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Commenting article: Turkish National with Fake Bulgarian ID Fleeces UK Casinos

One of the world's most notorious casino cheats has been jailed for a three-year fraud that spread all over the UK and several other countries.

Abdullah Toksoz, 40, of Croydon, bypassed casino security with Italian, Bulgarian and Malibu identities to win GBP 3 000 a night between February 2005 and June last year. He would mark cards using a pinhead under his fingernail.

In June this year, the Turkish national was arrested at Heathrow airport carrying USD 10 900 in cash. He was jailed for 16 months at Southwark crown court yesterday after admitting fraud, false representation and obtaining money by deception. Nicholas Mather, prosecuting, said it was impossible to say how much he made.

FIGMENT - 9 Nov 2009 // 01:58:16


Anybody can believe the liberal intellectual mush that the mainstream media is feeding us. Anybody who has gone through the politically correct educational puppy mill of western education will believe all the stuff that he has been brainwashed to believe--Fungus comes to mind. It is easy, anyone can take the path of least resistance and do it. But to believe the path less traveled, the politically incorrect and inconvenient, to call a spade a spade--that's hard and it requires original thinking and courage. Or at least copy and paste from the right sources. lol

FIGMENT - 9 Nov 2009 // 01:50:56


At least I don't believe that the angel Moroni gave Joseph Smith the most perfect gospel in the world. hehehe

FIGMENT - 9 Nov 2009 // 01:45:42


" including other races, liberals, Bulgarian women,"

All deeply held beliefs based on personal experiences and reading like-minded people. Not all writers and intellectuals are bleeding heart liberals, you know. Just because I prefer the science of Margaret Sanger (eugenics) to that moron Al Gore with his idiotic theory of global warming does not make me a troll. OK, I am not your run of the mill liberal populist intellectual, I believe some unpopular and very politically incorrect stuff, but that's what I believe. I don't like the stuff you believe either, but I don't call you a troll.

WickedWitch - 9 Nov 2009 // 01:22:27


Oh those two examples were so obvious, I didn't even count them... I am talking about most stuff you say about different groups of people, including other races, liberals, Bulgarian women, and so on and so forth.

FIGMENT - 9 Nov 2009 // 01:13:23


" I've ignored your abortivejuvenile trawlings on the topic of my personal life, my family and my job for months. I am ignoring Fistula's ignorant ejaculatory sprays of verbal diarrhea and Nellie's attempts at trolling."

Oh, come on, now! Just because I said the problem with Plovdiv is that it is full of Plovdivchanki.... And just because I said that your "parental unit" is most likely a mutra a.k.a. "developer".....I am not trolling, I can assure you. I call them as I see them. Those are my deeply held beliefs.

WickedWitch - 9 Nov 2009 // 00:05:18


I am not the one who's so breathtakingly insecure that s/he cannot ignore a single comment to or about him/her. I've ignored your abortivejuvenile trawlings on the topic of my personal life, my family and my job for months. I am ignoring Fistula's ignorant ejaculatory sprays of verbal diarrhea and Nellie's attempts at trolling. You wanna know how I can do it and you can't? Because I love and respect myself and am surrounded by people who love and respect me. I am having great fun and your opinions matter less to me than the opinion of the sea cucumbers I poked (harmed none) while snorkeling.

Bill - 8 Nov 2009 // 22:34:07


I wouldn't expect you to beleive it, but there are more ways to be frigid than sexually.

FIGMENT - 8 Nov 2009 // 22:31:42


" I don't give a damn abouut your "sexuality", I said you were cold, and I still think so."

Really? When did you bang her? And just because you couldn't make her come, doesn't mean she is frigid with everyone. It takes a special man to do it right.

However, if you didn't bang her and call her frigid, that's an ad-hominem attack not based on facts and it doesn't mean anything. your opinion doesn't count, because you are mentally disabled. lol

Bill - 8 Nov 2009 // 22:28:12


I don't give a damn abouut your "sexuality", I said you were cold, and I still think so. Now if you want to make a sexual issue out of it and use that for a campaign of insult and slander, that's your affair, but I doubt it's possible to lower my opinion of you as it is.

You have one of the most, if not the most, overinflated egos I've ever encountered, and you spend a lot of forum time trying to prove a superiorits I just dont believe you have. I've worked enough with expert, intelligent women to know that they just don't operate that way. You go to a lot of trouble building your little castle, and with a bit of luck you can get it air-conditioned.

WickedWitch - 8 Nov 2009 // 21:43:26

At least I have.

I haven't insulted personally anyone but you and maybe Fistula a couple of times. You, because you started it first and failed to stop speculating about my life and my sexuality without any evidence for months and Fistula because he is a hateful little crybaby. No one else and I've argued with dozens of people here.

Bill - 8 Nov 2009 // 20:41:11


That's not true at all. You keep ignoring the experiences I told you about, and I am not gong to share them with you. You've done enough damge as it is. But if the things which happened to me had happened to you, your opinon would be decidedly different.

The problem is that you're always looking for proof. You claim to be Christian. How many times do the scriptures say that signs aren't given for the convincing of the unbeliever? So long as you approach spiritual things with a chip on your shoulder and a challenge in your heart, you're going to get no "proof" at all, scientific or otherwise.

FIGMENT - 8 Nov 2009 // 20:37:59


Jerry and Buddy are real and living in Bulgaria, I believe. They both understand very well the threat of Islamo-Fascizm, unlike yourself. You are a really ignorant twat with a liberal agenda. Muslim schlong sucker and whore!

FIGMENT - 8 Nov 2009 // 20:32:36


" Spiritual things CAN NOT be proved by science. "

Spiritual things can only be proven by emotion. That's exactly the reason I mistrust them don't believe they exist except in your imagination.

DrFaust - 8 Nov 2009 // 20:29:25


I see that the multiple personality disordered insect is using two more pseudonymes: Jerry and Buddy. Or are these real people? That she takes pleasure when someone gets killed just because he doesn't share her fabulous ideas about exterminating all races and religions that are not according to her Herrenmenschenrasse, we all knew already. A typical anal-sadistic insect.

FIGMENT - 8 Nov 2009 // 20:22:45



Who deleted my hate crime?!?

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