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Commenting article: US Ambassador Sees Good, Bad News for Bulgaria's Security

Speaking at a Balkans Security conference in Sofia, US Ambassador James Warlick outlined both strong and weak sides of Bulgaria's position.

Warlick was the one to open the 8th annual International Conference on Security in Southeast Europe in Sofia with a statement.

"I have good news and bad news for Bulgaria. The good news is that Bulgaria has made very important steps to guarantee its national borders," the US Ambassador stated pointing out that Bulgaria is in the Eastern flank of the EU, which is also important for the United States.

Jerry - 30 Sep 2010 // 03:54:41


"Obummer quoted directly from the Declaration of Independence, yet he just skipped the part about our Creator, who endowed us certain inalienable rights … life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness".

You have to understand that Obama is well versed and studied Abraham Lincoln doctrine that of the "Wartime Court", after Lincoln entered office the Civil War began.

"Taking a broad view of the president's war powers, he proclaimed a blockade, suspended the writ of habeas corpus for disloyal activity, spent money without congressional authorization, and controlled the war effort".

Obama entered the Presidency with two wars and a recession and almost entering a depression, now the TEA BAGS, oh excuse me TEA PARTY are off base since the USA is in a crisis and we can learn from Abraham Lincoln which Obama masters.

Nellieherself - 29 Sep 2010 // 02:55:31


It’s bad enough Ohbummer skipped the part about our Creator endowing us with those inalienable rights, but he has the guts to list entitlements provided by the federal government -- all designed to steal liberty and property from one and give to another -- and then quote the Declaration of Independence a few moments later?!?

What a douche bag!

Nellieherself - 29 Sep 2010 // 02:52:37


"You have to understand that Obama is well versed in Constitutional Law which he studied at Harvard with the experience of Chicago Legal Aid."

Meh...He is not as smart as he thinks. And the voters are not as stupid as he thinks. Did he really think that no one would notice when he dropped "by our creator" from the declaration of independence?!? Obummer quoted directly from the Declaration of Independence, yet he just skipped the part about our Creator, who endowed us certain inalienable rights … life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

I am not religious, but most Americans are, so that did not go well with the electorate.

Jerry - 29 Sep 2010 // 01:19:58


You have to understand that Obama is well versed in Constitutional Law which he studied at Harvard with the experience of Chicago Legal Aid.

Now a master in Constitutional Law will use this weapon in the future to negate the extreme Right Wing with a new US Supreme Court that is articulating a social economic tone.

As you know this was seen in the "New Deal" policies from President Franklin D. Roosevelt a former Harvard Graduate.

As you can see history may repeat itself and let us watch if the McCarthy Era returns and call the whole world Communists.

The world is in an era of Paranoia of Communism, Islam, Moslem or who shared your bed.

Nellieherself - 28 Sep 2010 // 01:50:46

"Obama is a Gentlemen to allow what is going on with the current social patterns in the USA."

Yeah, right? He would do much better to be like Hugo Chavez or Castro--make himself President for life, or even better--Emperor. Just like his tribe does it in Kenya. Boy, are you delusional! Obama is a disgrace, probably the worst US president (except Harry Truman) who ever lived. He is definitely a one-term President. You can't go on a rampage against capitalism, against business, and against the wealthy in America without getting your head broken. Obama will get his just deserts at the voting booth soon. Capitalism is what created America's great wealth. This is who we are. There are makers and takers in this world. Americans are makers for the most part, and deeply resent the takers.

Jerry - 27 Sep 2010 // 20:42:16


Wait for a Department of Justice interpretation of Equal Rights, the Tea Party will loose their tea bags and go behind close doors.

Obama is one year away for a defined Court and let us begin with the Supreme Court.

Let us see these Tea Bags use the Term "Nigger" at the Federal Courthouse stairs at the 1st and 2nd District Courts.

Obama is a Gentlemen to allow what is going on with the current social patterns in the USA.

Nellieherself - 27 Sep 2010 // 18:37:28


"According to you, the 'tea party' wants only what Germany has"

Only in terms of fiscal responsibility, austerity measures to reduce debt, and a thriving economy. Germany can keep its socialist unions, government moochers, and the Turkish vermin. Although I would be happy to trade niggers for Turks anytime. lol

DrFaust - 27 Sep 2010 // 11:02:10


you have probably no idea HOW funny you are.

According to you, the 'tea party' wants only what Germany has...that means that you have obviously no idea that the comparative success of Germany is based on what is called 'Soziale Marktwirtschaft' (social market economy), and that this model of the economy is supported by all big political parties (with the exception of parts of the 'Linke'). According to your phraseological, 'Soziale Marktwirtschaft' would be labeled as pure socialism.

If I am not mistaken, Obama was labeled a communist for just making a small step in that direction with his attempt to introduce health insurance for a few people more - and he was labeled like that by the 'tea party' and its masterminds...

Jerry - 26 Sep 2010 // 21:02:45


In our military uniforms we were governed by the Imaginery Lines of Arbitrary Division of the 17th Parallel and the 38th Parallel.

When we passed the line, we were called Imperialistic Adventure.

From Harry to Johnson to Bush all sit on their hand before to pull the trigger to Advance!

It is sad you did not wear a Uniform but give orders from your living room chair or wave the Flag in a remote region waiting for orders.

Nellieherself - 26 Sep 2010 // 04:40:30


Harry Truman was the moron who handed eastern Europe over to the Russians. I can't bring myself to forgive him --EVER!

Jerry - 26 Sep 2010 // 04:35:29


It was Old Harry Truman who droped two A-Bombs on Japan!

It was Old Harry who handed over the Cold war to Dwight.

So, no scream Communism but old redneck logic that comes from the arm pits of New Jersey Blue Collar ghettos.

Nellieherself - 25 Sep 2010 // 19:49:46


"How I miss you my old friend Harry S. Truman."

Are you speaking of the viper who "negotiated" eastern Europe to Stalin after WWII? The man was the worst and most hated US president who ever lived! What are you--an old communist transvestite bitch?

Nellieherself - 25 Sep 2010 // 19:41:03


The "tea party" takes its name from the Boston Tea Party when a handful of American patriots revolted against the tax on tea the Brits were collecting from America. It was a tax revolt that started the American revolution that separated American from Britain. It was the birth of America.

This is exactly what the tea party is today--a tax revolt. We want smaller, cheaper, and more efficient government, lower taxes, and the government to stay out of our business and our wallets. It is not the government's job to spend our money that they loot by taxation. The government should let us spend our own money. It is also not the government's job to create jobs. The only job the government has is to defend us from enemy nations (army) and from each other (police), to protect us from natural disasters and acts of terrorism. And that's all. Everything else is looting and mooching from the wealthy in order to feed the useless deadbeat losers.

Any other questions?


Jerry - 25 Sep 2010 // 03:25:18

The “tea party” yappers with their foghorns and the noise of do nothing but complain should return to USA History 1 and Economics 101.

To leave a Recession with borderline Depression one initiates tax incentives geared at an Economic Stabilization Program as seen with a Marshall Plan, New Deal and the Economic Stabilization Program of 1973 (USA).

Losing a home or losing a job the “tea party” yelp without identifying what infrastructure should be invested or what is the confidence factor of the “tea party” but continue to squawk at the Government with discontent.

Let us return to fundamentals, what is the bottom-line and where does the “Buck Stop”! How I miss you my old friend Harry S. Truman.

President Obama needs a mix of the Tax Reform Act of 1954 and the Tax Reform Act of 1969 that articulated capital investments, tax credits and capital gains offset. We need jobs and infrastructure development that leads to jobs.

Nellieherself - 24 Sep 2010 // 03:17:36


"And if you don't see the difference between the open support of a political party and the clandestine creation of a network of (obviously partly illegally acting) foundations and think tanks that want to create a 'grassroot movement' that is micromanaged by some dubious figures with a paranoid understanding of politics, then you are really the nutcase you try so hard to be."

Look, I don't care what the leftie liberals write in the mainstream media, the tea party is a grass roots movement of Americans who want what Germany has got--fiscal responsibility, austerity measures, a balanced budget, less debt, and a booming economy. You can't blame us for it.

As for the billionaires giving money to the tea party--where were you and CNN News when all the terrorists in Gaza were sending money via the internet to the Obaminator campaign? Washington is full of lobbyists, union organizers, and other assorted special interest pests lobbying for their causes. None of them gives a damn about the American people, they are all selfish, self-interested swindlers. So what if some old billionaire wants to put his money where his mouth is and support the tea party? The democrats steal money from the American tax payer and use it to give themselves gold-plated government pensions and benefits, not to mention their expensive socialist agenda.

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