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Commenting article: US President Obama Throws Weight behind Mosque near Ground Zero

After weeks of shying away from this subject, US President Barack Obama has expressed support for the plans to build a mosque and a Muslim center close to the World Trade Center site in Manhattan.

Speaking before Ramadan dinner guests at the While House Friday night, Obama has based his backing for the mosque project that stirred much controversy and debate in the USA on the freedom of religion.

The USD 100 M, 13-floor mosque and Islamic center project near Ground Zero has been seen by many, mostly conservatives, as an outrageous insult to the memory of the victims of the 9/11 terrorist attacks that destroyed the World Trade Center in New York.

Nellieherself - 22 Aug 2010 // 18:37:29

The Cordoba Initiative is an organization whose very name makes reference to what was, 1,000 years ago, one of the world’s most advanced cities, Cordoba, Al-Andalus (Spain). This was a city that was politically and religiously dominated by Islam, and a city that was conquered by jihad (holy war). Today, there are Islamic groups such as Al-Qaeda that have a dream of seeing a pan-Islamic world that would extend from old Al-Andalus (Spain). This is based upon Islam’s principle of dar-al-Islam, which means a world where Islamic sovereignty prevails over the citizenry. Dar-al-Islam is attained through jihad and the media is replete with Al- Qaeda’s calls for jihad and their claims to Al-Andalus and its major cities such as Cordoba.

The parallel between Cordoba and New York is undeniable.

Nellieherself - 22 Aug 2010 // 18:22:05

A Muslim house of prayer that would be cemented in the ashes of catastrophe at the foot of New York's lost Twin Towers would be a symbolic victory flag for Muslims who seek the destruction of America. Further, it is my honest opinion that no matter how the construction of a mosque at ‘Ground Zero’ may be perceived by well-meaning Americans, the construction of a mosque on the spot where Al-Qaeda brought jihad to the United States will unquestionably represent victory to the worldwide forces of Radical Islam.

We must remember that a practice associated with conquering Islamic armies was the construction of a mosque at the location where their triumphant battle was won. Thus, this modern Islamic organization is seeking to build a mosque at the site of 9/11 attack—an attack which was carried out by 19 Muslim hijackers who considered their mission holy war.

The world should know that the ‘Cordoba Initiative,’ the New York City based organization desiring to construct a massive Islamic house of prayer at ‘Ground Zero,’ has posted on its website, a peculiar and disingenuous statement indicating the desire to bring back the atmosphere of, “interfaith tolerance and respect that we have longed for since Muslims, Christians and Jews lived together in harmony and prosperity eight hundred years ago.”

I point this out because contemporary scholarship has clearly demonstrated that there was no ‘harmony’ or ‘prosperity’ for non-Muslims in Islamic Spain. The Cordoba Initiative is attempting to revisit some sort of mythical “tolerance and respect” which never existed.

Pantudi - 17 Aug 2010 // 23:51:02

Hey Chushle,

Now the DrFag is in the slammer, what happened to his BG slut with no tits? Any news.

Bill - 17 Aug 2010 // 23:18:50


I'm willing to change my opinion when and if the proof appears, but at this point we have no such thing. Even if the guy mentioned in the article is convicted, we still need to tie him to DrFaust, which is immensely difficult if we don't know any more than his nick.

However, the fact that he hasn't posted in several days makes your feeling a bit more believable than it was at first.

Another possibility is that he can be released from custody and come up on the forum and say he wasn't the guy; he was just out somewhere or on vacation, and nobody can prove differently.

Chushki - 17 Aug 2010 // 23:09:56


''So long as you're on line, there's something that needs saying. You said DrFaust has been arrested. The fact that he seems to have disappeared from the forum lends a good deal more credence to what you've been saying.''

And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

Nellieherself - 17 Aug 2010 // 21:39:48


I meant the National Review, not the National Observer. I am having a senior moment.

Nellieherself - 17 Aug 2010 // 21:38:16


Don't get him started again. Bozo, I mean. lol

Honterus - 17 Aug 2010 // 21:33:50


"...dhimmis tolerated so long as they accept their subordinate legal and social status (“AND FEEL THEMSELVES SUBDUED”)."

this concept must appeal to our local BOZO - knez - quote: "ethnic Turks, FYROMians and South Dobruja Romanians [...] must be made sign HUMILIATINGLY phrases fidelity declarations towards Bulgaria"...unquote

Maybe he's actually a hidden Muslim - who knows ? Ada-Kaleh was not far from Turnu-Severin after all...

Nellieherself - 17 Aug 2010 // 21:17:35


That was an article I copied and pasted from the National Observer. But yes, that's how Islam operates and the Obamination is an Islamist apologist.

Honterus - 17 Aug 2010 // 21:11:09

PS: What happened with "ot America" ? No more Proud-to-be-American I wonder ? ;-)

PPS: In the virtual world - like in our heads - we are all gorgeus people...

Honterus - 17 Aug 2010 // 21:08:27


Bravo ! Now you're throwing some SUBstance to your anti muslim stance.

Unfortunately Islam is a religion often grasped by persons proned to extremism and intolerance. The danger of parallel societies ( a "muslim" closed society developing in parallel with the "open" mainstream one) in the Western World is real and must be dealed with.

Also the unacceptable status of christians and christian churches in some Muslim states is real and must be addressed.

I believe the answer lies in a World post-petroleum/oil. No need for oil => no international power for major oil producers...

Cheers !

Nellieherself - 17 Aug 2010 // 20:50:22

In the United States, there is no threat to religious liberty . . . except where there are high concentrations of Muslims. As Muslims have flocked to Dearborn, Mich., for example, Henry Ford’s hometown has become infamous for its support of Hezbollah. Recently, four Christian missionaries were arrested by Dearborn police for the crime of handing out copies of St. John’s gospel on a public street outside an Arab festival. The police called it disturbing the peace. But the peace was disturbed only due to the foreboding sense that Muslims might take riotous offense, because sharia forbids the preaching of religions other than Islam.

In Minneapolis, where thousands of Somalis have settled, taxpayers are being forced to support sharia-compliant mortgages and at least one Islamic charter school. Meantime, taxi drivers refuse to ferry passengers suspected of carrying alcohol, and a student in need of a dog’s assistance for medical reasons was driven from school due to threats from Muslim students against him and the animal — because sharia regards canines dogs as unclean.

This aggression is a deliberate strategy, called “voluntary apartheid.” The idea, as explained by influential Sunni cleric Yusuf Qaradawi (the Muslim Brotherhood’s spiritual guide), counsels that Muslims in the West must push political leaders to indulge what he claims is their “right to live according to our faith — ideologically, legislatively, and ethically.” It is what imam Feisal Rauf means when he urges America to become more sharia-friendly by allowing “religious communities more leeway to judge among themselves, according to their laws.”

This is not the promotion of religious liberty. In America, President Obama observed, religious liberty welcomes “people of all faiths.” Contemporary Islam, by contrast, is counseling supremacism. It rips at our seams, demanding that Americans accept parallel Islamic societies, because Muslims must reject the mores of non-Islamic societies.

Moreover, the same theory that considers every Muslim to be a Muslim forever — whether he wants to be one or not — analogously holds that if a given inch of land has ever been under Islamic domain, it is Islam’s property in perpetuity. There is a reason Islamic maps of Palestine do not reflect the existence of Israel and that Spain is called al-Andalus.

There are Muslims who want to change this, Muslims who want to evolve their faith into the light of ecumenical tolerance, Muslims who crave true religious liberty and reject sharia’s repression. These reformist Muslims face a daunting challenge, however. The power and money in the Islamic community is in the grip of the supremacists who pressure Muslims to resist assimilating in America.

The president may not have noticed, but the commitment of the Saudis and the Muslim Brotherhood to religious intolerance is utterly unshakable.

Nellieherself - 17 Aug 2010 // 20:41:07

But I digress...

To get back to the mosque issue:

Non-Muslims are barred from entering the cities of Mecca and Medina — not merely barred from building synagogues or churches, but barred, period, because their infidel feet are deemed unfit to touch the ground. This is not an al-Qaeda principle. Nor is it an “Islamist” principle. It is Islam, pure and simple.

“Truly the pagans are unclean,” instructs the Koran’s Sura 9:28, “so let them not . . . approach the Sacred Mosque.” This injunction — and there are plenty of similar ones in Islam’s scriptures — is enforced vigorously not by jihadist terrorists but by the Saudi government. And it is enforced not because of some eccentric sense of Saudi nationalism. The only law of Saudi Arabia is sharia, the law of Islam.

As Iraq’s “moderate” Ayatollah Ali Sistani — probably the world’s most influential Shiite cleric — has explained, the touching of non-Muslims is discouraged, because they are considered to be in the same “unclean” category as “urine, feces, semen, dead bodies, blood, dogs, pigs, alcoholic liquors, and the sweat of an animal who persistently eats [unclean things].”

These teachings are worth bearing in mind as we listen to the staunch defenses of religious liberty that have suddenly become so fashionable among proponents of the Cordoba Initiative, a planned $100 million Islamic center and mosque to be built on the hallowed ground where remains of the nearly 3,000 Americans killed by Muslim terrorists on 9/11 continue to be found. The most prominent proponent of the project, President Obama, was in high fashion Friday night, as one would expect at a White House gala in observance of Ramadan. “This is America,” he intoned, “and our commitment to religious freedom must be unshakable.”

You can’t aspire to religious freedom by turning a blind eye to the reality of sharia.

Saudi Arabia does not have any law but sharia. Non-Muslims are discriminated against in the kingdom, not because that’s how the Saudis want it. They are discriminated against because that is how the Koran says it must be.

Sura 9:29, the verse of the Koran that immediately follows the commandment to exclude non-Muslims from holy sites, instructs: “Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the last day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the Religion of Truth, from among the people of the Book [i.e., Jews and Christians], until they pay the jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued.”

The jizya is a poll-tax imposed on dhimmis. Those are non-Muslims permitted to live in Islamic territories. The concept is that all the world will eventually be under the thumb of sharia authorities, with dhimmis tolerated so long as they accept their subordinate legal and social status (“and feel themselves subdued”). The alternative for dhimmis is war or death.

Nellieherself - 17 Aug 2010 // 20:25:55


I don't usually respond to trolls, but I will make an exception in your case, because clearly you have put a lot of time and effort into trolling me. So, here is goes:


Keep trying to rattle my cage, maybe you will get lucky and get more out of me. You never know. lol

Ter - 17 Aug 2010 // 18:54:00

Babo Nelli,

I don't understand where you get the nerve to compare yourself with Helen Mirren. Have you really seen yourself in the mirror?! The grotesque of your image is offense to my eyes. Indeed, it makes me laugh. Your external self is just as ugly as your rotten inner world, your comments are as equally disgusting as not worth while even reading me, I personally read them for the sake of good laughter. It's amazing how self-delusional and mentally clouded one can become, I guess the age factor becomes to play role here, the older Nelli gets the more bitter, wicked, and deranged she becomes. And what a perfect place for her-New Jersey, the backyard of NY filled with garbage like her alone. You are disgrace of human kind, Nelli! Your trashy look wish a snouty face, lips almost nonexistent, and the poorly bleached blond hair, which evidently brings her closer to her Russian origin, makes me puke. And, please anyone do her a favor by telling her that padded shoulders have been out of fashion for nearly few decades already, and worse-they even don't flatter her already masculine figure. Nelli, are you sure you are not a man? If I were you I wouldn't have posted those ugly photos, or dare show your face outside your house.

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