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Commenting article: Bulgaria's Ruling Party GERB: Armed and Dangerous

Giving pride of place to adherence to the party line over sound thinking might be characteristic of Bulgaria’s center-right GERB, but when it comes together with support for the free owning of guns, something really wrong must be going on.

This week GERB parliamentary group chair Krasimir Velchev gave an interview for the 24 Chasa wide-circulation daily, in which, among other things, he advanced some theses that went largely unnoticed by Bulgarian commentators, but are highly symptomatic of GERB’s style of action and level of insight into the very nature of political life.

Asked about the phenomenon of MPs leaving their parliamentary groups, Velchev quite naturally expressed disapproval, arguing that radical dissent means that one should resign as MP rather than stay in parliament under the banner of something else than the party that nominated him.

DrFaust - 31 Mar 2011 // 10:09:03

"And do play nicely, don't go around shooting people will your oiled-up rocket launcher."

Tz, tz, tz, the word you were looking for here was obviously 'pump gun', not rocket launcher. With a rocket launcher you can launch rockets, as the name say, but you can't shoot people.

Hope this helps you in the future!

P.S.: I only correct you because your joke is already too lame for an 8-year-old and therefore highly offensive, and because you tried to be a wise guy.


Al - 28 Mar 2011 // 11:32:42

The revival of Statler and Waldorf?

The characters seem to have been developed a bit.

Now we have a hot air gun slinging prick and a wise guy with a newly oiled rocket launcher on the balcony.

It might be interesting to watch the following episodes.

Hopefully, the characters will develop into something more meaningful. Or at least spice the conversations with more sex and blood.


Mihail - 28 Mar 2011 // 09:10:40

Ok. You win, I don't have any comeback for "delusional disorder", that was unheard of! You're a champ.

I have more important things to do now. I let you play with yourself from here on. And do play nicely, don't go around shooting people will your oiled-up rocket launcher.

DrFaust - 28 Mar 2011 // 09:09:01

Hey Mihail,

and sorry also that a "lame joke" is already such a serious offense for someone like you, someone who is 'not a man'. I am always shooting people in the nuts when they tell me lame jokes. You seem more into correcting typos and other errors.


What an interesting forum we have here! There is a guy who claims to be a vegetable but feels offended when you call him like that, and there is another one who feels offended when you call him a man. What a wonderful world, full of miracles!

DrFaust - 28 Mar 2011 // 09:04:21

Hey Mihail,

"It's not an issue of me not having sense of humor, nothing you've said was funny.
Especially your pathetic first comment with "yeah!" at the end. Any 8-year old will tell you that's totally lame."

Again my apologies. Considering your intellectual development I wrote in fact in the style that even an 8-year-old would understand it. You didn't. And you felt offended by that.

Sorry for not anticipating your intellectual level. Maybe I should have tried to write in a way a 3-year-old would understand. That would have been more appropriate in your case.

DrFaust - 28 Mar 2011 // 09:00:59

Hey Mihail,

"Ok, I get it, you invented a new phrase "prick full of hot air", you're very clever. Stop spamming the discussion with it."

Discussion, what discussion? You call your rantings 'a discussion'?

You are obviously suffering from a delusional disorder.

Mihail - 28 Mar 2011 // 08:56:43

It's not an issue of me not having sense of humor, nothing you've said was funny.
Especially your pathetic first comment with "yeah!" at the end. Any 8-year old will tell you that's totally lame.

Mihail - 28 Mar 2011 // 08:51:54

Ok, I get it, you invented a new phrase "prick full of hot air", you're very clever. Stop spamming the discussion with it.

DrFaust - 28 Mar 2011 // 08:49:28

Hey Mihail,

"What kind of person would go around pointing out grammatical errors."

Well, you answered that already earlier: not 'a real man', but a prick full of hot air.


Mihail - 28 Mar 2011 // 08:45:58

Don't be silly, how can a prick be full of hot air?

DrFaust - 28 Mar 2011 // 08:43:10

Hey Mihail,

"DrFaust shouldn't be calling me "a real man""

How could I call you are "a real man"! How offensive, that was really not nice!

Ok, I apologize. You are not a real man. You are a prick full of hot air.

Are you happy now?


"Also he shouldn't be trying to correct me on the use of harakiri if he doesn't know what it means."

As pointed out earlier, I know that "harakiri" is not a correct term. You can ask a Japanese, but probably he also doesn't know what "harakiri" means. But he will know what "seppuku" means. But never mind, only a real man would understand about what I am talking. You are - a prick full of hot air.

"It is quite simple you see, I didn't start the hostility toward either of you."

Wow, a slightly ironic statement is already a 'hostility' for you. You have a real issue her, ask your psychotherapist.

"Hey, you, DrFaust and Al were the first ones to insult."

So far you have not been insulted by me. I was just pulling your leg a bit, but it turns out you are not a very intelligent person, you are absolutely without nay sense of humor and beside from that not a real man but - a prick full of hot air.

What's the point to insult a prick full of hot air?

Mihail - 28 Mar 2011 // 08:43:09

"(Or is it: "I hope that was helpful for you?"?)"

Actually "I hope that was helpful TO you". You could have googled this instead of asking, bu t you're welcome.

Mihail - 28 Mar 2011 // 08:35:35

Quoting DrFist,

"...not a pu**y...
...I am just oiling... makes me feel much better and secure... the nuts, yeah!"

"...I was confused..."

"BULERICAN...Don't be too harsh. ...better be careful."

What organization are you two part of?

DrFist, you argued along these lines in your first post already (yawn).
I need to correct you again here. BULERICAN is supposed to be written in all CAPS, I think you should apologize to him.

DrFaust - 28 Mar 2011 // 08:28:26

Hey Mihail,

"The only reason I'm correcting DrFaust is because he was trying (unsuccessfully) to be a wise-guy and someone needs to help him out."

You got me wrong here, I definitely didn't try to be 'a wise guy'. I just wanted to share with you how much I agree with your assessment of the dangers to go shopping in Bulgaria. So better to do it with the pump gun at hand, just as you said.

"I wouldn't be such a prick to anyone else and I can make many mistakes myself."

So I have a reason to feel privileged! Seems I am the only one to whom you revealed your "prickishness"! Thank you so much for sharing with your real self with me. Now I am much more clear about your really unique character!


"I really hope I can exorcise the ignorance and false confidence from both of you, so we can stop wasting our time with wise-cracks and insults."

So you are also an exorcist? A nice picture, you with a huge cross in the one hand and the loaded gun in the other, "exorcising" everyone who writes with typos or who is a suspect in the major crime (of ironising Professor Mihail).

I repeat myself, but you are too funny: LOL

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