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Commenting article: Dilma Rouseff Inches Ahead in Brazil's Presidential Elections

Dilma Rouseff, the Brazilian presidential candidate of Bulgarian origin, is increasing her lead in the race for Brazil's Presidential Elections in October.

A public opinion poll of the Globo TV channel shows that Rouseff has a public support of 41% vs. 33% for her major opponent Jose Cera, cited by BGNES. Thus, Rouseff's lead has grown from only 1% a month ago.

Three other public opinion polls in the last month gave Rouseff a lead of between 5% and 10% ahead of Cera.

DrFaust - 3 Sep 2010 // 10:02:31


"China's grey maket and pirate goods is the major exporter to Brazil but goods pass through Paraguay and Argentina.

The statistics are very misleading due to false documentation."

What is your problem Jerry?

I am repeating myself: your original statement was on Brazilian EXPORTS.

My comment was on Brazilian EXPORTS.

Your statement above is simply irrelevant in that context, since it deals with IMPORTS to Brazil.

Still your statement that US and Germany are the main Brazilian export markets is nonsense.

Jerry - 3 Sep 2010 // 02:26:02


China's grey maket and pirate goods is the major exporter to Brazil but goods pass through Paraguay and Argentina.

The statistics are very misleading due to false documentation.

DrFaust - 2 Sep 2010 // 15:08:22


"I agree with you concerning China if you include contraband Chinese from Paraguay that enters Brazil illegally.

Documented goods with import and export documentation are USA, Germany and Japan."

Please go back to your first statement. You said that the US and Germany are the major export markets for Brazil.

I commented and mentioned that you are wrong. China is the main export market for Brazil. I didn't comment on imports to Brazil, therefore I think the first paragraph of your previous post is based on a misunderstanding. You agree with me on something about which I didn't say anything...

As for documented exports, have a look at the offical staistics and you will see that you are wrong, as pointed out already in my previous post.

Jerry - 2 Sep 2010 // 13:37:12

I agree with you concerning China if you include contraband Chinese from Paraguay that enters Brazil illegally.

Documented goods with import and export documentation are USA, Germany and Japan.

DrFaust - 2 Sep 2010 // 11:56:03


"Brazil major export is USA and Germany."

You are wrong. Major export market for Brazil is China. Germany is ranked in fifth place. The major German imports from Brazil are vehicles and coffee.

Jerry - 17 Aug 2010 // 17:39:29

No slut,

But the World Bank, USAID and the European Development Funds executing Projects in Food and Energy.

Nellieherself - 17 Aug 2010 // 17:26:11


Let me understand you correctly. You retired from the US and went to live in Brazil? Did some Brazilian slut drag you down there so she could be closer to her relatives?

NellieotAmerica - 17 Aug 2010 // 16:55:54


"It was all service to the country."

Yeah, right...Service well-paid and with gold-plated pension and benefits that keep you in Europe getting the best medical care in the world. And for what? So that you can live another 10 years mooching on the American tax payer? With "service" like this, the tax payer doesn't need any more fleecing, thank you very much! The military can take its "service" and shove it up the hoop, I will take my chances with a small government and a small military, just like Germany is doing. Let China and its military take over the world, they own us anyway.

Bill - 17 Aug 2010 // 15:46:38


On this point we agree. I, too, would do it again if called at my age to do so. Paid holiday indeed! This "lady" has no idea what is involved in military service, nor what motivates it in most cases. I'm reeasonybly sure that these people, who every day must face someone determined to kill them, spend much of their time in fear and insecurity.

It's uncanny how she can deride the military so vehemently while some of our best young people are bleeding and dying to protect her and her lavish, free-wheeling life style.

And I didn't retire at 40, either. It doesn't matter whether the service was in active military or as civilian support for the military. It was all service to the country. I've noticed that no one outside my profession really understands the pressures and strains of it, but you can beieve that after the end of a long day, one is physically exhausted, and in the areas where I worked, this was most of the time.

Jerry - 17 Aug 2010 // 15:09:32


We from the US Army entered service for love of country and democracy and not on a paid holiday.

With markings on my body from two wars, I ask myself as a Bulgarian US American immigrant, was it worth it?

Answer, YES!

And I will do it again!

Jerry - 17 Aug 2010 // 03:55:09

I prefer sunny Rio de Janeiro, the Brazilian women are sensuous and Carnival brings delight to ones heart with an everlasting smile that leads to surprises.

Well, New York and New Jersey brings us a cold Statute of Liberty without sensuous delight and endeavours of mystery.

Satan - 17 Aug 2010 // 00:16:49

Wow, That's a good one. In the same frame.

I bet she feels the same about you for staying in Germany and for not returning to any state.

Bill - 17 Aug 2010 // 00:05:32


The best thing you did for New York was to move to New Jersey. :-p

NellieotAmerica - 16 Aug 2010 // 23:14:52


""houses made of sticks and stones by greedy imbeciles."

And architects?

(Couldn't resist that.)"

I don't know what other architects do, but i have had more fights with union electricians and plumbers than you can shake a stick at. And one of my responsibilities for the City of New York was to perform value engineering studies. So, yes, I have always tried to bring down the cost of my projects and bring value to the client. Unlike the greedy morons in the US armed services who think that money grows on trees and every dollar has to pass through their fat arses.

NellieotAmerica - 16 Aug 2010 // 23:00:37


Veterans of wars are not a big deal. But you are not even a war veteran, so you are even less of a big deal.


The young morons who went into the army came out as morons, nothing changed for them. The great kids who went in came out even better and went back to college to complete their educations courtesy of Uncle Sam. Not every person who enlists is a great person, many enlist for personal reasons and inability to make it in the private sector. They just need the army to babysit them and tell them what to do and not to do, like their mothers did when they were kids.

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