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Commenting article: Bulgarian Passports for Macedonians: Debunking Myths

Macedonians - second-hand people?

Oliver Vodasov has managed to do something many Macedonians dream of – he has built up a successful career in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, a European Union member state.

Even though Macedonia is not a member of the union, Vodasov can freely work as a lawyer in Bulgaria after having been granted citizenship. For this to happen he had to prove Bulgarian ethnicity.

Behemoth - 10 Mar 2014 // 14:59:54


you are a master logician: everyone that is not a native English speaker MUST be a Romanian - and be same person.

So the world is comprised of three groups: Bulgarians, English native speakers - and the rest of the world (which is only ONE person, a Romanian).

By the way, where exactly did I claim that I am a native speaker of English?

Now get your medication and get back to the straight jacket, you sick troll.

Behemoth - 10 Mar 2014 // 14:35:44


you are really amusing me. It's common knowledge who invented the computer. And it was not this guy Atanasoff (who was American btw).

That posting something that is common knowledge is for you proof that the person MUST be Romanian and MUST be posting under many different aliases is just another proof for the fact that you are a nutcase. Now take your pills and ask the friendly people in the white jackets to help you back into the straight jacket.

SandanoFski - 10 Mar 2014 // 13:16:30

Behemoth dear count (take out one of the vowels for the real word ;) )
stop giving yourself away: you are NOT a native English speaker
"muahahahahaha" is spelt with "W" "mwah....." in English, where there is this w semivowel.
In Romanian although it exists it is spelt just as the corresponding plain full vowel u
Now state your IP or maybe we should just wait for someone from the staff to publish it on the site
Perhaps I will aske them to send it to me via email
for now I'm just waiting for them to publish it under a random user name

SandanoFski - 10 Mar 2014 // 13:11:58

Well then tell me why my IP is, stop boasting and bragging!
Dear staff, please one of you publish this Romanian of FYROMian guy's IP on your forum, under the guise of a random user name.
Check out his comments about John Atanasoff not being the computer inventor both under Behemoth and DrFaust or Mephisto nicknames.

Jean marie - 10 Mar 2014 // 01:01:41

im not macedonian , but i agreed with Trinka. i live in BG this is what i do for some penny to compensate my monthly revenues

Behemoth - 9 Mar 2014 // 23:41:11


how come I know your IP - and you are all the time BEGGING me to tell you mine? Maybe because I have the superior intelligence?

Now let's track you and take good care of you. muahahahahaha

An American - 9 Mar 2014 // 18:27:59

My father is from Bulgaria. My mother is from Macedonia. They married in the United States and my sister and I are Americans. I would would take neither a Bulgarian nor a Macedonian passport if you paid me (maybe if it meant standing up for Liberty). When will the Bulgarian government be returning the land they confiscated from my father's family after he escaped? Then again, it worked out for the best for me. I got Liberty, they got land. I'll take the former and give my life for it.

SandanoFski - 9 Mar 2014 // 17:47:18

stfu stupid Romanian behemoth
Of course Macedonians are Bulgarian
I asked you in the past and Im asking you now
tell us your IP

Behemoth - 4 Mar 2014 // 16:12:59


my compliments. Your posting is by far the best and most concise I have ever read about the topic and I agree completely with every word you are writing.

I am not blaming people to want to have a better life and therefore trying to get a Bulgarian passport and "discover" suddenly their "emotional bond" with Bulgaria. And I am sure many of them will become good Bulgarian citizens. But the whole policy is hypocrite and not honest from the Bulgarian side. Almost all these Bulgarian "minorities" are completely made-up or their size is extremely exaggerated. I understand Bulgaria will need immigrants since the birth rate is so low and there is an imminent fear that the Turkish and Roma will "take over" in Bulgaria. But it would be better if Bulgaria would also respect countries like Macedonia and accept that they have now their own distinctive identity. The fact that each Slav Macedonian that asks for it is given a Bulgarian passport is something that threatens the survival of Macedonia in the long run and has huge negative implications. If Bulgaria would be really interested in friendly relations with this neighbor they would refrain from this practice and recognize that Macedonians are not Bulgarians.

JuliusCaesar - 4 Mar 2014 // 15:01:15

The why you keep longing for Pirin Macedonia?
If you admit you were Bulgarian in the past why won't you be Bulgarian again? Do you feel happy knowing you are a traitor?

Trinka - 4 Mar 2014 // 01:51:37

Now, Bulgaria, like any other county, wouldn't take on responsibility for many new citizens without an agenda. It suits certain political affiliations who haven't let go of Macedonia despite 100+ years apart. Countries change, new identites form and old ones die, that is the nature of ethnicities and empires. As a Macedonian, I have the highest regard for my Bulgarian brothers, but we, for the most part, are no longer you. Hundreds of years of identity won't go out of the window. It can't. Just like finding out you're 1/32th Japanese or something is interesting, but doesn't really change how you live your daily life. The Balkans are full of passed down traditions, subtly differing between peoples, it's part of what makes us all interesting. You cannot dictate to someone what identity they should feel like, or that they belong to your group when they feel they do not. I have great Bulgarian friends, but I've also met Bulgarians who have insisted 'NO, you are Bulgarian and you just don't know it, shut up and admit you're Bulgarian already!'. And that small minority make it harder for our peoples to be close.

As the Russia and Ukraine situation deepens, I'm reminded that we Slavs can have a complicated relationship with our brother and sister countries.

Trinka - 4 Mar 2014 // 01:49:29

Naturally, as any situation dealing with ethnicity in the Balkans, this is a complicated issue. There may be some small proportion of people in FYROM who consider themselves Bulgarian, but most don't. Call it what you will, but the past 100+ years have drawn a line between ties of the past and how people consider themselves in the present.

So why do Macedonians get Bulgarian passports or move to Bulgaria? For the same reason everyone else does; the chance at a better life. Macedonia has been in economic freefall since the breakdown of Yugoslavia, to say times are desperate would be an understatement. Having spoken to many people who have emigrated or taken on other nationalities, (not only Bulgarian) that is overwhelming reason for leaving, just as it is for millions of other people of many ethnicities around the world. We see what desperate lengths legal and illegal immigrants around the world go through in the hopes of a better life, and as such the situation between FYROM and Bulgaria should not be divorced from its economic context.

And yes, I'm sure these citizens appreciate the benefits Bulgarian citizenship entails, as Mr Vodasov states. I've not heard that Bulgaria treat their FYROM converts with anything other than civility. I don't doubt that Macedonians find many more opportunities in Bulgaria, and that doors open with a passport to the EU - the UK is rather swamped with Bulgarians and Romanians at the moment! Why else would they go through the cost and hassle if they weren't desperate? But the fact is, most of these people feel no deep affiliation to Bulgaria, at least, no more than they feel to other South Slavs in general. If it was Germany printing passports to a better life indscriminately, you'd find desperate people declaring themselves German. Therefore, it's disingenuous for some people to argue that 'All these Macedonians really believe and are admitting they're Bulgarian'. There are too many other variables. These people are starving, they are among the very poorest in Europe. they would 'admit' they are just about anything you tell them for the chance at a better life. Only if both countries were on an equal economic footing, and Macedonians had nothing to gain from asking for Bulgarian citizenship, then we could see how many people feel they truly desire Bulgarian citizenship.

Ilian - 16 Jan 2014 // 08:15:31


The Turks who live in Bulgaria and wanted a Turkish passport already have one. Many of them left to Turkey, just to find out that no one was waiting for them with open arms... However, the situation between Bulgaria and FYROM is not the same as between Bulgaria and Turkey! I will advise you not to comment on this issue, unless you read into it and gain an educated point of view. Have a nice day!

angello - 9 Feb 2010 // 17:30:04

You are reading ayn rand a lot man, you should look at the world from the window, not the fiction worlds in the books. It is just a speculation that there is no common good, like it is another speculation that we will be better off if everyone looks for own self interest. As one bulgarian constitutes an interest for himself, the group of bulgarian in our example constitutes another interest which can be called common interest of bulgarians in bulgaria. But As you know all the people are not bulgarians so there are certain group of people that excluded from that common interest of bulgarians. So as you can see, there are indeed majority and minority groups.

FIGMENT - 9 Feb 2010 // 02:28:26


There is no majority or minority, there are only individuals. Keep working, take care of your human needs and that of your family, and don't break any laws. That's what life is all about.

Majority interests "for the common good" are evil. There is no such a thing as "the common good". The smallest unit of a minority is an individual. Any time you are acting "for the common good" by taking away the good of any one single individual you are doing evil.

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