (& 8 Ambassadors), You are free in Your homosexual choice. Nobody
prosecutes You. But what for to demonstrate this illness? So stubbornly & provocatively.
It is not Freedom. It is Madness. Raving madness.

Al - 16 Jun 2011 // 19:38:37

ankle, you wrote: "This is the type of response you get from some ignorant Danes… Don’t waste your energy trying to convince parasites like him."

Nah, not Danes. Dane. I'm not some schizoid.

I like strong women.

Do you have big tits? Can you cook?


ankle - 16 Jun 2011 // 19:17:07


Edited version

This is the type of response you get from some ignorant Danes… Don’t waste your energy trying to convince parasites like him.

Low education and low self-esteem

Al - 16 Jun 2011 // 18:32:13

ankle, you wrote to Ter: "This is the type of response you get from some ignorant Bulgarians… Don’t waste your energy trying to convince parasites like him. Low education and low self-esteem"

Nah, I'm Danish.

The most tolerant and peace loving people on this planet.

But we're not like the Greece. Don't like this backdoor thing. Do you?


ankle - 16 Jun 2011 // 18:02:32


This is the type of response you get from some ignorant Bulgarians… Don’t waste your energy trying to convince parasites like him.

Low education and low self-esteem

Ter - 16 Jun 2011 // 17:46:20

Of course, you do!

Al - 16 Jun 2011 // 17:28:45


What was it, you didn't understand in my previous posting?

Obviously, you don't respect my point of view.

You wrote: "Peace out!"

I write: "Piss off!"


Ter - 16 Jun 2011 // 16:53:42

Dear Al,

Interesting take you got on "tolerance" considering that the Bulgaria's first ever gay parade in 2008 was marred by neo-Nazi hooligans, with more than 60 people ending up arrested by the police for trying to attack and harass the participants, some of them throwing Molotov cocktails. The 2009 gay parade, passing very quickly and under enhanced security measures, gathered only 300 people.

What is it exactly that bothers you so much in this peaceful gay rights demonstration that your pious self does not allow to see?

The Pride Parade is celebrated worldwide, I don't see why it shouldn't be in Bulgaria. Are Bulgarians more religious than Italians, Spaniards, or Greeks?

On note of the religion stats of Bulgaria; It seems a bit of controversy to me to see that the general population defines itself "religious", and yet no signs of elementary Christian goodwill is to be noticed anywhere. Doesn't your religion calls for Loving Each Other?!!

Peace out!

Al - 15 Jun 2011 // 23:34:15


As denis wrote in a previous posting: "Society in Bulgaria is pretty tolerant, we accept most peoples views and preferences but we don't need our noses to be rubbed in it.". That covers also my point of view.

Re statistics: .

I respect your opinion, but I don't agree.

Ter - 15 Jun 2011 // 21:47:25

@ Al

Are you saying that Bulgaria has 7 mil religious people combined together orthodox christians and muslims?!!! I would like to know how you base you statistics. Is every single Bulgarian religious?

I think it is important for the gay people to have their Pride Parade in order to create awareness of their existence and to voice a demand for equal rights in a country that hardly tolerates even the slightest idea of it.

temujin2 - 15 Jun 2011 // 14:15:10

ambasadors of "USA, Netherlands, Belgium, UK, Germany, Slovenia, Finland and Norway"

LGBT activity was legalized in Bulgaria, nationwide and UN signed declaration y. 1968

Norway Legal since 1972 + UN decl. sign

USA: Legal since 1962, nationwide since 2003

Slovenia Legal since 1977 + UN decl. sign.

Finland Legal since 1971 + UN decl. sign.

Netherlands: Legal since 1811 + UN decl. sign.

Belgium: Legal since 1795 + UN decl. sign.

Also check out a tiny detail : Poland and Hungary are put in Central Europe (since WHEN?!) Bulgarians should put this in their head: Catholic and Muslim are the same kind of vermin both need frying

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